Does your website get a lot of traffic but your conversions are painfully low? DateID faced this challenge before turning to OptinMonster. After struggling for months to get the results they wanted, they decided to turn to OptinMonster. Now they’re able to convert thousands of visitors into email subscribers, freemium members, and paying customers. Let’s learn more about how DateID increased subscriptions by 175% every month leading to 2.5x revenue!

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Meet DateID

DateID empowers online daters to screen their dates before meeting in person. This is to help people make sure their new date is exactly who they say they are.


Since its launch in 2016, DateID has quickly become a popular online service! 70% of men and women believe they’ve seen false information in online profiles or they’ve met a date that didn’t match their profile.

It’s no wonder that thousands turn to DateID to run a private search, so they can spot dangerous catfishers, scammers, or deceitful profiles.

When they just started out, DateID had a steady flow of 55,000+ unique monthly visitors.

But even though people were interested in what they had to offer, it was a challenge converting those visitors into customers. This was because most of their site’s traffic didn’t know where to go and what to do on DateID website.

Remy Tennant, the entrepreneur behind DateID, knew that they just needed to give visitors a little more direction. The goal was to target users with messages to help them understand what DateID is all about and prompt them to take action.

He signed up for OptinMonster and saw an instant increase in conversions. Now, DateID gets 700+ email subscribers, 1,300+ Freemium users, and 400+ paying customers every month!

Remy shared with us how they use OptinMonster and their campaign strategies, let’s check it out!

How DateID Uses OptinMonster

When DateID started using OptinMonster campaigns on their site, it was a game-changer. They focused on creating evergreen campaigns that need to be set up once and will run as long as they’d like.

Here’s what Remy had to say about his OptinMonster experience:

“I’ve been in digital marketing for over 10 years, and OptinMonster is #1 on my list of software tools all digital marketers must master. I use targeted OptinMonster campaigns at various stages in the funnel to increase opt-ins, freemium signups, and sales conversion rates. The campaigns have had a compounding effect and sales are up 2.5x. The robust targeting, A/B testing, and design options OptinMonster offers are unparalleled. Don’t waste time with competitors, OptinMonster is simply the best.”

By creating multiple campaigns using OptinMonster, DateID is able to target different stages of their customer journey to:

  • Acquire new email list signups
  • Promote their free trial
  • Convert freemium members to paying customers

The first stage is to increase email subscribers. And to do that DateID uses targeted Exit-Intent® popups from OptinMonster. This popup appears when a visitor tries to leave the site and asks them to join their mailing list:

dateid signup campaign

Plus, they hooked up the signup campaigns to their Mailchimp account, so new leads are directly added to their email list.

Now here’s where it gets interesting: DateID smartly uses the success message to compound their CTA!

Check it out below:

dateid signup success message

When a visitor signs up for emails, they’re met with a success message that does 3 things:

  • Incentivizes subscribers to become members with a coupon code for 3 free background checks
  • Tells them what steps to take next and what they can expect in their inbox as a subscriber
  • Calls them to take action and join DateID for free

This campaign alone helps DateID get hundreds of email subscribers and Freemium users.

In this way, DateID uses a couple of campaigns to grab their audience’s attention.

This simple yet powerful floating bar appears at the top of any blog page to offer a free quiz. This tells you more about which dating app would be best for you.

And to draw the attention of the reader, DateID added a MonsterEffect® sound to play when the floating bar appears.

quiz floating bar for dateid

When user’s click on the CTA button in this floating bar campaign, they’ll see a survey embedded inside a popup. This lets them take the quiz without ever leaving the page that they were on.

dateid floating bar

At the end of the survey, they’ll need to enter their email ID to get the results. This helps DateID grow its email list even more.

Next, to get more visitors to subscribe to their Freemium plan, DateID uses this incredibly simple signup bar that tells users to ‘Get Your ID‘ for free.

get id floating bar for dateid

Visitors can click on it and instantly begin their journey as a DateID member. This campaign alone brings 162.5% more subscriptions for their Freemium plan!

Once a user has signed up for a free plan, the next step in the customer journey is to get them to buy a premium subscription. DateID uses another OptinMonster floating bar with targeted display rules so that it only appears to new users that are logged into their DateID accounts.

This prompts users to upgrade their subscription plan to a Gold Membership with a 40% discount.

gold membership dateid floating bar

Notice the countdown timer that creates a sense of urgency. This lets users know that this sensational deal will be ending soon.

What’s really cool about DateID’s campaigns is that they are created to last for a long time and bring in conversions consistently without much maintenance and management.

Remy was able to set up these evergreen campaigns using OptinMonster’s powerful A/B testing features. Here’s what he had to say about creating evergreen campaigns with OptinMonster:

“I love the entire process of designing and implementing an Optinmonster campaign, including selecting the best template and campaign type to fit my offer and audience. But my favorite part is the A/B testing because the results can be so powerful. For an evergreen campaign, I will usually run 5 or more multivariate tests before settling on something.”

By testing different versions, Remy was able to find the campaigns that worked best for DateID.

It’s amazing to see how DateID has used OptinMonster to create beautiful and high-converting campaigns to target their visitors at different stages in the customer journey.


Using evergreen campaigns, DateID is able to see consistent growth and tangible results every month. With OptinMonster, DateID gets:

  • 700+ email subscribers each month
  • 162.5% increase in Freemium subscriptions
  • 75% more paying customers every month
  • 2.5x sales and revenue


DateID turned to OptinMonster because they felt like they needed to give their traffic better direction. And they were right!

After using OptinMonster campaigns like floating bars, inline forms, and popups, DateID has more than doubled its conversions and revenue.

They now have over 10 evergreen campaigns across 2 subdomains and their mobile application as well.

Remy Tennant sums it up best:

“Sales are up 2.5x primarily as a result of OptinMonster. As one would expect, bounce rates, retention rates, and eCommerce conversion rates have also improved.”

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