Multi-step optin forms and campaigns are one of our most popular campaign types because they significantly increase conversions.

Often people are worried that giving visitors two options may reduce conversion, but our data shows otherwise. It often leads to an increase in conversion by as much as 18% thanks to behavioral psychology.

As explained by the psychology principle, Zeigarnik Effect, people who begin an action are more likely to complete it which means that visitors who click the Yes button are more likely to opt in. People are also more likely to opt in if they feel they have a choice.

Our Yes/No Forms let people choose the action they want to take next, by clicking on one of the two buttons.

Case Study: See How InternetSuccesGids Boosted Optins 250% Using Yes/No Optins

How OptinMonster Customers Use Yes/No Forms

Yes/No style multi-step forms let you grab visitors’ attention and present them with a targeted offer at the right time.

OptinMonster customers have used these multi-step campaigns to:

  • Segment their audience by offering two different lead magnets
  • Offer content upgrades, product demos and webinars
  • Show relevant discount offers
  • Redirect user’s attention to popular blog posts and pages
  • Improve affiliate earnings by showing exclusive offers

Some OptinMonster customers integrate Yes/No Forms with our Fullscreen Welcome Mat, to segment visitors when they land on the site and redirect them to a targeted landing page. This gets their customers further into the conversion cycle, so they can generate maximum possible revenue from each customer.

Case Study: SnackNation Adds 1200 Targeted Leads Every Week With Yes/No Welcome Mats

SnackNation segments visitors using OptinMonster

Take Control of Campaigns with Targeting and Testing

Yes/No Forms work with all of OptinMonster’s beautifully designed themes, and you can use our Button Actions feature to decide what happens when the user clicks on each button.

For even more precise targeting, you can combine Yes/No multi-step campaigns with advanced page level targeting, OnSite Follow Up Campaigns®, OnSite Retargeting®, geo-location targeting, and more.

Case Study: See How Cole’s Classroom Added $55,494 In Sales with Yes/No Popups

Our powerful conversion analytics show you exactly how well your multi-step campaigns are converting. You can further optimize your conversions by using our built-in A/B Testing tool to run experiments.

OptinMonster works on all website and eCommerce platforms including but not limited to WordPress, Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, and more. You can see a full list of our integrations.

If you’re serious about improving your website conversions, then you need to use Yes/No multi-step campaigns. Get started with OptinMonster today.