11 eCommerce Case Studies to Inspire Your Success

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Are you looking for the best eCommerce case studies to learn how to improve your store?

Running an online store can be tough. But the good news is that you aren’t alone. In fact, there are TONS of eCommerce business owners who have successfully found strategies to increase sales.

And, in today’s post, we’re going to share those strategies with you.

More specifically, we’ll check out 11 eCommerce case studies that you can use to get inspired.

Ready to get started? Let’s dive straight into the list.

11 eCommerce Case Studies

The following list contains companies that used OptinMonster to get MORE:

  • Email subscribers
  • Conversions
  • Sales

Why did they choose OptinMonster?

optinmonster new homepage

OptinMonster is hands down the best lead generation tool for eCommerce websites. It has everything you need to quickly and easily boost conversions across your site.

That’s because it comes with various campaign types such as lightbox popups, floating bars, gamified wheels, and more to help you reach your store’s goals.

And since OptinMonster comes with a codeless drag and drop visual editor, there’s ZERO coding required.

Instead, you can get started with 50+ fully responsive templates to save time, energy, and headaches in the campaign creation process.

Then quickly build your campaign in just a few clicks:

drag and drop a button into place shopping template

Once you’ve modified your campaign to match your site’s voice and style, you’ll be able to show it to the right people, in the right places, and at just the right time in your customer’s journey.

How? By using OptinMonster’s powerful targeting rules.

While you’re likely familiar with OptinMonster’s more popular rules (like Exit-Intent® Technology or Geolocation), there are special triggers designed for eCommerce.

These let you show offers to people based on how they interact with their store, like:

  • Which items they put in their cart
  • Which products they’re currently browsing
  • When their cart reaches a certain total
  • And much more…

OptinMonster WooCommerce Targeting Rules

Want to see it in action for yourself? Click below to start your 100% risk-free OptinMonster account today:

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Now that you know the tool you need, keep reading for the strategies that these eCommerce stores used for MASSIVE growth.

1. Podbike

podbike ecommerce case study

Podbike is re-inventing the velomobile in a big way.

This German company wants to see more commuters biking to places like work, grocery stores, and other routine errands that typically require a gas-powered car.

They were aiming to get more people to try out and pre-order their product, Frikar®, online. But Podbike simply wasn’t getting the number of signups and pre-orders they’d hoped for.

Then they started running optin campaigns in the form of floating bars and lightbox popups.

Here’s one of the campaigns they used:

podbike popup for ecommerce

With just a few targeted optin campaigns, Podbike saw MAJOR growth in their sales and marketing strategy.

How? They relied on Geolocation targeting. This allowed them to show their local offers only to potential customers in the right regions.

This is the level of personalization that many eCommerce owners miss. But it’s worth noting that the more personalized you make your offers, the higher conversion rates you can expect.


  • Increase in conversion rates from 4.46% to 13.3%
  • Total conversion rate of 18.22%


Personalize your eCommerce offers to audience segments as much as possible.

Check out the full Podbike case study here!

2. Human Food Bar


Human Food Bar is a niche blog that’s focused on energy and nutrition bars. As of right now, they don’t sell anything online.

But that’s going to change very shortly as Human Food Bar launches its own line of energy bars.

This is a good lesson for eCommerce owners: start growing your store’s email list as soon as possible.

Even if you aren’t selling physical products yet, it’s never too early to grow your email list.

Why? Because you’ll be that much further ahead when it’s time to launch your products.

And since growing an email list can take lots of time, you’ll be maximizing your company’s growth by setting yourself up for success in the future.

That’s why Human Food Bar began creating targeted popups like this:


Not only did Human Food Bar see lots of growth in their email list, but they even saw affiliate sales skyrocket.

While your eCommerce store might not have an affiliate strategy yet, it’s nice to know that you always have the option to start.


  • 1800+ monthly email subscribers
  • $17,000 average sales profit
  • 35% increase in web retention rate


Start growing your list as quickly as possible. Human Food Bar is now growing its list by 1800+ subscribers per month. As a result, they’ll have thousands of ready customers when they launch their own product.

Check out the full Human Food Bar case study today!

3. DateID

dateidhomepage ecommerce case study

DateID is an odd product for eCommerce, but is one that is certainly useful. As online dating has increased over the last decade, DateID wants to make it safer.

