9 Shopify Popup Apps to Grow Your List & Drive Conversions

Are you looking for the best Shopify popup apps, but you’re not sure which option is right for YOUR business?

Shopify is one of the largest eCommerce platforms in the world. It allows anyone to quickly and easily create an online store and start selling their products in minutes.

But when creating an eCommerce store became easier, a downside quickly appeared:

There’s a lot of competition out there.

How can you stand out and grow your online store when your consumers have so many options?

One of the best tools is a simple lightbox popup. These allow you to:

  • Grow your email list
  • Boost conversions
  • Drive MORE sales through product recommendations
  • And much more…

That’s why, in today’s article, we’re going to look at 9 of the best Shopify popup apps on the market.

Ready to get started? Let’s dive straight into the list.

Best Shopify Popup Apps

1. OptinMonster

optinmonster shopify app updated

OptinMonster is a premium lead generation software and hands down your best bet for a Shopify popup app.

This tool comes with everything you need to grow your email list, drive MORE conversions, and generate HIGHER sales.

Here’s how it works…

Everything starts by choosing one of your campaign types. OptinMonster offers you a variety of popups to choose from, including:

  • Lightbox
  • Floating bar
  • Slide-in
  • Fullscreen
  • Spin-to-win-wheel
  • And more…

From there, you can select any of OptinMonster’s 100+ templates:

optinmonster templates

These are all mobile-friendly, responsive, and designed to give you back more hours in the day.

Once you’ve selected the template, you’ll be taken to the codeless drag and drop visual builder. This allows you to add or remove features with a drag and a drop.

This would include things like:

  • Images
  • Videos
  • Call to action (CTA) buttons
  • Countdown timers
  • Custom HTML
  • And much more…

drag and drop element into basic template

Plus, you can use the inline text editor to modify any element of your campaign.

Simply highlight the text you want to change, and make the modifications directly in the builder:

change text in basic template

This gives you 100% control over the message, look, and style of your popup.

From there, you’ll be able to determine where, when, and to whom your campaign appears. That’s thanks to OptinMonster’s advanced targeting rules.

These include everything you’d expect, like page-level targeting, scroll-depth triggers, and so on.

But here are a few more popular options when it comes to advanced targeting:

  • Exit-Intent® Technology: Recover abandoning visitors and carts at the moment people are leaving your website.
  • Referrer Detection: Personalize the user journey by showing campaigns based on the 3rd-party sites people are coming from.
  • MonsterLinks™: Boost conversions by transforming all of your offers into clickable links or buttons.
  • OnSite Retargeting®: Engage returning visitors by displaying fresh campaigns they’ve never seen on your site before.

Again, these are just a few of the most popular targeting options, though there are many others.

These are the same rules that helped Human Food Bar get 1800+ signups per month.

Or how Shotkit added 40+ NEW leads to their list every single day.

Finally, you’ll be able to easily integrate OptinMonster with the world’s most widely-used email service providers (ESPs).

In just a few clicks, you’ll be able to send new leads to the mailing list of your choosing. This helps you automate your email marketing strategy to generate more revenue over time.

Key Features

  • Drag and drop builder
  • No coding required
  • Fast installation
  • Mobile-friendly templates
  • Advanced targeting rules and triggers
  • Integrates with ANY email provider
  • And much more…

Ready to see OptinMonster in action for yourself? Click below to start your 100% risk-free OptinMonster account today:

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2. PushEngage

pushengage push notifications shopify app

PushEngage is the world’s best push notification software on the market. So you might be wondering, “What’s it doing on a list for the best Shopify popup app?”

Push notifications are small messages that appear on your subscribers’ browser even when they are no longer on your site.

It’s a specific type of popup that helps bring users back to your Shopify store.

But there are a few benefits to using these types of notifications:

  • Get MORE Subscribers: Push notifications don’t ask for personal information, so you get more people signing up in less time.
  • Boost Conversions: Send specific users to high-converting landing pages for higher conversions.
  • Drive MORE Sales: Recover abandoned carts, cross-sell, or make product recommendations directly to your audience.

PushEngage lets you accomplish all of the above and more!

It also helps you automate “drip” series, which is a collection of notifications automatically sent to your new subscribers.

This guides your new leads down a sales funnel so you can have a more effective marketing platform.

Other features include A/B testing, notification scheduling, a powerful analytics dashboard, and much more.

Key Features:

  • Direct access to your audience
  • Automated “drip” campaigns
  • Notification scheduling
  • Audience segmentation
  • Link tracking (with UTMs)
  • A/B testing
  • And much more…

Pricing: Paid plans start at $29/month. However, there is a FREE plan that gives you up to 2500 subscribers and 120 notifications.

Get started with PushEngage today!

3. Poptin Popups

poptin popups shopify app

Poptin Popups is a popup builder that lets you create stunning popups in just a few minutes.

This Shopify app focuses on helping you grow your email list, sell more products, and reduce cart abandonment.

It also comes with advanced targeting rules that you can use to show your offers at just the right time in your customer’s journey.

Some of these targeting rules include:

  • Scroll depth
  • Exit-intent
  • Time-delay
  • Country
  • And more…

Finally, Poptin gives you a powerful analytics dashboard. That way, you can understand which campaigns are resonating with your audience and which ones need more work.

Key Features

  • No coding required
  • Easy setup and installation
  • Multiple templates
  • Analytics dashboard
  • A/B testing
  • And much more…

Pricing: Paid plans begin at $25/month.

Learn more about Poptin today!

4. Woo Spin Popups: Wheel Popups

woo spin popups homepage

Woo Spin Popups focuses on adding a bit more fun to your site.

These popups are like OptinMonster’s spin-to-win wheels. They allow you to give EACH customer a unique coupon at checkout.

