Sometimes the best marketing strategies only take a few minutes to implement. And what Win in Health did is a perfect example of that. In this case study, you’ll see how one of our exit-intent optin forms tripled the revenue for an online natural supplement and vitamin store.

Meet Win In Health

Nicolas Gagne is the CEO and Co-Founder of Win in Health, an online natural supplement and vitamin store. Win in Health has been in business for just over two years.

Nicolas began using OptinMonster in June 2015 with a simple goal: grow their Constant Contact email list.

But they didn’t expect the dramatic revenue growth that OptinMonster could bring.

What initially drew Nicolas to OptinMonster was our simple integration with Constant Contact. OptinMonster passes subscriber’s data directly to a Constant Contact email list, allowing him to quickly and easily set up optin forms on his website using our pre-designed templates.

But once he started using it, Nicolas was even more impressed by how well these optin forms actually convert and affect their bottom line.

How Win in Health Used an Exit-Intent Popup to Increase their Revenue

Nicolas added a lightbox optin (using our pre-designed Bullseye theme) to both their English and French websites.

He used our signature exit-intent technology which tracks the user’s mouse behavior and only show them the popup at the precise moment they’re about to leave your website.

Our Bullseye theme makes it easy to create completely custom designs because all you have to do is upload a custom image in the placeholder.

BullsEye Blank Template

Win In Health uploaded their custom image which uses several very smart psychology principles that contributed towards their high conversions.

Here’s what their optin-popup looks like:

WininHealth Optin Designed to Increase Conversions

There are several key elements in this design that you should pay attention to:

Pointing Arrow – The green arrow pointing to the form is a very subtle way of directing the user’s eye to the main call-to-action.

Urgency – The wording “Today’s Promotion” drives users to take the action NOW. (See: how to use Urgency to hack your conversions)

Power Words – Their copy is a perfect example of benefit driven power words. Since their audience is health conscious, they have “healthy gift” in their message. Combined that with the urgency, this is great.

This in all sense is a perfect optin form.

The only thing we suggest is to A/B test the call-to-action button, perhaps adding an urgent statement like “Get your code now!”


With one well designed exit-intent optin, WinInHealth more than triped their revenue.

  • Win In Health has grown their email list by 500%
  • Using one exit-intent optin form, WinInHealth added almost 3500 new subscribers to their email list
  • WinInHealth increased their revenue by 300% as a result of the increased list size


It’s important to remember that building a large email list is never the end-goal. Increasing revenue is! OptinMonster helps you convert abandoning website visitors into subscribers and customers.

OptinMonster was easy to setup. And easy to get started. With a better conversion and more emails on our list, we’ve almost tripled our revenues from last year!

Nicolas Gagne, WinInHealth