That’s why they sell made-to-order “date checks” online. These are background checks that you can run on your digital dates before meeting in person.

That way, you can be sure that the person you’re going to meet is actually the person you’re going to meet.

One way they were able to increase conversions was by adding an interactive quiz to their website:

dateid quiz

This non-intrusive popup is triggered by a MonsterLink™, which means the user experience is never interrupted.

This was the strategy used to grow DateId’s email list, though they still wanted to boost sales. That’s when they began using a floating bar:


This small campaign was able to convert more of DateID’s free subscribers into premium (and paying) customers.


  • 175% list growth
  • 162.5% MORE freemium subscribers
  • 75% increase in sales conversion rates


Have a specific plan for each part of your sales/marketing funnels. Remember, not all conversions are created equally.

If your goal is to grow your email list, build campaigns to accomplish that task. Want to boost sales? Then build campaigns that focus exclusively on that.

By doing this, you’ll be able to make your offers far more personal and, in turn, increase overall conversions.

Check out the full DateID case study today!

4. Kennedy Blue

kennedy blue bridesmaid homepage

Kennedy Blue is an eCommerce store that focuses on selling high-quality wedding dresses at an affordable price.

They ship the dresses directly to the customer’s home, let them try it on, and (of course) make any alternations or changes if it doesn’t fit right.

In short, Kennedy Blue has simplified the wedding industry.

But it can be hard for people to change habits, which is why Kennedy Blue had to quickly get over any objections online.

For that, they used creative floating bars like this one:


This floating bar gives user up to 30% OFF and quickly gets through the “it’ll be too expensive” objection.

They also used 2-step optin campaigns to grow their email list. These are a great way to get your users more engaged with your optin forms.

Why? Because rather than immediately asking your users for personal information like name and email address, you simply as a Yes or No quesiton:

kennedyblue exit survey

When your users click Yes, they’ll be more likely to complete the transaction because they’ve already started the process.


  • 7% of abandoned shoppers recovered
  • 2.56% of targeted subscribers added to their list
  • 50% increase in sales


Keep your eye on the prize! While Kennedy Blue’s email list growth wasn’t as large as other eCommerce case studies on this list, their sales were impressive.

With a 50% increase in sales, Kennedy Blue can afford to slow-play their subscriber list.

Check out Kennedy Blue’s full eCommerce case study here!

5. AutoAnything

AutoAnything homepage example - how does optinmonster work

AutoAnything is the leading online retailer for aftermarket automotive parts. They run lots of sales and, as a result, have built a loyal following among their customers.

That’s because they combine high-quality parts and support with prices that are hard to beat.

While AutoAnything began using OptinMonster to grow their email list, they quickly saw other possibilities.

As a result, they were able to get even more sales from their website than expected with campaigns like this:

Autoanything ecommerce popup

Campaigns like the one above take only minutes to create, but pay off in a BIG way.


  • Increase daily optins by 2.5%
  • Increase email revenue by 20%+


Look for creative ways to grow your business and be open to testing those ideas. While AutoAnything hadn’t planned on using popups to grow their revenue, they saw a 20% boost in online profits when they did.

Read AutoAnything’s full case study here!

6. Cosmetic Capital

Cosmetic Captial homepage

Cosmetic Capital is an online store that specializes in stylish (but affordable) cosmetic products.

They wanted to grow their email list to increase revenue from their email marketing campaigns.

As a result, they turned to OptinMonster and began creating simple Yes/No lightbox popups like this:

cosmetic packaging signup form example

Then with a little help from OptinMonster’s support team, they decided to make a few other campaigns for even better results.

That included a floating bar with a countdown timer:

Cosmetic capital floating bar

As a result, they built more urgency around their sales and saw profits soar.


  • 300% increase in leads
  • 18,000+ new leads captured


Countdown timers are low-hanging fruit if you want to boost conversions. They’re insanely effective and really easy to make.

For more information, check out this helpful post: How to Use Countdown Timers to Make More Sales Today.

Or you can go ahead and check out Cosmetic Capital’s full case study here!

7. Crossrope

crossropecom ecommerce website

Crossrope is a fitness brand that believes exercise should be fun. That’s why they’ve created workout routines around a simple piece of training equipment: the jump rope.

But there was one problem that Crossrope had to address, and that was the number of people abandoning their website or checkout.

