Inbox by Google and the Future of Email Marketing

With the announcement of Inbox by Google, professionals in the world of email marketing may be starting to wonder how this new app will affect their email campaigns, especially as more and more people are using mobile technologies to check email. With Inbox by Google still being a new technology, the nuances of how it works ... Continue Reading →

4 Best Practices for A/B Testing Your Website Forms

A/B tests (also called split tests) are used to optimize your website so it generates more leads and conversions. You can take advantage of A/B tests in order to make methodical changes on your opt-in forms based on user feedback. The classic example of A/B testing is whether your site’s website form should have a ... Continue Reading →

Integrate Email and Social Media Marketing to Combine the Benefits of Both

There’s a contentious debate in content marketing: Email marketing vs. social media marketing. Business owners and entrepreneurs are continuously inundated with information on which strategy is more effective at converting users. The truth is if you use email and social media in tandem, you’ll achieve the best results. And you’ll convert even more customers if ... Continue Reading →

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