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You’ve seen the stats – email marketing is the way to make sales online

With an ROI of 3800%, and order value at least 3x higher than social media, email marketing is the #1 method smart marketers use to convert website visitors into subscribers and customers.

But let’s face it – that’s easier said than done. Most businesses aren’t achieving that promised 3800% ROI.

Let me know if this sounds familiar…

The struggle is real. But you know what? It’s not your fault.

Search for “the money’s in the list” and you’ll get over 8 MILLION results with people talking about how important it is to build your list… but no one gives any practical, step-by-step instructions on how to grow your list from scratch, or what to do with your subscribers once you have them.

Don’t give up – that 3800% ROI is not a lie.

We’ve seen all kinds of businesses get incredible results with email marketing…

Increased email subscribers by 2.5x

Blogger Jennifer Roberge of increased her email subscribers by 2.5x.

11,000 subscribers in just one month

Casey Stubbs of added 11,000 subscribers in just one month.

Convert 6.90% of visitors to subscribers

Blogger Jennifer Roberge of increased her email subscribers by 2.5x.

What if you could generate a constant and reliable
stream of revenue from your email marketing?

What if you could generate a constant and reliable stream of revenue from your email marketing?

get a new promotion or land
your dream job

scale your business up
to the next level of revenue

easily attract more clients and
charge more money

At OptinMonster University,

we believe in step by step, 100% actionable guides.

Not just high-level concepts you may never use.

You’ll learn how to…

  • create your list from scratch
  • get website visitors practically begging you to get on your list
  • attract targeted subscribers who love what you have to offer
  • convert those subscribers into paying customers
  • turn one-time buyers into loyal, raving fans

Learn the exact methods you need to massively increase your email list.

  • See clear step-by-step instructions on how to set up your first email list – no more overwhelm, just action.
  • Discover the psychology trick we use to increase email signups 845% and more
  • Learn the exact method eCommerce site owners are using to recover abandoned carts and boost revenue by 10%+
  • Unlock access to our proven process to rank #1 for top keywords and generate more website traffic to add to your email list
  • Download our cheat sheets, templates, and scripts to generate email series that sell on autopilot

OptinMonster University Access

You’ll learn:

OptinMonster by the Numbers


Monthly Visitor Sessions Optimized

21.4 Billion
Optins served
1+ Million
Sites using OptinMonster
5-Star reviews
217 Million

In only 7 months, we added more than 95,654 names to our email list using OptinMonster’s Exit Intent™ technology. We strongly recommend it!

Michael Stelzner - Best Lead Generation Tool

Michael Stelzner

Founder Social Media Examiner

Within the first 30 days of using OptinMonster, our leads doubled! But what was even better is that our organic views have steadily climbed even if with the OptinMonster pop-ups on. Needless to say, it was a game-changer when you can double your leads, keep the visitor experience awesome, and keep the search engines happy.

Joe Simonds

Co-Founder, Salt Strong

Simply put, OptinMonster is my absolute favorite tool for digital marketers. Exit intent is genius and OptinMonster has helped us DOUBLE our clickthrough rates when we switched from their competitors (who were 5-10x more expensive!).

Justin Atlan

Co-Founder, ClickBank

Actionable, Step-by-Step Instructions for Our Proven Processes

Traffic Generation

Discover our expert strategies for growing your website traffic month over month.

Email Marketing

Learn how to turn your email subscribers into loyal customers and raving fans.

Lead Generation

See our exact methods for turning your website visitors into email subscribers.

Content Marketing

Steal our proven processes for publishing content that attracts and converts massic traffic.


Discover expert secrets to beat the competition and rank #1 in Google search results.

Ecommerce Optimization

Learn how to increase sales, reduce cart abandonment, and increase your average order value.

Who’s a good fit for OptinMonster University?

Who Should Enroll

  • You want to learn how to achieve maximum ROI from your email marketing as fast as possible.
  • You need a straightforward path to growing your business instead of wasting money on trial and error.
  • You want instant access to proven cheat sheets, checklists, and swipe files that work.
  • You want to save time and easily train all your new team members in proven digital marketing strategies.
  • You want a simple, repeatable, and scalable process to gather and convert leads for your clients.
  • You want to benefit from step-by-step, actionable guides that cut out the fluff and reduce overwhelm.
  • You have a lot of ideas for growth strategies, but you’re not sure of the exact next steps you should take that will have the highest impact on your business.

Who Should Not Enroll

  • You’re already getting 3800% ROI on your email marketing (congrats!).
  • You don’t need a step-by-step guide and would rather grow your business through trial and error.
  • You’re already an expert in email marketing and turning subscribers into customers.
  • You already have a repeatable process to generate leads for yourself or your clients.
  • You’re tech-savvy and prefer to code your own solutions from scratch.
  • Your business is booming and you know exactly what you need to do to take it to the next level.
  • You’re happy to spend hours researching across dozens of websites to piece together the information you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should enroll in OptinMonster University?

If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by all the marketing advice out there and aren’t sure where to get started in growing your business, then OptinMonster University is for you.

OptinMonster University will guide you step-by-step in getting started with email marketing, attracting targeted website traffic, and turning those visitors into email subscribers and loyal customers.

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Do I need to be tech-savvy to get started with OptinMonster University?

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What is OptinMonster software?

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How actionable are the courses?

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