7 Best Request a Quote Plugins for WooCommerce

Do you want to let customers request a quote from your business so you can offer them the best deal?

Some businesses need to assess what the customer needs before they can put a price tag on their product or service.

Request a quote plugins let you add forms, buttons, and other campaigns to your WooCommerce site to make it easy for interested customers to tell you what they need. These plugins also help you track and manage requests, so you can respond promptly and not miss out on any leads.

In this post, we’ll list the best request a quote plugins for WooCommerce along with their features and pricing. That way, you can pick the one that best suits your business.

But first, let’s get clear on the qualities you should be looking for in a request a quote plugin.

What to Look For in a Request a Quote Plugin?

When choosing a request a quote plugin, keep in mind the unique needs of your business. Consider what you need to offer and how you want customers to be able to contact you.

For instance, if you’re a designer, you’ll need to decide costs based on material and tools needed, estimated time, and the complexity involved.

In the request a quote form, you’ll want to give the customer more room to describe exactly what they want and maybe even upload a file for reference.

In other cases, you may have structured pricing plans in place.

But for large enterprises that need added support, you’ll want to offer custom solutions based on their specific needs. Here, you may want to provide a list of added features or extended capacity that they can choose from.

At OptinMonster, we have a request a quote option for Enterprise plans to first understand the company, their goals, and their unique needs:

optinmonster enterprise pricing with request a quote form

As a general rule of thumb, here are a few things we recommend looking at while selecting a request a quote plugin:

  • Ease of use: A quick setup and user-friendly interface will go a long way in how you create and manage your request a quote forms.
  • Flexibility: Every business is different, so you should be able to add custom form fields and settings to tailor the form to suit what you have to offer.
  • Management: A centralized dashboard will help you view, edit, and manage leads in one place.
  • Notifications: Alerts and updates keep you notified so you can connect/follow up with leads.
  • Integrations: Connect to your email service provider so you can send automated emails to engage with potential leads.

Now that you know what to look for in a request a quote plugin, let’s see what the market has to offer.

Best WooCommerce Request a Quote Plugins

Below is our list of the best request a quote plugins that are tailored for WooCommerce sites. We’ve picked them based on features, usability, and pricing.

And we specifically took into account the unique needs of eCommerce stores.

Let’s dive into the list!

1. OptinMonster

optinmonster new homepage

OptinMonster is the best marketing tool to create stunning request a quote campaigns on your site.

The biggest problem businesses face with request a quote forms is getting people to fill them out.

OptinMonster lets you grab your user’s attention through targeted popups, slide-ins, floating bars, and more, to encourage them to ask for a quote.

You can even get the request a quote form to open when the user clicks a button, image, or link on your site.

request a quote with monsterlink

These campaigns nudge the visitor to take action by sending in their queries and pricing requests. You can also overcome sales objections by showing them they have an option to get in touch with you.

That way, you can explain your product or service better.

The best part about OptinMonster is its powerful targeting rules that let you display the ‘request a quote’ campaign to the right people, in the right places, and at the right times to encourage them to take action.

For instance, you can use the Exit-Intent® rule to trigger a request a quote popup just before the visitor leaves your site.

Here’s a sample lead generation campaign to show you how Exit-Intent® works on your site:

Optinmonster exit intent campaign trigger

This gives the visitor a chance to change their mind about leaving and get in touch with you instead.

You can recover these abandoning visitors and turn them into valuable leads. In this way, OptinMonster has tons of rules to show the request a quote option to users based on:

  • Their behavior and actions taken on your site
  • Which referral source they’re coming from, such as social media or Google
  • Time spent on the page
  • Which page or product they’re viewing
  • Where they are located geographically

….and much more.

With OptinMonster, you won’t have to make do with generic forms. There are 9 campaign types and 50+ beautiful templates to create eye-catching campaigns.

Plus, you can customize every aspect of the campaign to your liking using OptinMonster’s codeless drag and drop builder.

example of drag and drop optinmonster builder

And if you want to embed an existing request a quote form, OptinMonster supports HMTL shortcodes. Inside the campaign builder, you can simply copy/paste your form’s shortcode, like this:

add shortcode for exit survey

Once your campaign is live, OptinMonster collects and stores all your leads safely in one place and you can access them directly from your OptinMonster dashboard.

monster leads in the optinmonster dashboard

To top it off, you can create and customize incredible ‘request a quote’ campaigns without any coding or design skills.


  • 50+ templates and a drag and drop builder for easy customization
  • Email integrations with all popular service providers including Constant Contact, Mailchimp, AWeber, and SendinBlue.
  • Powerful targeting features including Exit-Intent® and Onsite Retargeting®
  • Actionable insights and analytics to track performance
  • A/B testing to optimize results

Cost: Starts at $9 per month.

Want to see how OptinMonster works? Check out how Kennedy Blue increased sales by 50% by overcoming sales objections with popups from OptinMonster.

Ready to use OptinMonster to create a conversion-focused request a quote campaign? Click below to sign up for your 100% risk-free OptinMonster account:

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2. WPForms

wpforms homepage

WPForms is the #1 form builder for WooCommerce. It comes with readymade templates to create any kind of form for your site including request a quote, registration, payment, and contact forms.

request a quote template

The team behind WPForms is constantly innovating and updating the product. That means you can be sure that every want and need while building a form is taken care of.

Take, for instance, its smart conditional logic feature that lets you ask follow-up questions based on a customer’s answer.

customer cancellation form with conditional logic

This lets you shorten the process and time taken to fill out lengthy forms, which increases form completion rates.

You can even create conversational forms that display the next question only when the previous one is complete. This keeps users engaged and makes it seem more like a conversation rather than a long form.

