Giveaway Tool Showdown: 11 of the Best Online Giveaway Tools in 2024

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9 Best Online Giveaway Tools To Grow Your Traffic And Followers

Are you looking for the best online giveaway tool to increase followers, boost traffic, and generate more leads?

Running online contests and giveaways can be one of your company’s best marketing assets. If you select the right prize, an online giveaway is a great way of attracting qualified leads to your site.

The only problem? Hosting an online contest can be difficult to manage and become more trouble than it’s worth.

But if you have the right giveaway tool, app, or plugin, things become infinitely easier.

That’s why, today, we’re going to look at the best giveaway tools you can start using right now. First, though, let’s get clear on why you should use giveaway marketing tools to boost engagement.

Why Use a Giveaway Tool on Your Site?

There are tons of benefits to using a giveaway tool on your site. Here are just a few:

  • Increase Website Traffic. Online giveaways and contests are easy ways to increase traffic to your website through referrals and social shares.
  • Grow Your Email List. Require users to sign up for your email newsletter to get contest entries.
  • Boost Your Social Media Followers. Online giveaways and contests can quickly boost your social media followers when you offer additional entries to your giveaway in exchange for follows.
  • Generate Targeted Leads. Viral online giveaways will increase brand awareness and bring more people in contact with your business.

Still not sure that giveaways are effective? Check out this post on how increased revenue by more than $10,000 using giveaways.

Now, let’s turn our attention to finding the best online giveaway tool for your site.

Giveaway Tool: 11 of the Best

Here are the best online giveaway tools we’ve found to grow your traffic, followers, and sales!:

  1. RafflePress
  2. OptinMonster
  3. ShortStack
  4. Woorise
  5. Agorapulse
  6. Wishpond
  7. Gleam
  8. Woobox
  9. KingSumo
  10. Easypromos
  11. Rafflecopter

1. RafflePress

rafflepress is the best wordpress giveaway plugin

RafflePress is a WordPress contest and giveaway plugin designed to simplify the process of creating and managing online giveaways and contests on your website. To do that, it includes gorgeous pre-built templates and a drag and drop builder so you can have your online giveaway up and running in minutes.

Just wait, it gets even better…

RafflePress offers a FREE version of its plugin that you can use to create a killer online giveaway without paying a dime!

Free RafflePress Features:

  • Drag and drop builder with access to all the tools you need to create a successful online giveaway
  • 100% responsive so your online giveaways and contests will look great everywhere
  • Fraud protection to eliminate the cheaters and keep your giveaway honest
  • Rule generator template to make it extremely easy to create contest entry rules
  • Lightning-fast operation from highly-optimized giveaway widgets to help with site speed, SEO, and conversion rates
  • Automated start and end times
  • A free template to create simple giveaways
  • Basic entry methods including Facebook page clicks, Twitter follows, visit a specific web page, and more

customize the design of your online contest

Pro RafflePress Key Features:

  • Email marketing and CRM integrations to easily connect your email list and get more email subscribers
  • Image submission entries (great for getting user-generated content)
  • Polls and surveys tool
  • Custom design options and backgrounds
  • Landing pages for your online giveaway competition
  • Goal-based giveaway templates
  • Viral sharing features (refer-a-friend) to generate even more traffic by rewarding users with bonus entries for referring friends to your giveaway or sharing it on their social media
  • Verified bonus actions let users earn more entries by following you on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, and more (plus, “verified” means that you can rest easy that these are real entries)

RafflePress is the best online giveaway plugin for WordPress, free or paid. Its advanced contest tools and marketing automation features are unmatched.

By getting website visitors to bring in more website visitors, they get more chances to win and you get more leads. Everyone’s a winner!

RafflePress Pricing:

RafflePress has an amazing FREE version. Paid plans start at $39.50/year.

For more information, check out this helpful review of RafflePress.

2. OptinMonster

optinmonster homepage

You probably know OptinMonster as the best lead generation tool on the market. So what does that have to do with running an online contest?

OptinMonster is one of the best ways to share your contest with your site’s visitors and increase registration.

This is important because running a successful online contest has 2 components:

  • Creating an organized system to allow people to join and win prizes
  • Getting people to actually enter the contest

That second part is harder than you might think, and it’s often why so many giveaways don’t work.