These are discounts that can only be used once and can never be re-used.

This is helpful when you’re just starting out and might not be able to afford a site-wide sale for an unlimited number of customers.

Plus, this tool has an impressive A/B testing feature. That way, you can figure out which style of spin-to-win wheel gets the most engagement from your audience.

Finally, you’ll be able to recover more abandoning visitors with Woo Spin’s exit-intent trigger.

By presenting a coupon in the form of a game as users are leaving your site, you’ll be able to grow your list and get higher conversions in no time.

Key Features

  • Smart triggers
  • Custom images
  • Real-time analytics
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Unique coupon codes
  • And much more…

Pricing: Paid plans start at $7.99/month.

Learn more about Woo Spin Popups today!

5. Privy

privy popups for shopify

Privy is a well-known popup builder on the market. It’s a standalone SaaS product, like OptinMonster, and also comes as a convenient Shopify app.

This app comes with all the tools you need to get higher conversions, automate your email marketing, and even boost SMS marketing efforts.

Privy has over 100 pre-made templates that you can use to start creating popups fast. They also have other optin campaigns, such as:

  • Floating bars
  • Spin to win wheels
  • Overlays
  • Cart savers
  • Flyouts
  • And more…

This app is powerful, flexible, and a good option for people who are just getting started.

One thing to keep in mind, though, is that this software can get expensive as you scale. Paid plans start at $15/month for every 1,000 contacts you add to your list.

While that will work for some users, others might find it gets expensive.

Take Human Food Bar, for example. They were able to add 1800 new contacts every month with a few targeted campaigns.

With a pricing plan like Privy, they’d need to pay nearly $30 MORE than they paid the previous month.

Again, Privy IS a powerful tool. But you’ll want to bet on your own success and plan your budget accordingly.

Key Features

  • Pre-made templates
  • Customizable popups
  • Targeting rules like exit-intent
  • Automated A/B testing
  • And much more…

Pricing: Paid plans start at $15/month. You’ll pay an additional $15 for every 1,000 subscribers added to your list.

6. OptiMonk

optimonk shopify app

OptiMonk is a lead generation and popup builder that also comes as a Shopify store app.

This tool comes with all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a popup tool.

It has a drag and drop builder, so you don’t need any coding experience. Plus, it has many advanced targeting rules to make sure you display the campaigns at the right times across your site.

OptiMonk also helps reduce cart abandonment, which is one of the biggest problems shared by all eCommerce store owners.

This app does have a free plan available, but you might find it limiting if you get more than 3,000 campaign views per month.

Key Features

  • Multiple campaign types
  • Easy to use drag and drop builder
  • No coding required
  • Free plan available
  • And much more…

Pricing: Paid plans start at $29/month for up to 25,000 campaign views.

Learn more about OptiMonk today!

7. Popup | Email Popup & Signup

popup email popup and signup form shopify

Popup is a Shopify app that lets you add custom sales, email, and newsletter popups across your store.

This app lets you distribute discount codes, coupons, and other special offers to your site’s visitors. It also allows you to grow your email list or display general notifications to your audience.

Like other popup builders on this list, Popup comes with pre-built templates so you can get started quickly.

From there, you can create automated triggers to show this popup at just the right times for the highest conversions possible.

Finally, this Shopify app integrates with many of your favorite marketing tools. That makes Popup a good addition to any marketing stack already in motion.

Key Features

  • No coding required
  • Set up in minutes
  • Multiple campaign types
  • Pre-built templates
  • Powerful targeting rules
  • And much more…

Learn more about Popup today!

8. SmartPopup: Promotion Popup

smartpopup shopify homepage

SmartPopup is a Shopify app that helps you reduce cart abandonment and promote other announcements across your store.

It allows you to build popups quickly and target them to the right portion of your site’s traffic.

While you can build a variety of different types of popups, you might find this tool a bit more limited than other options on the list.

That’s because SmartPopup is more stripped-down, but it can still be effective for beginners.

As for using the targeting rules, you’ll be able to show users popups:

  • On the homepage
  • On all pages
  • On cart pages
  • When a customer first visitors the store
  • When a customer actively leaves the store

For many new Shopify store owners, this might be all you need to start making more sales today!

Key Features

  • Easy to use
  • Fast installation
  • Countdown timers can be embedded
  • Free to use
  • And more…

Pricing: This is a free Shopify app.

Learn more about SmartPopup today!

9. Upsell, Discount, Email Popups

upsell, discount, and email popup shopify app

Upsell, Discount, Email Popups (known as “Getsitecontrol”) is a tool that you can use to grow your list and drive sales.

This tool helps you create campaigns for:

  • Email subscription popups
  • Promo banners
  • Free shipping bars
  • Surveys
  • Age verification popups
  • And more…

Then you can choose where, when, and to whom you display these popups with its powerful targeting rules.

Plus, Upsell, Discount, Email Popups by Getsitecontrol integrates with many of your favorite tools. These include Mailchimp, HubSpot, Google Sheets, Klaviyo, and many others.

Key Features

  • Pre-made templates
  • Cart abandonment popups
  • Survey popups
  • Easy to install
  • And much more…

Pricing: Paid plans start at $9/month.

Learn more about Upsell, Discount, Email Popups by Getsitecontrol today!

Which Is the BEST Shopify Popup App?

So far, we’ve looked at 9 of the best Shopify popup apps on the market.

But you might be wondering, “Which one is the BEST?”

We’re confident that OptinMonster comes out the winner here.

It’s the tool that gives you the most variety of popups, control over the design, power with the display triggers, and so much more.

Need some more proof that OptinMonster is a tool that gets results? Just check out any of these 11 eCommerce case studies.

Otherwise, sign up for your 100% risk-free OptinMonster account today:

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