How Non-Profits Can Use Email Marketing to Increase Donations

Do you work for a charity or non-profit? If you do, it’s probably a safe bet that you’d welcome more donations. Email marketing is one great way to increase the number of donations you get, particularly when you’re running a specific fund-raising campaign. If you’re not yet convinced of its value, take a look at ... Continue Reading →

Case Study: How Bryan Harris Got 5,625 Subscribers Using OptinMonster

You know you should be working to increase your email subscribers on your site, but it’s usually this distant thought with abstract numbers. So today we’ll show the details of how much one person increased his subscribers by using OptinMonster. Bryan Harris has been getting attention with his blog at VideoFruit by breaking down strategies and techniques of ... Continue Reading →

Inbox by Google and the Future of Email Marketing

With the announcement of Inbox by Google, professionals in the world of email marketing may be starting to wonder how this new app will affect their email campaigns, especially as more and more people are using mobile technologies to check email. With Inbox by Google still being a new technology, the nuances of how it works ... Continue Reading →

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