Lead Sharing

Are you manually importing and exporting leads from one source to another? That’s a pointless and time-consuming task, wasting hours you could be spending on generating even more leads.

OptinMonster helps you work more efficiently. Our Lead Management tool lets you manage leads more efficiently by sending them to as many different lead management services as you need. It makes it easy to improve internal lead management, or share leads with joint venture partners.

Streamline Internal Lead Management

If you’re using CRM software, it’s most effective if it includes ALL your leads.

But if you’re not using an all-in-one marketing tool, chances are the leads you’re capturing in your email software aren’t reaching your CRM – at least, not without a LOT of work on your part to transfer that data manually.

OptinMonster’s Lead Sharing feature allows you to configure your campaigns to pass leads to multiple providers. So if your sales team is using Infusionsoft to manage customers, and your marketing team is using MailChimp for your email newsletter, both teams can benefit from the lead generation strategies used on your website.

With dozens of integrations with market-leading CRM and email marketing software, including Hubspot, InfusionSoft, MailChimp, Aweber, and Constant Contact, OptinMonster helps you simplify lead management workflow so you’ll never have to manually share lead data again.

Share Leads with Joint Venture Partners

One of the biggest issues of any co-marketing campaign is how to share leads and opportunities with your joint venture partners.

Even if you’re both using email marketing to build a new audience, there’s no guarantee you’re using the same software. How do you ensure that all the partners have access to the leads you gain, without having to share lead data manually?

OptinMonster Lead Sharing saves you time and effort by capturing leads from a shared landing page, and sending that information to each partner’s email marketing or lead management software. It’s automatic, instant, and there’s no limit to the number of leads you can share.

Whether you’re using co-marketing for eCommerce lead generation, affiliate marketing, or simply to build a new audience, OptinMonster’s Lead Sharing feature will improve your lead management workflow.

Instead of having to export cumbersome spreadsheets for all the partners to import into their own email marketing or lead management solutions, you can use OptinMonster to share leads and opportunities automatically, strengthening your co-marketing partnership.

Ready for more efficient lead sharing? Get started with OptinMonster today.

Effective Lead Gen Solutions Made Simple

OptinMonster’s drag-and-drop builder, simple but powerful triggers, and precise targeting make it easy to get started.

Easy Setup

Easily create and launch beautiful campaigns that are proven to convert in 5 minutes or less without needing a coder or designer!

Drag ‘n’ Drop Builder

Quickly create stunning campaigns using proven playbooks, ready to customize templates or your own custom design.

Page Level Targeting

Use behavior personalization to display page-specific campaigns based on each unique visitor’s interactions on your website.

Exit Intent Technology

Convert abandoning visitors into subscribers and customers at the precise moment they attempt to leave


Create a 2-step optin campaign from any link to improve lead generation and grow your email list fast. Proven to boost conversions by over 785%.

Smart Tags

Easily personalize your website with dynamic smart content for higher engagement and conversions.

OnSite Retargeting

Reduce abandonment and save money on external advertising by customizing promotions for returning visitors.

Smart Targeting Rules

Guide customers through your sales funnel by presenting new offers at each stage of their journey.

Advanced Scheduling

Run holiday promotions and other time-sensitive campaigns during specified periods, and display campaigns to visitors in their own time-zones.

Powerful Insights

Easily understand the metrics that matter and refine your lead generation strategy to boost your conversion rate.

Team Collaboration

Share access and manage permissions on your OptinMonster dashboard with coworkers, third-party consultants, or clients.

Easy A/B Testing

Make data-driven tests and decisions that will improve your conversions and revenue for any campaign.

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Michael Stelzner - Best Lead Generation Tool

Michael Stelzner

Founder Social Media Examiner

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Michael Hyatt

New York Times Bestselling Author Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World

Exit-intent popups have doubled my email opt-in rate. When done right, you can see an instant 12% lift on driving sales. I highly recommend that you use OptinMonster for growing your email list and sales.

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Neil Patel

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