48 Best Online Marketing Tools to Boost Your Business [Many Are FREE]

Online marketing is a major investment for any brand, big or small, and that investment isn’t always in the form of dollars. There are dozens of free online marketing tools out there that aren’t worth the time it takes to test them.

So, how do you know if you’re spending your time and money on the best online marketing tools that are going to boost your revenues, increase leads and conversions, and keep business booming?

Easy. You check out our list of the 47 best online marketing tools we’ve found and skip the guesswork. We’ve even included the pricing info for you, and whether or not there’s a free trial offered. You can use these tools to promote your website for free or nearly free.

Let’s get started.

Social Media Tools…

1. Tailwind

tailwind homepage

Tailwind is a super simple yet supremely powerful content scheduling solution for Pinterest and Instagram. You can use it to save time with bulk image upload, really easy drag and drop calendar, multi-board pinning and pin looping, hashtag lists, and more. Plus, you can automatically optimize your Pinterest and Instagram schedules based on when your audience is most engaged.

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Tailwind also comes with analytics so you’re never left wondering if your content is reaching the right people and getting a response!

You can try it for free, no credit card required.

2. Mention


Monitoring your social media presence can be a challenge if you don’t have a way to automate and streamline the process. This is where Mention comes in.

This tool gives you online media monitoring, social media listening, competitive analysis, brand management, and social media management.

Price: Free plan available; paid plans start at $25/month.

3. Buffer


It can take a lot of time and energy to stay on top of updating several social media accounts. With Buffer, you can manage posts for multiple social media platforms from a single dashboard.

With all of your social media consolidated in a single location you also get consolidated analytics so you know how your posts are performing across platforms. This makes it easy to see which types of content are doing well and which aren’t.

Price: Free plan for a single user with up to 3 social accounts; Pro plan is $15/mo., 7-day trial; Business plans start at $99/mo., 14-day trial

4. Meltwater

meltwater social dashboard

With everything that gets posts by and about your business, it can be hard to keep track of it all. Meltwater uses real-time, AI-driven analytics to help businesses optimize their marketing efforts. With Meltwater, you can benchmark your marketing performance against your competitors by tracking best-performance keywords and trends in real-time.

Price: Prepared quotes only



If you’ve never used IFTTT, then you’re missing out. IFTTT is a tool that lets you instigate targeted actions based on an “if this then that” format. It can be integrated with hundreds of different tools and social media networks, which makes it super powerful.

IFTTT recipes

Not only can you create your own “recipes,” as IFTTT calls these integrated actions, but there are hundreds of integrations already available.

Price: Free

6. Google Alerts

google alerts

Google Alerts allows you to discover the social media platforms that are driving traffic to your site. Every time your brand or keywords are mentioned, you’ll get a notification. It’s a powerful tool, and it’s free to use. Learn how to set up Google Alerts in less than 2 minutes.

Price: Free

7. TweetDeck


One of the more famous tools on this list, TweetDeck is widely regarded as the best free Twitter tool available. It has a variety of features and is incredibly simple to use.

Price: Free

8. Facebook Page Insights

Facebook page insights

Anyone who does Facebook marketing and advertising needs to use Facebook Page Insights. It lets you peek behind the curtains and understand the behavior of your customers (which is valuable outside of Facebook, too).

Price: Free

9. Sales Navigator

sales navigator by linkedin

Sales Navigator is one of the neatest social media tools you’ll encounter. It lets you view social media profiles and activity – namely LinkedIn – directly in your Gmail inbox. You can use this information to enhance and leverage your network.

Price: Starts at $64.99/mo. if billed annually (or $79.99/mo.); free trial depends on meeting certain criteria

10. Qzzr


Need to create shareable content on social media that consistently drives traffic to landing pages and websites? Qzzr is a quiz creation tool that empowers you to develop tools on a variety of topics for easy social media dissemination.

Price: $24.99/mo., 14-day free trial

11. Facebook Audience Insights

facebook audience insights

Similar to Facebook Page Insights, Facebook Audience Insights gives you inside information on your prospects. However, rather than focusing on your own audience, you can get insights into the audience of your competitors.

Price: Free

SEO and Rankings Tools…

12. Google PageSpeed Insights

google pagespeed insights

Page loading time is one of the most critical factors in conversion and bounce rates. Use Google PageSpeed Insights to get real-time analysis of your website speed.

Price: Free

13. Keywordtool.io

keyword tool

Keywords are one of the cornerstones of every SEO or marketing campaign. Use Keywordtool.io to see a list of useful and relevant long-tail keywords that may be useful in helping to target customers.

