Does your lead generation strategy target inactive users on your website?

If not, you’re likely losing a lot of money on the table.

Modern web browsers let users open multiple tabs in a single window. Too many tabs are impossible to keep track of, so your users are likely to remain inactive and abandon your site if you don’t engage with them.

With OptinMonster’s InactivitySensor™, you can activate your disengaged visitors and convert them into leads and customers. OptinMonster customers have used InactivitySensor to rapidly boost their conversion rates and added hundreds of new subscribers to their email newsletters.

Re-engage Abandoning Visitors with the Website InactivitySensor

Our InactivitySensor™ detects users’ behavior and target users who are inactive on your site and show an offer to re-engage them.

inactivity sensor

It works on every device, so you can recover some of that lost revenue, no matter how your users are browsing.

For best results, combine our InactivitySensor with MonsterEffects to produce sound effects in order to grab your distracted users’ attention. That way even if your visitors have opened multiple tabs on their web browsers, you could get them back to your site and encourage them to subscribe to your list.

InactivitySensor for Ecommerce Retailers

One common way to use InactivitySensor is to create campaigns targeting distracted users who reach your checkout and who are inactive for a while.

InactivitySensor monitors user behavior to detect when they have stopped all activity on your site, which usually means they’re about to abandon their carts. This lack of action triggers a campaign to reactivate that user, such as:

  • a special, time-limited discount
  • an invitation to sign up for special offers
  • an offer of help with completing the purchase

Showing your marketing campaigns at just the right time can win your disengaged customers back and encourage them to complete purchases.

InactivitySensor for Publishers

Many publishers use InactivitySensor to convert distracted users on their website and skyrocket subscriber numbers.

Most visitors leave your site after reading your content. By setting a website inactivity timeout, you can get their attention back with a targeted offer.

This technology re-engages the disengaged users so you can…

  • grow your email list
  • encourage visitors to try your product or service
  • get more participants for your webinar

OptinMonster’s InactivitySensor works on all types of websites and integrates with WordPress, Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, and many more popular eCommerce platforms.

Ready to convert your inactive users? Get started with OptinMonster today.