The best part about WPForms is that it comes with built-in spam protection. This means it automatically detects and blocks spambots and fake entries so you’ll receive only genuine requests.


  • 100+ responsive templates to create any kind of form
  • Centralized lead management to streamline your workflow
  • Advanced features like smart logic, form mode, and file upload
  • Instant notifications for you and your team
  • Integrate with popular payment gateways and email service providers

Cost: Free version available. Paid plans start at $39.50 per year.

Get started with WPForms!

3. Wholesale Suite

Wholesale Suite home page_

Wholesale Suite is a total wholesale solution for WooCommerce stores that want to offer bulk pricing.

It lets you set up minimum quantity requirements along with instant quotes so customers can buy right away.

With the Wholesale suite, you can set your quotations for different quantity levels purchased. And you can apply discounts globally across all products, on specific categories, or based on number of items.

Wholesale Suite also lets you create dedicated catalogs for wholesale customers with restricted access so retail customers won’t see your custom pricing.

Plus, you can apply different rules to your wholesale catalog for shipping methods available, shipping cost, taxes and customs, and much more.

You can also use the plugin to create registration, login, and thank you pages that come with built-in spam protection.


  • Create instant quotes with tiered pricing and quantities
  • Control product and category visibility
  • Add order, login, and registration forms
  • Built-in spam protection to filter genuine customers
  • Integrates with other Woocommerce extensions and plugins

Cost: Individual plugins start at $49.50 per year. Bundles start at $148.50 per year.

Get started with Wholesale Suite!

4. B2B eCommerce for WooCommerce

b2b for woocommerce

B2B eCommerce for WooCommerce by Addify is a combination of 5 best-selling WooCommerce extensions to extend the functionality of your online store.

The plugin lets you create an ‘add to quote’ button so customers can shop around and select the products and quantities they need. Then they can submit the basket to you and ask for your best price on their bulk purchase.

One thing to note is that this plugin seems to have long and unnecessary code inside. This could slow down your site and cause problems during plugin updates.


  • Control visibility of ‘add to cart’ or ‘request a quote’ buttons
  • Show/hide products, categories, prices, and more based on user roles
  • Add custom pricing, offers, shipping methods for different user roles
  • Create a registration forms

Cost: $149 for a year.

Get started B2B eCommerce for WooCommerce!

5. Formidable Forms

formidable forms homepage

Formidable Forms is a popular forms plugin for WooCommerce. It has advanced features that let you create request a quote forms in minutes.

You can set up your pricing conditions and variables, and the plugin will automatically calculate a quote for the customer.

Formidable Forms comes with a visual form builder to easily customize your form without any coding knowledge.


  • 150+ form templates, including WooCommerce forms
  • Integrate with payment gateways, email providers, and 3rd party marketing tools
  • Track and manage form entries
  • Send unlimited email notifications

Cost: Formidable Forms starts at $49.50 a year. To access the calculator feature, you’ll need to subscribe to the Business plan that costs $199.50 per year.

Get started with Formidable Forms.

6. YITH WooCommerce Request a Quote

yith woocommerce request a quote

YITH WooCommerce Request a Quote lets you hide prices and instead display a request a quote option for every product on your site.

That way, you don’t have to add fixed prices to your product or service.

You can even remove the ‘add to cart’ button and only give customers the option to get a quote. This pushes customers to contact you so you can tailor a plan that better suits their needs.

YITH has a neat feature that lets you add the request a quote option only on out-of-stock products. This way, you don’t have to restock your inventory till your customers pre-order them.


  • Convert eCommerce store into a product catalog
  • Show request a quote only on select products
  • Customize layout, text, and color
  • Use default form or integrate with popular form builders like WPForms
  • Manage and export quote requests

Cost: $69.99 per year.

7. Request a Quote for WooCommerce

request a quote woocommerce

Request a Quote for WooCommerce lets you display a request a quote button to your products. Customers can add products to a quote basket and ask for a price on their selection.

Similar to YITH, you can hide prices and the ‘add to cart’ button for B2B customers, so they can only request a quote.

The plugin also lets you create rules to offer different quotes based on user roles. This means you can show prices for guest and retail users, and display the ‘request a quote’ button only to wholesale customers.


  • Redirect customers to where you want them to go after quote form submission
  • Automatic email notifications for admin and customers
  • Add multiple products to the quote basket
  • Disable request a quote button for specific product variations and user roles

Cost: $69 per year.

Get started with Request a Quote for WooCommerce today!

And that’s our list of the best WooCommerce request a quote plugins. If you’re wondering which one is the best, we’ll give you our verdict next.

Which is the BEST Request a Quote Plugin?

Every plugin on this list has something unique to offer. After comparing features and cost, we recommend using 2 WooCommerce request a quote plugins:

  • WPForms – to create request a quote forms that you can add to pages, posts, and sidebars
  • OptinMonster – to display the form inside popups, floating bars, slide-ins, on-click, and more

OptinMonster serves as an all-in-one tool to create request a quote options anywhere on your site.

You can choose from 9 different campaigns, so you’re not limited to simple forms. You can add request a quote options to popups, slide-ins, floating bars, and more.

Plus, you’ll get access to powerful targeting rules to display the quote campaigns only to the people you choose. And managing your leads has never been easier. You can view, edit, and follow up with leads from the OptinMonster dashboard or seamlessly connect to your email service.

Ready to use OptinMonster to create a conversion-focused request a quote campaign? Click below to sign up for your 100% risk-free OptinMonster account:

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You can even combine WPForms and OptinMonster to get high conversions from your request a quote form.

To add a WPForms request a quote form inside an OptinMonster campaign, follow the quick steps in this guide: How to Use WordPress Shortcodes with OptinMonster.

With these 2 plugins, you’ll have everything you need to add conversion-focused request a quote options on your WooCommerce site.

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