A/B Testing

Are you struggling to find an easy way to split test your marketing campaigns? Most A/B split-testing tools are really hard to set up, but you can’t run an effective marketing campaign without split testing.

That’s why at OptinMonster, we built A/B testing right into our app. Now you can split test all your campaigns and eliminate the guesswork about what’s working.

The World’s Easiest A/B Testing Software

OptinMonster A/B Testing makes it super easy to split test your campaigns so you know what’s working for your customers in real time. With the click of a button, you can create a split test and see what converts best.

With our drag and drop popup builder, you can easily set up a variation from the original by testing different content, headlines, layouts, styles, campaign triggers, and more.

easy a/b split testing

Once you’ve created a split test, you can rest assured that OptinMonster’s testing solution takes care of the rest.

  • It randomly shows each campaign variation to your visitors until you know there’s a clear winner
  • It lets you know whether or not your campaign is performing above average
  • Combined with our in-depth Conversion Analytics, you’ll get detailed A/B testing statistics

In-Depth Conversion Analytics Statistics

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, you’ll find it super easy to analyze the conversion analytics statistics of your optin form’s a/b test.

split test performance overview

Our testing platform gives you detailed insights into your campaign’s impressions, conversions, and the web pages that give you the best results.

A/B Testing for Publishers

Most publishers use OptinMonster’s A/B Testing tool to split test their content marketing campaigns and improve their digital marketing strategy. It’s useful to know which campaigns are most successful in driving newsletter signups or downloading a lead magnet.

Split testing help publishers run A/B tests that get results. In fact, one OptinMonster user added 250,000 subscribers by using split testing as a key tool.

optin form a/b test with lead magnet

Our split testing software can help publishers improve landing page conversion rates and engage their audiences for easier email list building.

You can use A/B Testing with all of OptinMonster’s templates, and can also experiment with our wide range of campaign triggers and rules. That way you can see how campaigns perform for different audience segments (for example, mobile vs. desktop) and different locations (using Geo-Location Targeting).

A/B Testing for Ecommerce

As an eCommerce retailer, if you’re not split testing your campaigns, you’re leaving money on the table. With OptinMonster’s A/B Testing tool, you can try multiple eCommerce testing scenarios to see which of your marketing campaigns achieves the best conversions.

Our eCommerce customers use OptinMonster to compare two versions aimed at:

  • Achieving more sales
  • Attracting subscribers for a loyalty program
  • Getting survey responses from customers

Since OptinMonster allows you to customize campaigns with templates and the Canvas theme, you can tweak content, headlines, calls to action, and more until you get the perfect result.

You can use A/B Testing with OptinMonster’s advanced targeting and triggers, including Exit-Intent Technology and Page-Level Targeting, to reduce cart abandonment by making the right offer at the right time.

Ready to make data-driven marketing decisions for improved conversions and sales? Get started with OptinMonster today.

Effective Lead Gen Solutions Made Simple

OptinMonster’s drag-and-drop builder, simple but powerful triggers, and precise targeting make it easy to get started.

Easy Setup

Easily create and launch beautiful campaigns that are proven to convert in 5 minutes or less without needing a coder or designer!

Drag ‘n’ Drop Builder

Quickly create stunning campaigns using proven playbooks, ready to customize templates or your own custom design.

Page Level Targeting

Use behavior personalization to display page-specific campaigns based on each unique visitor’s interactions on your website.

Exit Intent Technology

Convert abandoning visitors into subscribers and customers at the precise moment they attempt to leave


Create a 2-step optin campaign from any link to improve lead generation and grow your email list fast. Proven to boost conversions by over 785%.

Smart Tags

Easily personalize your website with dynamic smart content for higher engagement and conversions.

OnSite Retargeting

Reduce abandonment and save money on external advertising by customizing promotions for returning visitors.

Smart Targeting Rules

Guide customers through your sales funnel by presenting new offers at each stage of their journey.

Advanced Scheduling

Run holiday promotions and other time-sensitive campaigns during specified periods, and display campaigns to visitors in their own time-zones.

Powerful Insights

Easily understand the metrics that matter and refine your lead generation strategy to boost your conversion rate.

Team Collaboration

Share access and manage permissions on your OptinMonster dashboard with coworkers, third-party consultants, or clients.

Easy A/B Testing

Make data-driven tests and decisions that will improve your conversions and revenue for any campaign.

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Michael Stelzner

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Michael Hyatt

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