35 Best Signup Form Examples for Higher Conversions

Are you looking for the best signup form examples online that you can use for inspiration?

Having the right signup form is a crucial factor in reaching your marketing goals. Not only does your offer need to entice your target audience, but the signup form you use needs to be sleek and professional.

But how do you know which type of signup form would be best for your site?

That’s the question we’re going to answer today. Because, in this post, we’re going to look at the 35 best signup form examples online.

Let’s dive in!

35 Best Signup Form Examples

Because this is such an in-depth guide with so many signup form examples, we’ve broken the signup forms into the following categories:

Plus, all of the campaign examples below can be built using OptinMonster:

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Create Professional Signup Forms in Minutes

Now let’s jump into our list!

1. Shotkit

Shotkit is a photography platform that started creating discounts and newsletter signup forms for their site. This signup form was the second part of a Yes/No campaign:


The messaging worked well with the target audience, and it converted at a rate of 5.77%.

Check out this article to learn more about how Shotkit used signup forms like these to generate over 40+ new leads per day.

2. Shockbyte

Shockbyte is another company that had great results with a lightbox popup signup form:

shockbyte signup form

They used a lead magnet (the coupon code) to motivate people to sign up. Then, they added Exit-Intent® Technology to capture abandoning visitors.

This signup form converts at a whopping 13.73%.

Checkout how Shockbyte used this signup form and others like it to increase revenue by 52%.

3. Adam Enfroy

Adam Enfroy is a successful internet blogger. In 2019, he was able to grow his mailing list to over 11,000 subscribers. Now, his blog generates over $80k every month. And it all started with a simple signup form:

adam enfory signup form example

You can learn more about how Adam used signup forms like these to grow his business.

4. Cosmetic Packaging

Cosmetic Packaging used a Yes/No signup form. This is excellent for boosting conversions because it doesn’t ask for information right away. Instead, it poses a non-intimidating “yes or no” question:

cosmetic packaging signup form example

Once the user clicks the Yes option, the signup form appears.

This one campaign launched their email signups from 396 subscribers to 2,985. Check out how they did it here.

5. Christopher Place

Christopher Place is an upscale B&B and wedding venue in the Smokey Mountains. They began using a clickable signup form (using MonsterLinks™). This meant the signup form only appeared when a user clicked the link:

MonsterLinks GIF

This leads to higher conversions because people who click to see the campaign have a high interest in the product or service offered.

This campaign converts nearly 6% of the site’s traffic. Learn more about how they did it here.

6. Crossrope

Crossrope is a fitness company that specializes in jump rope workouts. They started using signup forms to boost newsletter subscribers with campaigns like this:

crossrope signup form example

As a result, Crossrope exploded their email list by 900%.

They also recovered 13.71% of abandoning site visitors and 7.65% of abandoned carts.

You can have similar results with the right signup form, too.

7. BrianTracey.com

Brian Tracey is a top speaker, motivator, and sales trainer. He uses signup forms to grow his email list and get more subscribers. Here’s an example of a popup he uses:

brian tracey signup form example

This campaign converts 6.8% of visitors who see it.

Check out how Brian used signup forms like this to grow his list by 150%.

8. Woodside Communities

Woodside Communities has 3 real-estate developments. They used a signup form to gather information about prospective leads who were interested but not ready to buy. These forms looked like this:


And their hard work paid off. This campaign converts at 3.57%.

One of the leads they captured brought a new client and generated over $295,000. That’s a great ROI from a simple signup form.

9. Downtown Orlando

Downtown Orlando’s goal is to get more people involved with the community and nightlife of their town. But to get people more involved, then need to keep them informed. They do so with a newsletter signup form like this:


This campaign converts 2.27% but gives them dozens of new targeted leads every single month.

Check out how they used these signup forms to grow over 4,000 subscribers in one year.

Floating Bar Signup Form Examples

10. Crush Empire

Crush Empire is a website that helps students apply for and “crush” the CPA exam. They used a floating bar 2-step sign up form:

crush signup form floating bar example-min

When potential students click the button Get Discount, they’re able to enter their name and email address to redeem their coupon.

