How Cosmetic Packaging Now Grew Their Email List by 754% with 2-Step Optins

Some digital marketing tips work for any industry, like making your page URLs easy to read, or catching abandoning visitors just before they leave your site using Exit-Intent® Technology. However, when you’re in a niche industry, the key is knowing how to speak to your visitors’ unique values to inspire them to join your list, …

Increase in Newsletter Subscribers
753.8% Arrow Up Green
Increase in Newsletter Subscribers
Increase in Sitewide Revenue
2326.72% Arrow Up Green
Increase in Sitewide Revenue
Increase in Returning Customer Rate
110.4% Arrow Up Green
Increase in Returning Customer Rate

Some digital marketing tips work for any industry, like making your page URLs easy to read, or catching abandoning visitors just before they leave your site using Exit-Intent® Technology.

However, when you’re in a niche industry, the key is knowing how to speak to your visitors’ unique values to inspire them to join your list, or even buy! Read on to see how Cosmetic Packaging Now did just that, using two OptinMonster campaigns on their site.

Meet Cosmetic Packaging Now

Cosmetic Packaging Now is a distributor of laboratory-grade cosmetic packaging containers. Their products range from “in-stock” bottles and jars to custom-designed packaging for special functionality or aesthetics.

Their marketing partner, Summit Digital Marketing, has been helping them grow their email list and improve the quality of their leads since March 2018. Founder Roman Randall talked with us about how he uses OptinMonster at

Cosmetic Packaging Now homepage

How Cosmetic Packaging Now Uses OptinMonster

Before OptinMonster, Cosmetic Packaging Now was only using email signup in their footer, and a regular contact page to add subscribers to their newsletter. This gathered some leads, but not all visitors scroll to the bottom of the page or visit the contact page of the website to find the newsletter signup on their own.

Roman needed a way to take the burden of finding the newsletter off of the visitor and make it easier to sign up to receive new product updates.

He implemented two popups with the same message: one optimized for desktop and tablet visitors, and the other for mobile visitors.

Cosmetic Packaging Now optins

The desktop version is set to display when a visitor has been on a page for at least 7 seconds, has scrolled at least 20% of the page or exit is detected. The mobile version has similar rules but does not use exit detection, since exit-intent relies on tracking mouse movement.

Looking for a mobile equivalent to Exit Intent? Check out our “Inactivity Sensor” feature!

Both versions used the Yes/No view to segment the visitors: The “Yes” button takes the visitor to the “Optin” view, and the “No” button closes the campaign. Even though this is an extra step when compared to showing the Optin view alone, it actually prompts interested visitors to follow through with signing up by employing the Zeigernik Effect.

Yes No Buttons Campaign

This simple campaign increased Cosmetic Packaging Now’s list by 753.8%, growing it from just 396 subscribers to 2,985!

In addition, the email marketing campaigns sent to these subscribers averaged an open rate of 23.95%, with a high of 33.9%. Some of the leads that OptinMonster helped generate even went on to place $1,000 to $6,000 orders!

“OptinMonster helped us not just grow our email list, but grow our email list with qualified leads.”


Cosmetic Packaging Now was able to see amazing results even beyond their mailing list! Since the newsletter offered updates on new products and pricing, visitors were prompted to come back and look at what’s new (and buy it before it runs out)!

  • Cosmetic Packaging Now’s Returning Customer Rate increased by 110.4% for the entire website
  • Cosmetic Packaging Now’s revenue increased by 2326.72% for the entire website


If you’re unsure about how creating an OptinMonster campaign could result in increased sales for your business, Roman has a recommendation: “Give a clear, tangible benefit or offer for joining your email list. There has to be something valuable that visitors will get in exchange for joining. It will differ from industry to industry, so only you can know what the special benefit or offer should be.” Once the visitor becomes a subscriber, they can enter an email marketing funnel where they can be nurtured towards a return visit, and eventually a sale (or multiple sales).

What will be the first step in your visitor’s journey to becoming a loyal customer?

“Every time we implement OptinMonster for ourselves or for a client of ours, the result ends up being more leads and revenue every time. It is one of our team’s favorite lead generation tools. Our conservative calculation puts our return on investment from using OptinMonster at 49,900%!”
Roman Randall, Founder, Summit Digital Marketing

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