Black Friday Email: Best Examples, Top Subject Lines, and Key Takeaways

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Welcome to the best Black Friday email marketing resource!

With the rise of ecommerce, email marketing has become a pivotal tool for businesses to reach out to their customers during this shopping frenzy.

And why not?

Email marketing offers a direct line to your customers’ inboxes, making it a powerful tool for promotions.

A well-crafted Black Friday email can make the difference between an average sales day and a record-breaking one.

In this blog, I will share everything you need to know to nail your Black Friday email marketing campaigns.

Let’s dive in!

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Elements of a High-Converting Black Friday Email

Let’s begin with quickly discussing the elements that a high-converting Black Friday email should include:

  • Catchy Subject Lines: Your subject line is the first thing your customers see. Make it enticing!
  • Engaging Visuals: A picture is worth a thousand words. Use compelling imagery to showcase your deals.
  • Clear Call-to-Action (CTA): Guide your customers on what to do next.
  • Personalization: Tailor your offers based on customer preferences.
  • Urgency and Scarcity: Instill a sense of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) to prompt quick action.

Black Friday Email Subject Lines

Here are Black Friday email subject line examples based on common themes and practices:

  1. Urgency-Driven Subject Lines: These create a sense of urgency to prompt immediate action.
  • Example: “Black Friday deal ends tonight”, “OFFER ENDS TONIGHT”, “Final hours to save!”
  1. Teasers and Pre-Black Friday Announcements: These build anticipation for the upcoming sale.
  • Examples: “Black Friday is almost here”, “Black Friday came early…”, “Ready for Black Friday?”
  1. Discount and Deal Highlighting: These emphasize the value or discount being offered.
  • Example: “What’s Better Than 50% Off?”, “Say Goodbye to Shipping Fees this Black Friday”
  1. Personalized Subject Lines: Tailored to the recipient, often using emojis or personal references.
  • Example: “Your Black Friday Treat Awaits 🎁”
  1. Countdowns and Time References: These remind subscribers of the time left or the proximity of the sale.
  • Example: “T-7 days: Announce your deals”, “Just 1 Week Until Black Friday”
  1. Exclusivity and Special Offers: These make the recipient feel they’re getting access to something unique.
  • Example: “Exclusive Black Friday deals just for you”
  1. Product or Category Specific: Highlight specific products or categories on sale.
  • Example: “All electronics 50% off this Black Friday!”
  1. Interactive Elements: Subject lines hinting at the email’s interactive content, like quizzes or games.
  • Example: “Play to win: Black Friday special edition”
  1. Humor and Playfulness: Light-hearted or funny subject lines to stand out.
  • Example: “Black Friday: Even our prices are on a diet!”
  1. Feedback and Reviews: Encouraging recipients to review products or share feedback post-purchase.
  • Example: “Loved your Black Friday purchase? Tell us!”

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These categories can help guide the creation of compelling subject lines that resonate with different segments of an email list.

The key is understanding the audience and tailoring the messaging to what would appeal most to them.

Best Time To Send Black Friday Email

Timing your Black Friday email campaigns maximizes engagement and conversions.

Here are some details on the best time to send Black Friday emails and how to schedule them for the best results:

  1. Early Teasers (2-3 Weeks Before Black Friday)
  • Start building anticipation early by sending teaser emails about the upcoming Black Friday sale. Mention exclusive deals, discounts, or special offers to excite your subscribers.
  • These early emails can serve as a “save the date” announcement and should highlight the value customers will receive by participating in your Black Friday event.
  1. Weekly Countdown Emails (1-2 Weeks Before Black Friday)
  • Send weekly countdown emails to remind subscribers of the upcoming event as Black Friday approaches.
  • Share sneak peeks of the products or deals they can expect to see on Black Friday.
  • Include a clear call-to-action (CTA) that encourages subscribers to sign up for notifications or create wishlists.

