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Introducing Chatbot Integrations – Higher Revenue, Better Engagement!

Tuesday March 19, 2019
Hang on to your hats, kids, because chatbots have arrived at OptinMonster. 🎺 Chatbots have consistently been one of the most popular feature requests we get. And with good reason: Improved Customer Engagement. Chatbots help you build custom interactions with shoppers to provide personalized shopping tips based on their unique history. Marketing Funnel Guidance. Chatbots guide leads through every step […]

Introducing TrustPulse: Explode Your Conversions With Social Proof Notifications

Tuesday April 16, 2019
Every day, hundreds or even thousands of people visit your website… yet 98% of them leave without ever taking action. That’s because they’re not sure if you can be trusted. But, what if there was a quick and easy way to convince your website visitors that you not only have what they need, but you’re […]

Introducing “Spin-to-Win” Coupon Wheel Optins For Incredible Conversions

Wednesday February 6, 2019
Spinning wheels, crushing candies, popping bubbles – games are hard to resist and they make us feel good. That’s what makes gamified optins so powerful. How powerful? Gamified optins have been known to turn 2-3% conversions rates into conversions rates of 30% or more. These types of optins are all about psychology and emotion, just like […]

OptinMonster: It Just Works + Introducing Project Delight

Tuesday January 29, 2019
The swoosh of a basketball that hits nothing but net. A team meeting where good ideas flow like a river and everyone is eager to do their part. Finding that perfect customer at the moment when they’re ready to really hear what your product can do for them. Writing a piece of copy you just know is […]

OptinMonster 2018 Recap: A Time of Monster Growth

Friday January 18, 2019
It’s hard to believe that another year has already gone by. Cue Boyz II Men’s “It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday.” 2018 was an awesome year for OptinMonster. Our customers are the reason we exist, so it’s an amazing feeling to deliver a product we’re so proud of, knowing that it helps make […]

Announcing Fresh Templates, Time-Saving Enhancements, and More!

Wednesday December 19, 2018
Are you ready for a ton of exciting news? We sure hope so because this announcement is full of it! Not only do we have 12 (✨ 12 ✨) new templates for you, including 2 brand-new complete template collections, we’re also coming at you with these updates and improvements: A click-to-call button action that lets […]

Announcing OptinMonster University: Expert Training to Explode Your Business Growth

Tuesday November 13, 2018
Over the years, we’ve seen all kinds of businesses achieve incredible growth with OptinMonster. grew their email list 680% with just a few simple campaigns Blogger Jennifer Roberge of increased her subscribers by 2.5x Casey Stubbs of added 11,000 subscribers in just ONE month Photography site Cole’s Classroom converts 6.90% of website […]

Introducing Smart Tags: Dynamic Personalization Made Easy!

Wednesday December 5, 2018
Each and every one of your website visitors is unique. That’s why it’s no surprise that personalized content outperforms static content every time. We’ve seen personalization do amazing things time and again for OptinMonster users like Libratone, who grew their email list 400% by personalizing content based on geolocation, or who boosted new memberships […]
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