That’s why they started using exit-intent popups like this:

Crossrope popup

As a result, this eCommerce store was able to recover their abandoning visitors and convert them into happy, loyal, and paying customers.


  • 13.71% of abandoning visitors converted
  • 7.65% of abandoned shoppers recovered
  • 900%+ email list growth


Look for holes in your sales and marketing funnels. If you get lots of traffic and pageviews on your checkout page but not many sales, then you might have a similar issue.

OptinMonster’s Exit-Intent® Technology is the perfect tool to combat cart or site abandonment.

For more information, you can check out Crossrope’s full case study here!

8. Kinobody

kinobody ecommerce case study homepage

Kinobody is another fitness company. But instead of selling jump ropes, this business tries to incorporate fitness with your everyday lifestyle.

They were running into a problem you’re probably familiar with: people were coming to their website, but no one was taking any action.

Kinobody relied on MonsterLinks™ to get over this issue.

This allowed them to create optin campaigns and embed them in their blog posts, email campaigns, and other text-based pieces of content.

Here’s an example of the type of campaign users could trigger with a button click:

kinobody_kinogains_wl (1)

Not only did this grow Kinobody’s email list, but it led to greater sitewide sales.


  • 39% of people added to Kinobody’s waiting list
  • 7.01% of abandoned visitors converted
  • 47% – 73% of visitors segmented


Don’t limit your optin campaigns to automated popups. Instead, expand your campaigns and make them more personal with different targeting rules.

MonsterLinks™ are great because they rely on the user’s behavior to trigger them. Plus, they can be embedded into any blog post, web page, email campaign, or other piece of writing your target audience will read.

Check out the full Kinobody case study here!

9. Libratone

libratone homepage

Libratone is a French company that designed one of the first set of wireless speakers to hit the market.

Their product has a sleek and professional design, and lets users enjoy high-quality sound wherever they go.

They wanted more leads and initially hired a company to create a single popup. But, as you might suspect, they found this approach was too limited.

That’s when they turned to OptinMonster to create more custom campaigns for their audience:

libratone-signup-form-in-a-slidein-campaign (1)

This gave them more options to reach the right visitors, in the right places, and with the right offers.

They were also able to use more variety in their optin campaign type. So rather than relying on just one popup, they could create multiple popups, slide-in boxes, floating bars, and more.

In the end, this led to more leads and sales in less time.


  • 81 personalized optin campaigns created
  • 400% list growth
  • 3.8% abandoning visitors recovered


Again, you should personalize the user experience (UX) as much as you can. Libratone wasn’t seeing any growth with a single (and limited) popup.

But when they changed their approach and personalized their messaging, things really picked up.

Check out Kinobody’s full case study today!

10. KnivesShipFree.com

knives ship free ecommerce case study

KnivesShipFree is an eCommerce store dedicated to selling high-quality knives.

They started creating online giveaways as a way to boost sales. From there, they decided to leverage their site’s traffic to get more people to participate in the contests.

So they began running lightbox popups like this:


Not only did this rapidly grow their email list, but it led to a BIG increase in sales.


  • 5,000+ emails added
  • $10,118.20 revenue made at launch
  • $4,373.04 from first-time sales


Try to run regular online contests. While you’ll spend a bit of money on prizes upfront, the lead generation rewards will be worth it in the long run.

For more information, check out this detailed post: How to Run an Online Contest.

Otherwise, check out the entire KnivesShipFree case study!

11. UrbanSouthern


UrbanSouthern is an eCommerce store that specializes in premium leather handbags.

When they first started out, they had just over 400 subscribers on their mailing list. And as you might imagine, sales were slow going (despite having a large social media following).

But then they started leveraging their website’s traffic to present offers to new leads:

UrbanSouthern eCommerce popup example

The discount is small (10% off), but the impact was HUGE.


  • 2,150% list growth
  • 8,600 new leads added
  • 400% growth in sales


While you may have a large audience with one channel, it won’t help unless that audience has quality leads.

UrbanSouthern had a BIG social following, but those people weren’t interested in becoming paying customers.

By adding more leads from their website, UrbanSouthern created a list of warm leads who were eager to buy.

Check out UrbanSouthern’s full case study today!

And that’s all for today! This has been a list of 11 eCommerce case studies that you can start using for inspiration right now.

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