This optin converts 4.4% of visitors. Check out how Crush Empire used these signup forms to generate 460 sales in just one year.

11. AutoAnything

Though the example is difficult to see, the results are impossible to ignore. AutoAnything made a floating bar for their website:


This signup form example is subtle, even for their site, but had lots of success.

Between this and other campaigns, AutoAnything generated a nearly 2.5x increase in daily optins.

Read about how they did it here.

12. WPForms

WPForms is the world’s #1 form building plugin. They make it easy for WordPress users to create professional-looking forms with powerful features in minutes. They use a floating bar on their pricing page to boost sales:

floating bar signup form example from wpforms

You’ll notice they have a countdown timer. This is a great way to build a sense of urgency and motivate users into action.

You can use floating bars like this to show your coupon. When customers click on the call to action button (CTA) in the campaign, you can display your signup form.

Once you have their email address, you can send them the coupon code to redeem their offer.

If the best form builder plugin in the world is using floating bars, you might want to consider it for your site, too.

13. Kennedy Blue

Another example of a floating bar signup form is with Kennedy Blue. They also used a countdown timer to build urgency:

kennedyblue signup form example

When users click to redeem the coupon, they can enter their name and email address.

14. Brand Glow Up

Brand Glow Up (formerly known as TwelveSkip) used a floating bar to collect new leads:

twelveskip floating bar signup form example

This uses a lead magnet to entice their target audience. It also has a playful CTA button with the text “Gimme Now” that carries the brand’s unique voice.

Fullscreen Signup Form Examples

15. Singularity

Singularity provides this signup form example to remind guests about an upcoming event:

singularity signup form example

Over 9 months, this single campaign generated 967 new subscribers over 4 different pages.

Check out how Singularity got such massive results.

16. RocketBots

RocketBots is an AI platform that enables companies to manage and respond to customers via live chat. They created this simple fullscreen welcome mat, and the results were inspiring:

rocketbot signup form example

This campaign converts 7.33% of visitors.

Learn more about how they did it here.

17. Mad Money Monster

Mad Money Monster is a site dedicated to helping people get back on the right financial path. They made this fullscreen campaign to get more subscribers:


What we love is how straightforward and simple the copy is. In just a few words, Mad Money Monster used this campaign to drastically grow their email list.

18. The Spinsterz

This company believes that adults should play, have fun, and exercise through movements with hula hoops. And while they might play hard, they’re also clever business operators.

Here’s the fullscreen campaign they use:


By offering a discount as their lead magnet, they can get new subscribers and boost sales.

19. Pierre Lechelle

Pierre Lechelle specializes in marketing for SaaS companies. He uses fullscreen signup forms like the one below to get new leads:


When users sign up, he’s able to successfully follow-up with them by using email marketing best practices.

20. Rich Page

Rich Page is a conversion optimization specialist who offers to help people increase their conversions. He used the following fullscreen signup form example:


In the end, Rich Page was able to increase his own conversions by 225%. He then boosted that to 316% with A/B testing.

Learn more about Rich Page’s success here.

21. OptinMonster

We thought we’d use ourselves as an example for this one. We use a sidebar widget signup form on blog posts:

OptinMonster sidebar form for review

While conversion rates aren’t as high for sidebar widgets, they pick up low hanging fruit on people who want to subscribe to your post but don’t know how.

That’s because sometimes people close your optin campaigns (like a popup, for example) without signing up.

But by adding a signup form to the side, you can improve user experience (UX) for people who change their minds about subscribing to your site.

22. MonsterInsights

MonsterInsights is the best Google Analytics plugin on the market. And if they’re using sidebar signup forms, then you know it’s a winning strategy.

MonsterInsights Sidebar view-min

They use the sidebar widget to collect new subscribers throughout their site.

23. Louise Meyers

Louise Meyers is a social media and visual marketing consultant. She uses a 2-step sidebar signup form:

Louise Myers Sidebar Optin-min

When users click on the sidebar campaign, they can enter their contact details to download the lead magnet.

