Did you know that 61% of consumers would rather get offers that are relevant to them? In fact, more and more people abandon sites because they think the content is irrelevant.

That’s a big problem for eCommerce retailers and publishers looking to grow their audience and increase sales.

OptinMonster’s Geo-Location Targeting helps eCommerce retailers and content publishers show relevant campaigns based on users’ locations.

Highly targeted campaigns are proven to be more effective for lead generation than generic non-targeted campaigns.

Use OptinMonster’s Geo-Location Targeting to increase engagement, attract more customers, and make more sales.

Geo-Location Targeting Popups for eCommerce

One of the most common uses of Geo-Location Targeting for eCommerce retailers is to increase conversions and sales by showing location-specific offers and coupons.

There are a few different use cases of OptinMonster’s geo-targeting tool for boosting conversions:

1. Geo-targeting Offers by Climate and Culture

You can use OptinMonster’s geo-targeting software to segment offers by climate and culture, so you don’t show offers for thick winter coats to your customers in the Florida Keys.

Instead, Geo-Location Targeting lets you swap images and offers, so you always make the right offer to the right customer at the right time. You can even fine-tune your offers even more by combining our geo-location software with our advanced Page-Level Targeting options.

2. Offer Localized Shipping Deals with Geo-Targeting Popups

OptinMonster also helps you attract new customers with localized shipping deals and discounts, increasing customer loyalty, and boosting sales.

Our customers are already offering free same-day delivery for eligible customers thanks to OptinMonster’s geo-targeting service.

geo-targeting popup example

Case Study: How Sportique Increased Conversions 200% with Geo-Targeted Campaigns

3. Provide Location-Based Translation Offers

You can use Geo-Location Targeting to translate offers for specific countries, regions, and even cities, and to deliver time-limited offers, like holiday discounts. And you can combine Geo-Location Targeting with Campaign Scheduling to show offers to visitors in particular timezones.

geo targeting popup example 2

Most of today’s shoppers are mobile, which means there’s even more reason for eCommerce retailers to use Geo-Location Targeting. With OptinMonster’s geo-targeting service, you can easily pop up a coupon that shoppers can redeem in the store they’re about to visit.

Case Study: How Skates.co.uk Increased Daily Sales £2000 with Geotargeting

Geo-Location Targeting Popups for Publishers

Do you know which is the most spoken language in the world? (Hint: it’s not English).

English is actually in third place, AFTER Mandarin and Spanish.

If you’re looking to monetize your site and are making offers in only one language, you’re missing out on a HUGE potential audience. That’s because 72% of web users prefer content in their own language.

Use OptinMonster’s Geo-Location Targeting feature to increase subscriber numbers by showing relevant and personalized campaigns that engage your website visitors, wherever they happen to be located.

geo targeting popups example 3

Case Study: How Libratone Grew Its Email List 400% Using Geo-Targeted Campaigns

OptinMonster works on all platforms including WordPress. This means that you won’t need a separate geo-targeting WordPress plugin to create location-specific content and campaigns for your website.

Combine our geo-location software with Page-Level Targeting, our signature Exit-Intent Technology, and Campaign Scheduling to turn even more abandoning visitors into subscribers, and generate more leads.

Ready to target visitors with location-specific campaigns? Get started with OptinMonster today.