How to Win Customers Loyalty with Your Refund Process

This is a repost from our CEO Syed Balkhi’s blog and can originally be found here. The purpose of this reposting is to affirm OptinMonster’s customers to our devotion for exceptional customer service. It was ok but the ending sucks. Have you ever heard that about a movie? I’m sure you have probably said it too ... Continue Reading →

Why Use WordPress For Building Your Marketing Platform?

Why Use WordPress For Building Your Marketing Platform? With the rise of inbound marketing and email marketing, a company website is an essential part of doing business online. WordPress may have started as a blogging platform, but it’s become much more. It’s evolved into an easy-to-use and popular content management system that allows business owners ... Continue Reading →

How Non-Profits Can Use Email Marketing to Increase Donations

Do you work for a charity or non-profit? If you do, it’s probably a safe bet that you’d welcome more donations. Email marketing is one great way to increase the number of donations you get, particularly when you’re running a specific fund-raising campaign. If you’re not yet convinced of its value, take a look at ... Continue Reading →

Case Study: How Bryan Harris Got 5,625 Subscribers Using OptinMonster

You know you should be working to increase your email subscribers on your site, but it’s usually this distant thought with abstract numbers. So today we’ll show the details of how much one person increased his subscribers by using OptinMonster. Bryan Harris has been getting attention with his blog at VideoFruit by breaking down strategies and techniques of ... Continue Reading →

Why Email Marketing is Essential for Non-Profits

Creative, forward thinking non-profit organizations have seen incredible success with email marketing for years. Still, some non-profits are just beginning to scratch the surface of what email marketing can do for their organization. Non-profits who utilize email marketing see higher engagement with key supporters, increased levels of participation among volunteers, and more generous giving from ... Continue Reading →

OptinMonster v2.0 – A Whole New Experience

It’s official: OptinMonster 2.0 is here! The v2.0 update is by far the biggest update we have ever done. This update includes hundreds of overall enhancements that we know you’ll love, and what you’ll find below is just a taste of what OptinMonster 2.0 has to offer. Completely New Customizer The biggest and most notable ... Continue Reading →