Price: Free; Pro plans start at $48/mo.

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14. Google Analytics by MonsterInsights

google analytics by monsterinsights

If you aren’t already using Google Analytics, now’s the time. This powerful analytics platform is among the best on the Internet. It comes packed with thousands of metrics and can be used to track highly specific and relevant conversion goals. Connect it to your WordPress site and get the stats that matter with Google Analytics by MonsterInsights.

Price: $99+/year

15. Ahrefs

Ahrefs backlink checker

If you want to analyze backlinks for free just like paid users do, try Ahrefs’ free backlink checker. It’s integrated with its premium database of more than 16 trillion links. You can access the top 100 backlinks to any domain or page, with a detailed overview of each one.

The dashboard shows anchor, follow/nofollow status, ratings of the referring domain and page, and the amount of monthly organic traffic that page drives. Besides backlinks, you can also check 5 of the top anchors and most linked-to pages on the target site.

Price: Free; Premium plans start at $99/month

16. SpyFu

spyfu homepage

SpyFu lets you research your competitors’ most profitable keywords to spot new SEO and PPC opportunities. You’ll be able to find all of the content and backlinks that help them outrank you so you can plan your strategy.

spyfu analytics

Price: $33+/mo., 30-day money-back guarantee

17. QuickSprout


QuickSprout helps you to learn about sites similar to yours so that you can figure out how to out-do them in search rankings. Just enter the URL of your competitor and click on the “Login with Google” button to get started for free.

18. Alexa


Alexa has been around since 1996, and it still provides deep analytical insights to compare yourself to your competitors and optimize your website. If you want to see the benchmarks of how your website compares to others, this is the tool for you. (Unfortunately, it’s no longer free forever, but they do have a 7-day free trial.)

19. Google Trends

Google trends

Google Trends is another neat Google product. This free tool enables you to search for keywords based on volume and identify the potential of different short and long-tail search terms.

Price: Free

20. SimilarWeb


From an SEO and marketing perspective, something that doesn’t get discussed enough is studying the competition. With SimilarWeb, you can compare traffic between two different websites (yours versus a competitor’s) and see what’s happening.

Price: Free plan; Enterprise plan requires a quote

21. Browseo


It can be helpful to see your website through the lens of a search engine. Simply enter your website URL into Browseo and the tool will show you a hierarchy of particular elements. You’ll learn something new every time you use this.

Price: Free

22. Siteliner

siteliner home

Duplicate content can be a major SEO killer. Unfortunately, you don’t always know you have it. With Siteliner, just enter a URL for a blog post or website and you’ll get immediate results.

Price: Free for websites up to 250 pages

23. SEMrush

semrush home

With SEMrush you have access to SEO, advertising, and content tools that will keep you at the top of the search results. You’ll be able to get insight into competitors’ strategies, discover the best keywords to keep you ahead of the game and conduct deep link analysis.

Price: $99.95+/mo.

Content Marketing Tools…

24. Evernote


Arguably, there’s no more versatile tool for online marketers than Evernote. Whether it’s research notes, resources, or to-do lists, Evernote makes the research and outline process of content writing a breeze.

Price: Free for Basic; $69.99/year for Premium

25. Grammarly


Human editors are great. Built-in spellcheckers are nice. However, neither is perfect. It’s good to add another layer of editing to your writing and Grammarly is the answer. This powerful tool automatically checks anything you write or publish in an Internet browser.

Price: Free; Premium starts at $29.95/mo.

26. Hemingway App


The Hemingway App encourages succinct writing by identifying superfluous words, hard-to-read sentences, and passive voice. It may not make you write like Ernest Hemingway, but it can be extremely useful for making your blog posts more readable.

Price: Free

27. Headline Analyzer

headline analyzer home

As everybody knows, headlines are one of the most vital elements of content writing. Whether you’re talking about a blog post, news article, or YouTube video, the title directly affects clicks. Use Headline Analyzer to determine the effectiveness of your titles.

headline score

Headline Analyzer gives you a score and tips about how to make your headline better.

Price: Free

Want to try another free headline analyzer? Check out OptinMonster’s new headline analyzer to make sure you’re writing the best headlines possible!

28. Visage


As the demand for visual content increases, you’ll need to use tools that empower you to express your creativity and develop gorgeous visuals that resonate with your audience. Visage is the perfect tool to get started.

Price: Quote only

29. PlaceIt


PlaceIt is designed for one very specific purpose: placing images of your website, app, or product into real-world environments such as tablet screens, mobile phones, computers, and more.

