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Awesome New Campaign Dashboard, Live Campaign Previews, and More!

Tuesday July 16, 2019
Are you sitting down? You might want to sit down for this. It’s pretty exciting. We’re so very excited to introduce you to the brand new—and incredibly, ridiculously, slick—OptinMonster Campaign Dashboard: This Campaign Dashboard is so new that it’s currently only available in our Beta Program. And only to OptinMonster customers, of course. Want to […]

Attention Activation Is Here! Plus, Zapier’s New OptinMonster Trigger…

Thursday May 30, 2019
Inline campaigns just got a new effect that’s going to knock your socks off. It’s called Attention Activation™ and it’s going to turn your already high-converting inline campaigns into unstoppable lead-generating machines. Here’s how it works: When a visitor scrolls through a page with an inline campaign that has Attention Activation™ enabled, the rest of […]

Announcing OptinMonster Native Analytics, Bronto Integration & More!

Tuesday May 21, 2019
OptinMonster’s new analytics solution is live TODAY! 💥🤩 Now your dashboard and reporting won’t need to connect to Google Analytics at all. It just works. And to make things even better, your analytics data is now processed in near real-time. 🤓 This means that if you go to a site and view the campaign, you can then refresh […]

[NEW!] Mobile Popup Templates to Boost Your Conversions

Tuesday April 30, 2019
Did you know that more than 52% of web traffic comes from mobile devices? Not only that, but over the last few years, from 2012 to 2018, the amount of time spent on a mobile device in the U.S. by adults went from 88 minutes to a mind-boggling 203 minutes per day. Based on some estimates, […]

Monster Leads: Store & Export Leads Right From Your OptinMonster Dashboard

Tuesday April 23, 2019
We’re so excited to introduce our newest integration: Monster Leads! Think lead generation software is just for collecting leads? Think again. Monster Leads gives you… A built-in way to store your hard-earned leads—right in your OptinMonster dashboard and without an email marketing service provider! Search and filter functions. Filter leads by Site, Campaign, or even […]

Introducing Chatbot Integrations – Higher Revenue, Better Engagement!

Tuesday March 19, 2019
Hang on to your hats, kids, because chatbots have arrived at OptinMonster. 🎺 Chatbots have consistently been one of the most popular feature requests we get. And with good reason: Improved Customer Engagement. Chatbots help you build custom interactions with shoppers to provide personalized shopping tips based on their unique history. Marketing Funnel Guidance. Chatbots guide leads through every step […]

Introducing TrustPulse: Explode Your Conversions With Social Proof Notifications

Tuesday April 16, 2019
Every day, hundreds or even thousands of people visit your website… yet 98% of them leave without ever taking action. That’s because they’re not sure if you can be trusted. But, what if there was a quick and easy way to convince your website visitors that you not only have what they need, but you’re […]

Introducing “Spin-to-Win” Coupon Wheel Optins For Incredible Conversions

Wednesday February 6, 2019
Spinning wheels, crushing candies, popping bubbles – games are hard to resist and they make us feel good. That’s what makes gamified optins so powerful. How powerful? Gamified optins have been known to turn 2-3% conversions rates into conversions rates of 30% or more. These types of optins are all about psychology and emotion, just like […]
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