But with OptinMonster, you can quickly and easily boost engagement with your contest. You can do this by showing targeted campaigns like popups, floating bars, slide-in scroll boxes, and more to let your users know about any contests you’re running:

floating bar for online contest demo-min

Plus, building these campaigns is easy and doesn’t require any coding skills.

In fact, with over 50 pre-built templates and our drag and drop editor, you can build professional campaigns in minutes.

You can also use our inline text editor to personalize the messaging to your audience and target people who would be most interested in your contest’s prize:

inline editor with shopping template

Added to that, OptinMonster has lets you create gamified wheel campaigns where visitors can spin a wheel to win a prize. These instant wins keep visitors engaged and can boost conversions and sales exponentially.

discount wheel popup demo

Finally, you’ll be able to target your campaigns to the right people, in the right places, and at just the right time in their customer journey.

This ensures that you’ll only get the most quality leads joining your contest. Some popular ways targeting rules OptinMonster customers have used include:

  • Exit-Intent® Technology: Target users as they’re actively leaving your website.
  • Onsite Retargeting®: Retarget returning users with new campaigns based on how they’ve interacted with the ones they’ve seen.
  • Page-Level Targeting: Display campaigns on specific URLs of your website.
  • Geo-Targeting: Show campaigns to users who come from specific regions.

But you may be wondering, do these targeting rules really help boost conversions? Check out a few of these success stories that our customers have shared based on their results:

OptinMonster is perfect for any website including small businesses, eCommerce, and blog sites.

Ready to try it for yourself? Click below and use OptinMonster to boost engagement with your online giveaway today:

Create Popups for Your Online Contest!

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3. ShortStack

shortstack online contest tool

ShortStack is a popular online giveaway tool and WordPress giveaway plugin that makes it easy to create a giveaway campaign in minutes. Plus, no coding!

ShortStack Features:

  • Drag and drop builder including 20+ widgets like form, poll, newsletter, social media, gallery and voting
  • Customize colors, fonts, boxes, size, text and every other element in your campaign
  • Email notifications let you contact your campaign participants as soon as they enter a competition, after a number of days, or at a scheduled date and time
  • Leads are saved in a searchable, exportable database
  • Limit entries and verify entry authenticity to reduce cheating
  • Random Entry Selector lets you choose a contest winner on social networks
  • Get user-generated content from photo contests, including hashtag contests
  • Built-in analytics data lets you see how your campaigns are performing, in real-time

ShortStack Pricing:

Free plan available; premium plans start at $79/month.

4. Woorise

woorise online giveaway tool homepage

Woorise lets you create an online giveaway for free, and has a WordPress giveaway plugin. However, if you want all the best features of Woorise you’ll need to signup for one of the paid plans.

Woorise Features:

  • Campaigns and Woorise App interface are fully mobile-friendly
  • Drag and drop builder includes social widgets for your Facebook page, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, and more
  • Customize your online contest colors from a variety of options, show or hide elements, and use your own images
  • Multi-language support
  • Geotargeting lets you create campaigns targeted to users based on their location
  • Conditional logic so you can show or hide form fields, entire sections, social actions, or send email notifications
  • Tracking data is easy to understand
  • Choose random winners with a single click
  • Fraud detection tools keep your contest fair

Woorise Pricing:

Free plan available with Woorise branding. You can find a free version of the Woorise WordPress giveaway plugin in the free repository. Paid Grow plan starts at $23/month.

5. Agorapulse

agorapulse for online giveaways

If you’re in the market for a complete social media management tool, Agorapulse may be exactly what you need. We included it here for the free Facebook Timeline Contest app that they have available for the software.

Facebook contests are a great way for marketers and site owners to grow their social media following and boost engagement.

Agorapulse Features:

  • Randomly pick sweepstakes winners from the people who’ve liked or commented on a post
  • Pick winners from people who commented with the correct answer for a quiz question
  • Get great user-generated content by asking people to comment with photo submissions, then pick winners from the submissions with the most likes

Agorapulse Pricing:

Pricing starts at $54/month when billed annually.

