Segmentation and Writing Email Newsletters for a Specific Audience

Understanding Segmentation and Writing Newsletters To get the most from email newsletters, it’s important that you communicate effectively. Your audience is made up of many different types of people. They all have different backgrounds and interests. Rather than speak to your entire audience as if they were one person, tailor your email marketing to individual ... Continue Reading →

Why Use WordPress For Building Your Marketing Platform?

Why Use WordPress For Building Your Marketing Platform? With the rise of inbound marketing and email marketing, a company website is an essential part of doing business online. WordPress may have started as a blogging platform, but it’s become much more. It’s evolved into an easy-to-use and popular content management system that allows business owners ... Continue Reading →

8 Things That Can Ruin Your Email Newsletter

Are your email newsletters winning the trust of your prospects and building a stronger relationship with your customers? Or are they (inadvertently) putting people off buying from you? When you create website content or blog posts, it’s relatively easy to fix typos or make changes: even if some people have already seen the content, you ... Continue Reading →

Use Your Subscribers’ Timezones to Send Emails at the Best Time

Here’s an all-too-easy email marketing mistake that you’re probably making (and not even noticing). You’re emailing all your customers at the exact same time, regardless of their location. Fail! It is best to use your subscribers’ timezones to send your emails. Let’s say you schedule all your email newsletters to go out at 1pm Eastern ... Continue Reading →

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