How to Install the OptinMonster WordPress Plugin

Are you using OptinMonster on your WordPress website? Our WordPress plugin makes managing your campaigns easy!

In this article, you’ll learn how to install the OptinMonster plugin so you can access features specific to WordPress.

Before You Begin

Here are some things to know before you begin:

Install Plugin

To install the OptinMonster plugin for use on your WordPress site, follow these steps:


  1. Log into the admin of your WordPress site and navigate to the Plugins > Add New screen.
  2. Search for “OptinMonster” and select the Install Now button.
    Install Plugin
  3. Once installed, select the Activate button to activate the plugin.
    Activate Plugin

Verify Account

To sync your OptinMonster campaigns to the WordPress plugin, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the OptinMonster plugin through the sidebar menu link in the WordPress admin.
  2. Next, if you already have an OptinMonster account select the Connect Your Account button.
    Connect Your OptinMonster Account
  3. You’ll be prompted on the next screen to authorize the OptinMonster plugin with your OptinMonster account. To continue, select the Authorize OptinMonster button.
    Authorize OptinMonster on your WordPress site
  4. You will be asked to confirm the account you are connecting to in the next step. If the account shown is correct, select the Connect To WordPress button.
    If you have multiple OptinMonster accounts you are associated with as a sub-account user, the account you are actively signed into will be the account that gets verified with the OptinMonster plugin.
    To verify with a different account you will need to switch to that account in OptinMonster first.
    Connecting OptinMonster
  5. Once verified you’ll be returned to the Campaigns tab in the OptinMonster plugin screen where all campaigns associated with your site will be listed.
    Plugin Campaigns
    Important: Campaigns are automatically set to Live status in the plugin when they are synced to your site. We recommend you configure the Display Rules for each campaign in the builder before you sync the campaign to your WordPress site.

Disconnect Account

If you need to disconnect a previously verified account, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the OptinMonster plugin through the sidebar menu link in the WordPress admin.
  2. Select the Authorization tab.
  3. Select the Disconnect button to disconnect your previously verified account from the plugin.
    Disconnecting the account will remove all previous settings in the plugin for campaigns that were synced to the plugin. If you reconnect to the same account later you will need to manually update any settings for individual campaigns you had configured through the OptinMonster plugin.
    Disconnect the OptinMonster plugin


None of my campaigns appear in the plugin even though I’ve created them in my OptinMonster account for this site.

First, check that the campaigns you’ve created for this site have been published in your OptinMonster account. If a campaign is paused in OptinMonster it cannot be synced to the WordPress plugin.

If your campaigns still don’t appear, check that the domain for the admin of your WordPress site matches the domain the campaign(s) have been set to appear on in your OptinMonster account. In some cases, the domain for the admin of your site may be different than the front-end of your site.

Do I need to use both the WordPress Plugin and the Display Rules?

The OptinMonster plugin for WordPress places the campaign embed code on your site, while the Display Rules control how and where a campaign is allowed to appear. The Display Rules can only allow a campaign to appear if the embed code exists on that specific page of your site.

If you prefer not to use the OptinMonster plugin to add the embed code for your campaigns to your site, there are alternatives:

  • Manually add the embed code to a template file, commonly the footer.php file, just before the closing body tag.
  • Use Google Tag Manager.