Price: $29 unlimited subscription

30. Piktochart


Infographics can generate high returns… if they’re done properly. Piktochart can have you developing beautiful and engaging infographics, even if you have no prior experience. Given a library of more than 1,000 images, you’ll be up and running in no time.

Price: Start for Free; $12.50+/mo.

31. Wideo


Wideo is an online video creation tool that will enable you to create, edit, and share compelling videos at no cost. Videos are animated and made with images, objects, movement, shapes, text, and audio. It’s great for creating simple and short video clips.

Price: $19+/mo., 7-day free trial

32. Feedly


Feedly is a must-have tool for any content marketer, and it’s free! This tool allows you to manage all the content you want to follow and keep tabs on, all in one place. You can even organize content by categories, so the most important posts are right where you need them.

Price: Free trial; contact for a quote

33. Spredfast


Spredfast is a content marketing analytics tool that will enable you to gauge your campaign’s effectiveness based on such factors as output, impressions, and actions. It also has a pretty cool benchmarking feature that can compare multiple campaigns against one another. Request a demo to get the free version.

Price: Demo is free; quote required

Email Marketing Tools…

34. OptinMonster

optinmonster homepage

We can’t possibly talk about email marketing without first talking about lead generation and nobody does lead generation better than OptinMonster.

You can create optin campaigns that trigger at just the right time to capture abandoning visitors before you lose them forever, or that pop up when a reader is engaged in what you have to offer.

We integrate with every email marketing service under the sun and our new drag and drop builder makes building campaigns quick and easy.


Price: $19+/mo.; 7-day free trial

35. Constant Contact

constant contact email marketing service

Constant Contact is one of the email providers that we always recommend because it’s beginner-friendly and offers quick and easy setup.

With Constant Contact, you can send personalized welcome, birthday, and anniversary emails. You can also set a scheduled series of emails to keep your audience engaged.

Price: Starts at $20/mo. (discounts for 6-month and 12-month prepaid plans)

36. HubSpot

hubspot email marketing

HubSpot’s free email marketing software is an easy-to-use and powerful way to send marketing emails without waiting on designers or IT.

With HubSpot, you can easily build messages with a drag and drop builder and choose from many beautifully-designed templates. The platform is great for beginners, but also has tools like A/B testing, personalization, and automation that growing businesses will love.

Price: Starts free; paid plans start at $50/mo.

37. FreshMail


Looking for streamlined email templates that look unique and creative? FreshMail is one of the best options. Choose from hundreds of typefaces, buttons, media blocks, content sections, images, and more.

Price: $14+/mo.; 30-day free trial

38. WPForms


WPForms is the best form-building tool for WordPress. Use it to get in touch with your prospects, and collect any information you need upfront. The drag-and-drop interface makes it super easy to fully customize your forms.

Price: $79/mo., 14-day money-back guarantee

Measurement Tools

39. Mixpanel


Widely regarded as the most advanced analytics platform in the world, Mixpanel lets you measure and analyze mobile and web functions. The biggest difference between Mixpanel and other similar platforms is that it monitors customers based on actions, not page views.

Price: Free; Startup $999/year; Enterprise must contact for a quote

40. Localytics

localytics homepage

Localytics is a unique tool that integrates elements such as user insights, marketing automation, and smart targeting, into a single platform to drive user engagement. It’s used by some of the biggest companies in the world and certainly lives up to the hype.

Price: Free demo; contact for a quote

41. Inspectlet

inspectlet homepage

If you’ve ever looked at your site analytics and yelled “what do you want from me?” you’re not alone. That’s why Inspectlet lets you analyze user activity via eye-tracking heat maps, screen capture, and user interaction analytics. You’ll be able to watch how users interact with your site and figure out where they may get confused. And then get to work fixing those areas.

inspectlet dashboard

Price: Free plan; $39+/mo.

42. Countly


For eCommerce companies, knowing exactly when customers make a purchase can help to tweak minor elements and instigate change. Countly provides streamlined, real-time dashboards that report purchases the second they’re made.

Price: Free plan; contact for Enterprise plan quote

43. Scoop.it

scoop it

Scoop.it is a powerful content curation and analytics tool that more than a million people and businesses rely on to move their marketing efforts forward. The tool lets users measure views, comments, shares, visitors, and more. It also integrates with Google Analytics for additional value.

Price: Free plan; Pro starts at $14.99/mo.

44. Cyfe

cyfe homepage

Do you operate a number of different websites? Cyfe gives you the ability to manage multiple sites on various platforms by integrating them. It makes organizing, sorting, and focusing on various elements more possible than ever before.

