How to Show Campaigns on Desktop and Mobile Devices

Would you like to target both Mobile and Non-Mobile Devices? With OptinMonster, you can create campaigns targeted specifically to certain devices, or all devices, to help improve your conversion rate for your campaigns.

NOTE: This guide will show you how to effectively use the Display Rule: Visitors on a specific device.
Requirement: You’ll need at least Pro subscription to configure your campaigns to display on mobile devices. If you don’t already have a Pro subscription, upgrade your subscription first, then come back and follow along to learn how to target mobile and non-mobile devices.

What is Device Targeting

While certain campaign types are optimized for specific devices (Lightbox and Mobile), other campaigns types are optimized for use on various devices. However, just because a campaign can show on all devices does not mean that it should or that you even want it to show on every device.

There are times you may want to show an offer specifically to mobile users, or show a larger sign-up form only to desktop users.

With OptinMonster’s Device Targeting rule, you have the power to customize and optimize your campaigns to better serve your web visitors and increase your conversion rate for your campaigns.

Certain campaign types only show on certain devices, while other campaign types are permitted to show on every device.

Campaign Types and the Devices Where They can Show

The Lightbox campaign type loads only on non-mobile devices, and the Mobile campaign type loads only on mobile devices. Only these two campaign types cannot be configured otherwise.

The following campaign types can be configured to target mobile or non-mobile devices:

  • Fullscreen – by default, Fullscreen will load on both desktop and mobile.
  • After Post / Inline – by default, will load on both desktop and mobile.
  • Sidebar – by default, will load on both desktop and mobile.
  • Slide-In – by default, will load on desktop. You can target it to also show on mobile.
  • Floating Bar – by default, will load on both desktop and mobile.

How to Target Specific Devices?

To modify your Display Rules per devices, you will want to edit your Display rule. In the Display Rules screen of the Builder, the Visitors on a specific device option will appear inactive.


Go ahead and enable the rule.


You will then have 2 options to set. The first is to choose whether the condition is on or is not on:


The second determines type of device. Choose from a phone, a tablet, or a desktop:


NOTE: If this is your first time working with Rulesets in the Builder, you should take a minute to review our documentation to become familiar with their function and purpose.
Show on Non-Mobile Devices Only

To show on non-mobile devices, you have a couple of ways of achieving that setup. The easiest way is to have your settings:

  • is on a desktop

However, you could add a bit of flexibility if you wanted something like the fullscreen campaign to show on tablets and desktops, but not phones. In that case, you could put:

  • is not on a phone
Show on Mobile Devices Only

To show your campaign specifically on mobile devices only, you again have options. If the campaign type shows by default on mobile devices, you can have your settings be:

  • is not on: a desktop

Alternatively, you could create 2 rulesets, which is beneficial if you want slightly different rules for each kind of mobile device.

  1. Ruleset 1 — is on a phone
  2. Ruleset 2 — is on a tablet

If you want to target specifically phones:

  • is on a phone

To target just tablets:

  • is on a tablet
Show on Mobile and Non-Mobile Devices

To show your campaign on all devices, both mobile and non-mobile, then depending on the campaign type you’ll need to configure two separate Rulesets.

In this setup:

  1. The Default Ruleset is configured with the Visitors on a specific device option is on a desktop
  2. A second Ruleset named “Mobile Ruleset” is then created and configured with the Visitors on a specific device option is not on a desktop

Save and your campaign is ready to be shown on all devices.

Congratulations, you know can target specific devices in OptinMonster.

Looking for even more targeting? Check out the geo-targeting addon and target specific locations with your campaigns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why doesn’t my campaign show on a specific device?

A: There could be a number of reasons why this occurs. As mentioned in the first section in this guide Lightboxes only show on desktop devices, so those will never show on mobile devices. Mobile Campaigns only show on mobile devices and cannot show on desktop.

For the other campaign types, make sure you have a unique ruleset if the default setting doesn’t show on a particular device.

Additionally, there could be a cookie issue. Be sure to follow our How to Test an OptinMonster Campaign documentation for further help.

Q: Do MonsterLinks work across devices?

A: Yes, MonsterLinks will always work and are the one exception to the device rule. If you have a Lightbox or Mobile popup setup as a MonsterLink, then those will still show across all devices. Although those campaign types aren’t optimized for all devices, MonsterLinks continue to work to ensure a proper user experience.