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  1. Daily Alerts (1 Week Before Black Friday)
  • Increase the frequency of your emails as Black Friday gets closer. Send daily alerts with specific details on featured products, discounts, and any limited-time offers.
  • Use compelling subject lines that create a sense of urgency to open the email.
  1. Thanksgiving Day Email (Day Before Black Friday)
  • Send a Thanksgiving Day email to express gratitude to your subscribers and remind them that your Black Friday deals are just hours away.
  • Provide a preview of some of the best deals to entice customers to visit your website or store on Black Friday.
  1. Black Friday Morning (Early Morning on Black Friday)
  • Start your Black Friday with a bang by sending out an email early in the morning (before stores open or as online sales begin).
  • Highlight the most attractive deals and promotions for the day.
  • Include a strong CTA that encourages subscribers to start shopping immediately.
  1. Late Morning and Afternoon Follow-Ups (Black Friday)
  • Send follow-up emails later in the morning and afternoon to remind subscribers of ongoing deals and encourage them to continue shopping.
  • Use subject lines that emphasize “last chance” or “ending soon” to create a sense of urgency.
  1. Evening Recap (End of Black Friday)
  • As Black Friday comes to a close, send a recap email summarizing the day’s highlights.
  • Highlight any remaining deals or extended offers for those who may have missed earlier emails.
  1. Weekend and Cyber Monday Emails (After Black Friday)
  • Extend your Black Friday promotions through the weekend and into Cyber Monday.
  • Send emails to remind subscribers of the continued savings and encourage them to make additional purchases.

Remember that the optimal timing for your Black Friday emails may vary depending on your target audience and industry. Analyze past email campaign data to identify trends in open and click-through rates.

Use this information to refine your email timing strategy for Black Friday and other key shopping events.

14 Best Black Friday Email Examples

Here are 14 of the best Black Friday email examples for your inspiration.

1. Everlane: Values-Based Marketing

Our first pick is Everlane. With this campaign, the ethical fashion online store really leans into its brand identity as a socially responsible company. Instead of a regular Black Friday sale, the company promises to donate $15 to charity for every Black Friday order.

2. Pulp & Press: Time-Sensitive Abandoned Cart

We love how Pulp & Press customize their abandoned cart email for Cyber Monday:

  • The headline and imagery fuel the customer’s desire for the product,
  • the body of the email reminds customers about the limited-time conditional discount of 30% off an order over $100, and
  • the automatically-applied promotion removes friction from the online shopping process.

3. Fitbit: More is More

This email from Fitbit combines many of the best Black Friday marketing ideas without looking cluttered, thanks to minimalist design. Check out all the Black Friday promotions:

  • Free 2-day shipping on orders over $50
  • Save up to $100 on specific products that are shown in the image
  • Gift guide
  • Free sport band and discount with purchase
  • Shop now, pay later
  • Money back guarantee
  • Limited warranty

Having more than one call to action (CTA) or promotion on Black Friday emails is okay. Keep the design and copy simple, and let your products and deals speak for themselves.

4. Bottle Rocket Hot Sauce: Keep It Simple

Bottle Rocket Hot Sauce takes a risk with its super minimalist email that contains little more than a subject line and an ironic nod toward consumerism. There’s always a risk of being too weird on Black Friday and confusing or alienating customers. But if this wry humor aligns with the company’s existing brand messaging, their loyal customers will appreciate it.

5. OffCourt: Not Another Black Friday Email

OffCourt also uses an unconventional Black Friday email strategy: promising NOT to send a traditional Black Friday email. Instead of discounts, they promote their referral program, which can pay off year-round. This is a great way to avoid the rush of Black Friday while still getting your brand on customers’ radar for the holiday season.

6. MacPaw: The Gift for Someone Who Has Everything

MacPaw sells a suite of apps for Mac users, who are famously loyal to the Apple brand. This email appeals to the holiday spirit by suggesting users gift the software to other Mac enthusiasts. The email also mentions other related apps on sale.

7. Teachable: Straight to New Year’s Resolutions

Teachable’s business-building course software is available year-round, but their Black Friday deal allows customers to get a jump start on new year goals. The email features tiered discounts off everything they sell if you get an annual plan and brief explanations of each plan tier.

