How to Calculate Website Conversion Rate (3 EASY Methods)

Are you wanting to learn how to calculate your website conversion rate?

Your website’s conversion rate is one of the most reliable ways to measure how well your advertising and marketing efforts are performing. Essentially, a conversion rate shows you how good your campaigns are at enticing people to do what they want you to do.

In other words, you want a high conversion rate. The higher your website conversion rate, the better your marketing is performing with your audience. And the better your marketing efforts convert, the more money you make.

Before we get too much further into this, let’s look more in-depth at what a conversion rate is.

What Is a Website Conversion Rate?

Simply put, a website conversion rate is the percentage of people that visit your website and perform the action you ask them to.

That could be anything from:

  • Signing up for a newsletter
  • Purchasing an item
  • Submitting a form
  • Upgrading their subscription
  • Booking an online demonstration
  • Registering for a free account
  • And more…

If a visitor does whatever your call to action is, then it is a positive website conversion. Though, remember that the action needs to be measurable in order to calculate a conversion rate.

How to Calculate Website Conversion Rate

At a very basic level, learning how to calculate website conversions is fairly easy. Just plug your numbers into a mathematical formula and you will get your rate:

Conversion rate = (conversions / total visitors) x 100

For example, if you wanted to calculate your conversion for a specific landing page that had 15,000 hits and 1,400 conversions last month, your formula would look like this:

Conversion rate = (1400/15000) x 100

Conversion rate = 9.33%

But how do you get those numbers? And what if you want a tool to help you calculate and track this without having to pull out a calculator?

We have three tools for you to check into that will help you do just that.

3 Methods to Calculate Website Conversion Rate

Luckily, you don’t always have to sit down and do the math yourself. There are tools out on the market that will not only help you calculate your website conversion rate but track it too. Plus, there is even a tool that can also help you boost your conversion rate at the same time.

Today, we will go over three different conversion rate calculation and tracking tools and how to get them on your website. The table of contents below will help you navigate through our guide.

Let’s jump right into this so you can start tracking those conversions.

1) Use OptinMonster to Boost and Track Conversions

When it comes to calculating website conversions, convenience and accessibility are key. If you can bundle that all into a tool that also lets you boost and track those conversions, how much more convenient can you make it?

That’s why we recommend OptinMonster.

OptinMonster home page

OptinMonster is the world’s best conversion optimization tool. It comes with everything you need to easily create campaigns that put conversions on the fast track. No matter what your end conversion goal is, like form signups, boosting sales, downloading an ebook, OptinMonster has the campaign and template to help you make it happen.

OptinMonster’s drag and drop builder takes the guesswork out of designing and launching beautiful and eye-catching campaigns.

add new feature to email optin for wordpress

Plus, it comes with an analytics dashboard so everything you need to automatically calculate, and track conversions are all there in the same tool.

OptinMonster’s Conversion Analytics gives you easy access to conversion rate stats to help you improve your marketing campaigns. With Conversion Analytics, you can also review data points like click analysis and views, along with the overall conversion rate for each of your optin campaigns.

OptinMonster makes accessing your data simple, too, as your conversion analytics is available directly on the platform. That way you don’t need to spend any time integrating it with any third-party tools.

optinmonster dashboard with conversion rate

Also, you can also get conversion rate data on any campaigns that you are running OptinMonster’s A/B Testing feature on. This lets you make more informed marketing decisions and help improve future campaigns with real-time data.

Conversion Analytics also tracks the referral pages for each optin campaign, allowing you to monitor individual pages to see which ones are driving the most conversions. Plus, you’ll also have access to user-agent data, so you’ll be able to increase conversions of your lead generation campaigns for specific devices or web browsers.

So, how can you get started by tracking conversions with OptinMonster? It is as simple as signing up for an OptinMonster account.

The OptinMonster WordPress plugin is a free download available in the WordPress repository. Installing the plugin is incredibly simple and you can start tracking and calculating your website’s conversion rate in minutes.

How to Set Up OptinMonster

OptinMonster is incredibly easy to set up for practically any website or eCommerce platform.

To add OptinMonster to any website, follow these steps:

Once you’ve created your first optin campaign on the OptinMonster website, click the Publish tab.

select optinmonster publish tab

Scrolling down on the publish tab, you will see a variety of ways to embed OptinMonster on your site. Just click on whichever button applies to your site platform. If you are running a website outside of WordPress, chances are you will just need to select Any Site.

optinmonster site embed instructions

You will copy and paste the embed code directly into your site template file just before the closing </body> tag.