6. Wishpond

wishpond online giveaway tool homepage

Wishpond is a marketing platform that includes options for social media contests and competitions. However, if you already have your marketing needs covered (by an awesome tool like OptinMonster, perhaps?) this option is going to have tools that you don’t need.

Wishpond Features:

  • Simple interface
  • 10 social media contests including Instagram hashtag contests, photo caption contests, video contests, and more
  • 300+ integrations so you can connect email, analytics, sales, and payments

Wishpond Pricing:

Wishpond’s giveaway app starts at $49/month when billed annually.

7. Gleam

gleam online content tool homepage

This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress.

Gleam is the most expensive of the online giveaway tools we’re covering, but its Competitions app makes it really easy to create and manage contests. However, it does not have a WordPress giveaway plugin.

Gleam Features:

  • Verified Actions reduce the number of steps it takes to enter contests and checks the entries to make sure they’ve gone through
  • Reach more potential entrants by letting users refer their friends
  • Responsive down to 320px to support a mobile-friendly experience
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Pick winners randomly or award manual entries
  • Multi-language support

Gleam Pricing:

Free plan available; paid plans start at $10/month (billed annually) for a pretty limited Hobby plan; business plans start at $149/month.

8. Woobox

woobox online giveaway creator homepage

Woobox is a free online giveaway tool and WordPress giveaway plugin that you can use to set up a contest on your WordPress site quickly and easily. It uses shortcodes that make embedding on WordPress a breeze.

Woobox Features:

  • Customizable templates to get you started
  • Choose winners randomly, easily approve submissions for your photo contests, and push media submissions to your galleries
  • Integrate your campaigns with Zapier, Mailchimp, and more than 500 other tools
  • Collect entries from hashtags, likes, or comments on social media platforms
  • Use landing pages to drive traffic from emails, social media posts, and ads to a dedicated contest page

Woobox Pricing:

Free plan available; paid plans start at $37/month when billed annually.

9. KingSumo

kingsumo wordpress giveaway plugin

KingSumo is a WordPress giveaway plugin created by AppSumo. You can use it to grow your email list through online contests.

KingSumo Features:

  • Set up your giveaway on your WordPress site in just a few clicks
  • Schedule start and end dates
  • Easy image uploads to show off pictures of the prize next to its description

KingSumo Pricing:

Free option available; paid plan is for $49 (one-time).

10. Easypromos

easypromos contest and giveaways tool

If you’re looking for a way to easily create and manage online giveaways across all social networks, Easypromos might be for you.

Easypromos Features:

  • Create complex giveaways combining Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube
  • Create giveaways with collaborators like influencers, sponsors, and brands
  • 100% responsive and mobile-friendly
  • Can be added to WordPress with a widget

Easypromos Pricing:

Create 1 free online giveaway; paid plans start around $29/month.

11. Rafflecopter

rafflecopter wordpress giveaway plugin

Rafflecopter makes it easy to create and run giveaways on your site. The giveaway app is designed to work with any website without any coding skills needed.

The downside is that adding giveaway entry options is a bit more complicated than it needs to be. So it can be hard to customize what actions you want the user to take in order to be eligible to participate.

Plus, when you create a giveaway, Rafflecopter will generate an embed code that you need to paste on your site. So this isn’t the most beginner-friendly option to start with.

Rafflecopter Features:

  • Readymade themes and custom entry form design
  • 1-click email integrations
  • Prize image gallery to get more contestants
  • Real-time analytics

Rafflecopter Pricing:

Sign up for free with a limited features plan. Paid plans for this giveaway app start at $13 per month.

What Is the Best Online Giveaway Tool and WordPress Giveaway Plugin?

Our pick for the best online giveaway tool and WordPress giveaway plugin is RafflePress. Not only is RafflePress super easy to use, but it’s dedicated entirely to giveaways, so the pricing and features are exactly where you need them to be.

The free version has everything you need to create a successful giveaway, but the paid versions start at only $49 for an entire year.

Get started with the premium version of RafflePress now! Or, you can always grab the free version.

Create Popups for Your Online Contest!

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And that’s it! These have been the best online giveaway apps, tools, and plugins that you can start using to get more engagement with your contest today.

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Disclosure: Our content is reader-supported. This means if you click on some of our links, then we may earn a commission. We only recommend products that we believe will add value to our readers.

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