8. Catalina Crunch: Early Access SMS Marketing

Catalina Crunch discount

We’re big fans of Catalina Crunch’s simple early bird campaign. With just a single invitation to sign up for text messages, the email helps the company build up multiple touchpoints for their Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM) campaigns. This can increase conversions across all channels.

9. Wildist: Sales Email Masterpiece

Wildist’s Black Friday email is practically a mini landing page sent directly to eager customers. The subject line and headline immediately inform customers that the sale is time-limited. It clearly states the special offers and even includes some compelling testimonials before a final reminder that the sale will be gone all too soon.

10. June Oven: Eye-Catching Email Design

The catchy subject line, “Smell that? June’s cooking up 15% off for Black Friday,” manages to be clever and clear at the same time. The email’s body starts with the product’s imagery, literally gift-wrapped for the customer. June Oven promotes their bundle discount and clearly shows the accessories included so that customers can picture themselves owning and using the product.

11. Tinker Watches: Product Launch Teaser

Tinker Watches builds hype for Black Friday with a new product launch. It’s also a very limited edition product, so the urgency continues to build. The email has multiple reminders to check out the website on Black Friday but is otherwise incredibly simple, with sparse copy and a shadowy image teasing the new product.

12. Hush Puppies: Gift Guide

Hush Puppies shows off their bestselling products by sharing a gift guide. Customers can find products based on who they’re buying for and the recipient’s style preferences. There’s also a discount code as an extra incentive.

13. Bose: Game of Chance

Bose adds an element of fun to their Black Friday email by including a scratch-and-win discount feature. Beyond a fun interactive element, the scratch-and-win takes advantage of the Zeigarnik effect. This refers to people’s tendency to continue through a series of actions once they take the first step. Customers who scratch off their discount are more likely to use it. Bose also presents some early offers that are available now as a way to create more urgency.

14. Casper: Forget Black Friday

From the subject line, “Snooze through the sales…” to the email copy mentioning shopping from bed, Casper makes it easy to imagine sleeping on one of their beds. The phone alarm mockup reminds customers about sales they might have missed last year, then assures them that Casper’s sale runs through Monday.

Hopefully, you found some inspiration from these Black Friday email examples. Let’s look at the best time to send Black Friday emails.

Black Friday Email Templates

Here are a few templates to get you started:

1. Teaser Email (Sent a week or two before Black Friday)

Subject: Something BIG is Coming This Black Friday! 🖤

Hello [First Name],

The countdown has begun! Black Friday is just around the corner, and we have some exclusive deals you won’t want to miss.

🔍 Sneak Peek: [Insert a teaser image or hint about the sale]

Mark your calendar for [Date], and stay tuned for our biggest sale of the year!

Warm wishes, [Your Company Name]

2. Black Friday Announcement (Sent a day or two before Black Friday)

Subject: 🚨 Black Friday Deals Revealed! 🚨

Dear [First Name],

The wait is over! Dive into our Black Friday deals before anyone else:

  • [Product/Deal 1 with a brief description]
  • [Product/Deal 2 with a brief description]
  • … and many more!

🛍️ Shop now and beat the rush!

See you online, [Your Company Name]

3. Day-Of Black Friday Email

Subject: TODAY ONLY: Black Friday Blowout Sale! ⏰

Hello [First Name],

Today’s the day! Our Black Friday sale is LIVE:

  • Save up to [X%] on [specific product or category]
  • Buy one, get one free on [specific product or category]
  • First 100 shoppers get [a special gift or discount]

Don’t wait – these deals won’t last long!

Happy shopping, [Your Company Name]

4. Last Chance Email (Sent towards the end of Black Friday)

Subject: ⏳ Final Hours: Black Friday Deals Ending Soon!

Hey [First Name],

Time’s almost up! Just a few hours left to grab our exclusive Black Friday deals:

  • [Highlight a few top deals or products]

Take advantage of the savings of the year. Shop now!