If you work with a developer, there is also an option to email the directions directly to them, as well.

For those on other platforms, like WordPress, there are also detailed directions that walk you through how to add OptinMonster.

optinmonster wordpress install page

With OptinMonster, you have a powerful tool that will let you boost, calculate, and track conversions all with one program. It is the best option for anyone looking to take total control of their conversions.

For more information on how to start creating campaigns that are proven to boost your conversion rates, check out our guide on how to create a popup subscription button in under 5 minutes.

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2) Use a Google Analytics WordPress Plugin

If you are using WordPress, the easiest way to calculate conversions is by using a Google Analytics plugin like MonsterInsights.

monsterinsights homepage

With MonsterInsights, you can automatically set up conversion tracking reports for form submissions, eCommerce transactions, and more.

In fact, by using MonsterInsights on your WordPress site, you get access to many pieces of important and advanced Google Analytic data, right in your WordPress dashboard. Plus, you don’t need to add any code to get it set up. Together, they help you gather all the data, like conversion rate, to help you make your business a true success online.


If you want to get further into the numbers, MonsterInsights provides custom reports.

monsterinsights form report

As you can see, the custom forms let you look at all the data you need to calculate your conversion rate. Though, it also does the math for you.

Plus, you can set it up so you look at the data individually by form.

For more information on tracking conversion rates in MonsterInsights, check out their complete guide to conversion tracking.

So, how can you get MonsterInsights onto your WordPress site?

Installing MonsterInsights for WordPress

MonsterInsights is simple to add and you’ll start by downloading the plugin.

First, you will need to create or log in to your MonsterInsights account on the MonsterInsights website.

monsterinsights login

Then, click on the MonsterInsights Downloads tab.

download monsterinsights

Now, you will need to download MonsterInsights. So, click on the large blue Download MonsterInsights button next.

download monsterinsights button

Next, you will add it to your WordPress site. But, you will need to remove any tracking codes or Google Analytics plugins that were previously installed on your site.

Go ahead and log in to WordPress and make sure you are on the admin dashboard.

Navigate to Plugins > Add New and click on Upload Plugin at the top of the screen.

upload new plugin

Now, you will click on Choose File to select the zip file you downloaded from the MonsterInsights site. Then, click on Install Now to both upload and install MonsterInsights.

upload and install wordpress plugin

Once the MonsterInsights plugin is installed, you’ll need to activate it on your site. So, go ahead and click on Activate Plugin.

activate monsterinsights

Finally, you’ll need to enter your license key from the MonsterInsights My Account page. Once you find it, copy the key.

monsterinsights my account page

Moving back to your WordPress dashboard, navigate to Insights > Settings and paste your key in the License Key. Finally, click on the Verify Key button.

verify monsteinsights license key

MonterInsights is now installed and is ready to start calculating your conversion rate.

Ready to start tracking your site’s conversion rate and get a better understanding of how it’s performing? Get started with MonsterInsights today!

3) Use Google Analytics Dashboard (If Not On WordPress)

Finally, you can also start calculating website conversions using the Google Analytics dashboard. This is a great option if you are on a platform other than WordPress.

With Google Analytics, you can track over 500 unique data points, including conversion metrics.

You can choose to use their reports, or you can also create custom dashboards if you want to combine several different metrics into one view. For instance, here is a custom report that allows you to see a site’s conversion rate based on a visitor’s device.

conversion rate for devices in google analytics

Google Analytics also allows you to have 20 dashboards for each property in your account.

You can imagine with all of those data points and the sheer number of dashboards available to you, Google Analytics could easily start to get overwhelming.

If your main concern is just calculating website conversions, you can always integrate OptinMonster with Google Analytics. This will let you track and measure your conversion goals, plus the success of your optin campaigns directly from your OptinMonster and your Google Analytics account.

But, honestly, integrating MonsterInsights with Google Analytics is the best way to go. MonsterInsights and Google Analytics are a perfect tandem, which lets your access all of your data in one easy-to-find and read location.

And that’s it for today! We hope that this has given you the knowledge and tools to know how to calculate website conversions.

If you want to learn more about website conversions and how you can start making that rate skyrocket, check out these other resources:

Ready to boost and track conversions? Get started with OptinMonster now!

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