How Brendan Hufford Doubled Conversions with Content Upgrades

Not all optin designs—or even programs!—are created equal. You could toil away at perfecting your color scheme and marketing strategy, but it takes pairing those with the right tools for your optins to truly shine. See how Brendan Hufford uses OptinMonster to double his conversions on his websites. Meet Brendan Hufford Brendan Hufford runs, ... Continue Reading →

How LonerWolf Cut Load Time in Half Using OptinMonster

Is self-hosting your optins slowing down your site? LonerWolf faced a lose-lose situation: have a faster site and make fewer optins (and get fewer leads), or make more optins and have a slower site (and still get fewer leads). See how LonerWolf used OptinMonster to win-win-WIN on their optins, site speed, and conversions. Meet LonerWolf ... Continue Reading →

How Cracku Increased Conversions 300% Using Countdown Timers

Do visitors to your site browse, but delay taking the action you need them to take? Are you looking for a new strategy to encourage your existing traffic to make a purchase? In this case study, we’ll discover how Cracku increased conversions 300% by creating urgency in their campaigns using OptinMonster’s countdown timers. Meet Cracku ... Continue Reading →

How Inbound Marketing Increased Conversions 189% Using Lead Magnets

Do you do business within a defined geographic area and want to focus your lead generation efforts to visitors from that area? In this case study, you’ll see how Inbound Marketing used OptinMonster to increase local leads by 189%. Meet Inbound Marketing Inbound Marketing Agency helps businesses in Perth, Australia grow their website traffic, leads, ... Continue Reading →

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