Press & Brand Assets

Thank you for your interest in OptinMonster! We have a few guidelines for using OptinMonster's brand resources - please take a moment to familiarize yourself with them. You can download individual assets such as the OptinMonster logo and mascot, or you can download the entire presskit.


When written, OptinMonster is a single word with both Optin and Monster using uppercase initial letters. It is always written as OptinMonster, never as Optinmonster, nor Optin Monster.
OptinMonster Correct
Optinmonster Incorrect
optinmonster Incorrect
Optin monster Incorrect

Archie - Our Mascot

Archie is our mascot. He is always hungry to eat more emails.
Archie Logo

Full Color Archie


Archie Grayscale Logo

Grayscale Archie


Archie Outline Logo

Outline Archie


Required Mascot Clear Space

It’s important to provide adequate spacing around our mascot ‘Archie’ for correct display. Please follow the guideline detailed below.
Required Logo Clear Space

Brand Colors

These are OptinMonster's brand colors. Copy the HEX codes below.






OptinMonster Screenshots

Looking for current OptinMonster screenshots? Get 'em here.
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OptinMonster Analytics Screenshot
OptinMonster A/B Split Test Screenshot
OptinMonster Form Builder Screenshot
OptinMonster Integrations Screenshot

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