Price: Free; upgrade to Premium for $19/mo.

Influencer Tools…

45. BuzzStream

buzzstream home

One of the fastest ways to build buzz about your brand is by winning over an influencer in your industry. BuzzStream helps you do that by making it easy to research influencers, as well as reach out to them with personalized communications to build relationships.

Price: Free trial; $24+/mo.

46. FollowerWonk


As you may know, influencer marketing is a worthwhile part of growing your brand’s reputation in the marketplace. With FollowerWonk, you can find relevant Twitter users in your niche, search bios, compare users, track followers, sort followers, and more.

47. PeerReach


In order to reach the influencers in your industry, you need to be up to date on the conversations that matter. With PeerReach, you can ensure you’re always talking about what matters the most with the people who matter the most.

48. Google Analytics URL Builder

google url builder

With Google Analytics URL Builder, you can create unique links for individual influencers. This gives you a simple way of tracking social media efforts and tying them to revenue. It’s an easy-to-use tool with lots of value beneath the surface. There is also a Chrome extension here.

That’s it! We hope this post has helped you to find 48 awesome and free online marketing tools. If you enjoyed this post, you may also want to check out 31 Best Email Marketing Automation Tools, or our giant roundup of the best WordPress plugins.

Pressed for time? You might also want to check out these white label email marketing tools. That resource will have everything you need to get your email marketing up to speed by letting other people build it for you.

Jacinda Santora
Jacinda Santora is a writer specializing in eCommerce and growth marketing. She prides herself on her ability to make complicated things easier. When she isn't writing you can find her daydreaming about campervans, drinking coffee, and listening to podcasts.


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  2. Hey Mary,

    Awesome list! Thanks so much for bringing this content together.

    I have another free marketing tool: AdCat.io

    AdCat lets you upload a single image, crop as you see fit, and then download the ad creative in perfect sizing. It takes seconds, no signup is required, and it’s 100% FREE

    1. Very cool!! Thanks for the recommendation, Manu!

  3. Hey! Great post. I use SendPulse email marketing automation service on my blog. It’s a free plan with minor feature restrictions and a limit of 2500 unique email addresses you can send to (each month). I’d say it’s a great addition to this list).

  4. Superb list. Some more tools:

    Content Marketing:


  5. Hi,
    Thanks for sharing. I really love it. Your 45 internet marketing tools is very important. but what tools is the best for SEO? I use majestic seo. but i don’t know how it is important for SEO?. I recently have learned that ahrefs is the best tools for SEO. Do you agree with me? just type and search my site. late night birds.

    1. Hey Nijam! Glad you loved this list. Here are the 7 best SEO tools we recommend here (the Content Explorer tool by Ahrefs is one of them).

  6. I used 2 tools
    1. Facebook Messenger for website (PHP/WordPress)
    https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-facebook-messenger/ (FREE)
    A tool to boost customer base for your website.

    2. Facebook Ads in Messenger (Pay per conversion)
    You’ll get visitors’ contacts then you can run ads to their Messenger as a destination.

  7. Great list Mary!

    I’ve tried out a lot of these tools out myself when I was doing some research into the best marketing tools. I wrote up a list of 150+ of the Best Marketing Tools available and you’ll be glad to know OptinMonster is one of them!

    1. Sharon Hurley Hall June 23, 2017 at 10:58 am

      Thanks for including us, Ian. 🙂 We’ve got a recent article on marketing podcasts you might also like – check it out!

  8. Awesome list! I’ve found there many of my favourite tools and I can’t seriously imagine my daily work without them. GetResponse is missing there, though. I like their email, marketing automation and landing page solutions.

    1. Sharon Hurley Hall July 4, 2017 at 6:01 am

      Thanks for the recommendation, Julie. 🙂

  9. Keith R Reinhardt January 9, 2018 at 11:02 am

    Great list! #21 & #45 have saved me a great deal of time and energy.

    Here are a few more:

    Free List Check (email marketing/list hygiene)
    Email Creative Archive (email marketing/design inspiration)

    1. Sharon Hurley Hall January 9, 2018 at 3:27 pm

      Thanks for the suggestions, Keith. You might also enjoy our recent list of keyword research tools.

  10. Its great information about online marketing tools. I really liked to read this article. because it’s very useful. Thank you so much

  11. Sage Dequinzio April 4, 2019 at 4:39 pm

    Amazing, thank you so much for sharing this! All these tools seem really helpful for people involved in the Social Media industry. I will definitely try some of this out! Nowadays these kind of tools are worth gold for our SM game.

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