8 Web Metrics You Need to Track to Improve Conversion

Are you tracking the right metrics so you know how to improve conversion rates for you site? Whether it’s click-throughs, newsletter subscriptions, or just plain old sales, your conversions are the lifeblood of your content marketing. It represents the number of people who moved from one stage of your funnel to the next. The ones ... Continue Reading →

Using Keywords to Improve Your SEO

Have heard about the importance of SEO for your website? Then you probably have also heard about keywords for SEO. Keywords are an important part of your website’s ranking in search results. Once you’ve chosen the best keywords for your website, it’s time to start implementing your SEO strategy. Why You Should Care About SEO ... Continue Reading →

7 Email Marketing Myths That You Shouldn’t Believe

Have you ever heard an email marketing tip that sounded too good to be true? Due to the popularity of email marketing, there are tons of studies on the best and worst ways to optimize your campaigns. In this article, we will reveal the top 7 email marketing myths that you shouldn’t believe. 1. Consumers have too ... Continue Reading →

5 Do’s and Don’ts When Choosing Keywords for SEO

Keywords are the bread and butter of SEO. When potential customers search for something in Google, you want your website to be in the top 3 results. Here’s how choose the best keywords to improve your SEO and increase your search ranking. How Search Engines Work Before we delve into the do’s and don’ts of ... Continue Reading →

How Google Inbox Improves Your Email Marketing

With Google’s new “Inbox”, you will find many worried marketers. The truth is that Google’s Inbox actually improves your email marketing, but just not in the way everyone else thinks. Yes, we have all heard the concerns about Inbox — I’ve even written an article a few months back and a guide on how OptinMonster users can ... Continue Reading →

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