Best, [Your Company Name]

5. Thank You Email (Sent after Black Friday)

Subject: Thank You for Making Our Black Friday Special! 🌟

Dear [First Name],

We wanted to say THANK YOU. Your support this Black Friday was incredible, and we’re grateful for customers like you.

Stay tuned for more exciting deals and updates in the coming weeks. Until then, happy shopping!

Warm regards, [Your Company Name]

Remember to personalize these templates to fit your brand’s voice and the specific deals you offer.

Including eye-catching visuals, clear calls-to-action, and ensuring mobile-friendliness can also enhance the effectiveness of your emails.

Now, look at some general copy and design tips to help you make your Black Friday email campaigns.

Tips for Writing Great Black Friday Emails

The following are some great tip for writing your Black Friday email copy:

  • Clarity Over Creativity: With packed inboxes during Black Friday, clarity trumps cleverness. Avoid inside jokes or references that might confuse readers.
  • Optimize Subject Lines & Preview Text: These are crucial for getting your email opened. Invest time in crafting them and consider split testing for optimization.
  • Avoid Being Too Mysterious: While some teasing leading up to Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM) can be effective, emails sent on Black Friday should clearly state your products and discounts.
  • Use Urgency & FOMO: With Black Friday being a specific date, leverage the sense of urgency and FOMO in your marketing.
  • Phrases to consider:
    • Time is running out
    • Limited quantities
    • The only time of year
    • Best deals all year
    • Sale ends soon
    • Only X days left
    • Final hours
  • Animated Countdown Timers: These can emphasize the limited time left to avail Black Friday offers.
  • Maintain Trustworthiness: Ensure your copy is accurate. Avoid claiming “best deals of the year” if you plan to offer bigger discounts shortly after the holidays.

Best Practices for Black Friday Email Campaigns

  1. Mobile Optimization: Ensuring Emails Look Great on All Devices:
  • Given the increasing use of smartphones for online shopping, ensuring that your Black Friday emails are mobile-responsive is critical.
  • Use a responsive email design that adapts to different screen sizes so your emails look good on smartphones, tablets, and desktops.
  • Test your emails on various devices and email clients to ensure they render correctly.
  1. Segmenting Your Email List for Targeted Promotions:
  • Segment your email list based on customer demographics, past purchase behavior, and engagement history.
  • Create tailored content and offers for each segment. For example, send different offers to loyal customers, new subscribers, or those who abandoned their carts in the past.
  • Personalized recommendations and promotions are more likely to resonate with recipients.
  1. A/B Testing: Refining Your Emails for Maximum Impact:
  • Conduct A/B tests on various elements of your email campaigns, such as subject lines, email content, images, CTAs, and send times.
  • Use A/B testing to determine which email variations yield the best open, click-through, and conversion rates.
  • Continuously refine your emails based on the insights gained from A/B tests.
  1. Avoiding Common Pitfalls and Spam Filters:
  • Craft compelling subject lines that are clear and relevant to the content of your emails. Avoid using excessive capitalization, exclamation marks, or spammy phrases that can trigger spam filters.
  • Ensure that your sender name and email address are recognizable to recipients. Using a reputable and consistent sender identity helps build trust.
  • Include a clear and easy-to-find unsubscribe link in your emails to comply with anti-spam regulations and allow recipients to opt-out.
  1. Post-Purchase Follow-Ups:
  • After customers purchase on Black Friday, follow up with post-purchase emails, such as order confirmations, shipping notifications, and thank-you messages.
  • Use these opportunities to upsell or cross-sell related products and encourage customers to leave reviews or referrals.
  1. Monitoring and Analytics:
  • Continuously monitor the performance of your Black Friday email campaigns using analytics tools.
  • Track key metrics like open rates, click-through rates, conversion rates, and revenue generated.
  • Use the data to make real-time adjustments to your email strategy and identify areas for improvement.

By implementing these best practices, you can enhance the effectiveness of your Black Friday email campaigns, engage with your audience more effectively, and drive higher conversion rates during this critical shopping event.

In conclusion, crafting the perfect Black Friday email combines strategy, creativity, and timing.

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