24. Wholesale Suite

Wholesale Suite is a plugin that helps WooCommerce store owners add wholesale pricing to their product pages:

Wholesale Suite Plugin sidebar 2-step optin form-min

They also use a 2-step signup form and use their free guide as a lead magnet.

Their sidebar form also has a large image to capture their readers’ attention.

25. Neil Patel

Neil Patel is an online digital marketer who’s made a name for himself helping blogs grow. He uses an interesting sidebar signup form, as you can see below:

neil patel sidebar form example-min

Rather than asking for contact information, he asks for the visitor’s website URL. This starts the signup process, and Neil can gather more data like name, email address, and more later on.

Again, when a marketing guru like Neil Patel uses a strategy, you know it’s a winning one.

Inline Campaign Signup Form Examples

26. Shawnee Mission Post

Shawnee Mission Post is a local news group that runs an online blog and newspaper. They use this inline campaign to get more subscribers:


By adding this signup form example directly to their site’s content, they’re more likely to grab their readers’ attention.

27. Advisor Coach

Advisor Coach is a private consulting firm run by James Pollard. He uses this inline campaign to get new leads:


And it’s been very successful.

With campaigns like this (along with a few others), Advisor Coach converted 58.33% of their readers.

28. Lilach Bullock

Lilach Bullock is an entrepreneur and business owner. She helps companies and businesses of all sizes improve their online marketing strategies. Here’s the inline signup form she uses:


What’s great about this is that she uses repetitive language in all the signup forms across her site.

By doing so, she converts 57% of new website visitors and grows over 1000 new subscribers per month.

29. Blog Tyrant

Blog Tyrant specializes in helping solopreneurs and businesses build a successful blog. One of the techniques they use is with an inline campaign like the signup form example below:


Again, by putting this directly in their blog posts, they make sure that readers won’t miss the chance to sign up.

30. Whole Whale

Whole Whale uses an inline campaign for their signup form, but with a twist. They give some of their content away for free, but they use a content locker to hide exclusive content for members:

Whole Whale Obscured Content Locker

This is a great way to turn your regular content into an email growing machine.

In fact, the strategy worked so well that Whole Whale increased email signups by 100% and saw an overall boost in conversions by 62%.

Slide-in scroll box Signup Form Examples

31. Libratone

Libratone used a slide-in scroll box to present their signup form to customers. Here’s what this looked like:

libratone signup form in a slidein campaign

From this campaign and others like it, they were able to boost signups by 400%.

32. HubSpot

HubSpot is a site dedicated ot helping online marketers. They added a slide-in signup form and used their free eBook as a lead magnet:

HubSpot blog slidein popup

When a user clicks Download Now, they can enter an email address to get the free guide.

They put this on popular blog posts, pages, and other areas where the lead magnet would appeal to their target audience.

This kind of personalized placement is what can make slide-in signup forms so effective.

33. Lost for Travel

Lost for Travel is the story of a solo-traveler who helps the communities she visits. She uses a slide-in signup form, as you can see in the example below:

slide-in optin example

This is a great idea for small businesses or entrepreneurs trying to grow their emai list.

34. StockSnap

StockSnap is an online community that provides free stock photos for users. They use a slide-in signup form to send photos to members:

stocksnapio optinmonster slide-ins

This can be a great way to nurture leads and keep people coming back to your site.

Gamified Signup Form Examples

35. Spin-to-Win Wheels

Rather than a specific company, we thought we’d show a spin-to-win wheel that anyone can use:

discount wheel popup demo

This was created with OptinMonster in under 5 minutes.

These gamified signup forms are an excellent way to grow your email list. Plus, they’re super easy to make. Check out this resource for more details: How to Create a Spin-to-Win Optin to Boost Engagement.

And that’s it! These have been the best signup form examples from across the web.

Create Professional Signup Forms in Minutes

We hope you enjoyed this post. If you did, you might want to check out the following resources:

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