Get Website Visitors to Engage With Your Content and Pay For Your Courses

OptinMonster helps you convert website visitors into loyal students that are happy to pay for your content. All it takes is 5-10 minutes per day to create and display a few targeted campaigns on your website.

Increase Course Sales with No Marketing… In A Few Simple Steps

Creating and selling courses is all about building a relationship with your audience. The more you can engage with your website visitors in a productive way, that shows them you are an expert, you have what they need, and you care about their results… the more courses you’ll sell. OptinMonster helps you do all of that and more, even if you have no marketing or coding experience.


Personalize Your Website to Convert More Visitors

The more you can personalize the experience for your website visitors, the easier it will be for you to convert them into paying customers for your courses. OptinMonster helps you target website visitors with pin-point precision without having to write a single line of code.

Create dynamic content unique to each visitor based on the data you’ve stored about them (name, interests, previously purchased products, and so on).

Show particular campaigns to visitors based on the area of the site they are visiting.

Recognize how visitors interact with other offers and follow up with new targeted campaigns.


Retarget Users with Special Offers and Discounts

Showing returning visitors the same information they’ve already seen increases the risk of you losing their interest. Instead, show them personalized campaigns with the help of OnSite Retargeting and Smart Tags. Prospects are more likely to take action when they feel seen and understood.

Boost course sales and revenue by showing the right message at the right time.

Make each interaction truly personal, and improve user experience.

Offer customized course recommendations and free materials to grow your email list.

Must Use

Give Website Visitors An Irresistible Incentive To Join Your Email List or Sign Up for Your Course

OptinMonster’s Content Locking lets you block part of your content and make it available to subscribers only, encouraging more email signups and attracting high-quality leads. You can use this to drive more qualified leads to your list, to increase course sales, or upsell premium content to customers that are already paying for one or more of your courses.

Blur or remove content below a set point on the page.

Collect revenue from locked content using a custom HTML integration.

Improve lead quality by using gated content to attract qualified leads.

Start Getting More Leads & Sales Today with OptinMonster!

Create and launch smart capture forms today in minutes. What are you waiting for?

Stop Visitors From Abandoning Their Cart

70% of the visitors who leave your website will never return. OptinMonster’s Exit-Intent Technology detects visitor behavior, giving you the chance to show them a popup with a targeted marketing message just before they’re gone forever.

Send an invitation to chat with a support agent.

Offer a special discount offer to encourage an on-the-spot purchase.

Give an invitation to download a lead-magnet by joining your email list so you can nurture them and try to sell your courses again at a later date.

Course-Selling Success with OptinMonster

See how other course-selling businesses have used OptinMonster to grow their email list, boost conversions and sell more courses online.

OptinMonster played a huge role in growing my email list from 0 to 11.3k in my blog’s very first year. Before OptinMonster, I was getting just a few email subscribers/day – now I’m adding over 3,000 subscribers to my list every month. It’s also great for custom page-level affiliate offers to drive sales. I can’t recommend it enough.

adam enfroy headshot

Adam Enfroy


In only 7 months, we added more than 95,654 names to our email list using OptinMonster’s Exit Intent™ technology. We strongly recommend it!

Michael Stelzner - Best Lead Generation Tool

Michael Stelzner

Founder Social Media Examiner

OptinMonster’s robust capabilities have allowed us to circumvent challenges with our custom tech stack, and deploy personalized messaging and optin campaigns at scale. We’ve been very pleased with the results.

Michael Epstein

Chief Marketing Officer , AutoAnything

Easy Lead Generation for Your Course-Selling Business

OptinMonster is the best lead-generation software for course-selling businesses looking to grow their email list and sell more products without hassle.

Thanks to features like Exit-Intent Technology, Smart Tags, Real-Time Behavior Automation, Content Locking, OnSite Retargeting and others, converting website traffic into qualified prospects and paying customers is no longer a complicated process if you’re running a course-selling business.

In fact, hundreds of course-selling businesses have used OptinMonster to boost their conversion rates and lower cart abandonment by 25-50% or more.

You can do the same, as soon as today, by creating a lead generation campaign or a sales campaign on your website.

Using OptinMonster’s Drag & Drop Builder, Templates, and Playbooks, you can grow your business with just a few minutes of work per week. And the best part is, when you join OptinMonster, our experts will create one high-converting campaign for your course-selling business for free. Just click the button below to get started.

Start Making More Money Today with OptinMonster

Start Getting More
Leads & Sales Today
with OptinMonster!

Popups work, and you can get started for a few bucks a month. What are you waiting for?

Create and launch smart capture forms
today in minutes. What are you waiting for?

In only 7 months, we added more than 95,654 names to our email list using OptinMonster’s Exit Intent™ technology. We strongly recommend it!

Michael Stelzner - Best Lead Generation Tool

Michael Stelzner

Founder Social Media Examiner

I hate popups, so I was hesitant to try one on my site. But the results from OptinMonster exit-intent popup speak for themselves. I doubled my subscription rate immediately without annoying my users. I haven’t had a single complaint. My only regret is that I didn’t start using OptinMonster sooner. I can only imagine how many subscribers I could have added to my email list! If you have a blog, then I highly recommend you start using OptinMonster. I’ve researched them all, and it’s the best in market.

Michael Hyatt - WordPress Lead Generation

Michael Hyatt

New York Times Bestselling Author Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World

Exit-intent popups have doubled my email opt-in rate. When done right, you can see an instant 12% lift on driving sales. I highly recommend that you use OptinMonster for growing your email list and sales.

Neil Patel - WordPress Popup Plugin

Neil Patel

Founder QuickSprout