Do you want to create specific marketing campaigns for visitors and customers coming from different sources? It’s an excellent way to find out which marketing strategies are most effective.

OptinMonster’s advanced Display Rules include Referrer Detection so you can automatically track sources of web traffic. This tool detects when visitors have followed one of your external marketing campaigns to land on your website, so you can create a new campaign targeted specifically to those visitors.

Creating more targeted offers and more relevant content is guaranteed to improve lead generation, customer acquisition, subscriber numbers, and sales.

Combine Referrer Detection with other Display Rules for even more fine-grained targeting, and get your visitors’ attention at the right time with our signature Exit Intent Technology.

Referrer Detection for eCommerce

Ever wished you could get more sales from the traffic referred from social media and external content marketing efforts? One of the keys to capitalizing on this traffic is targeting your visitors with relevant offers.

OptinMonster’s Referrer Detection helps eCommerce retailers identify where visitors are coming from to create more effective campaigns. With this advanced referral detection rule, you can segment your campaigns by source.

More targeted offers are proven to lead to increased conversions. For even more precise targeting, combine Referral Detection with OptinMonster’s advanced Page-Level Targeting, as well as Geo-Location Targeting.

Referrer Detection for Publishers

If you’re using content marketing and social media marketing as primary ways to attract more email subscribers, then it’s important to know what’s working.

With OptinMonster’s Referrer Detection feature, you can easily figure out:

  • Whether your guest posting strategy is leading to conversions
  • Which social media sites are bringing in new subscribers
  • How other external lead generation campaigns are working

Our referral detection rule doesn’t just detect where your visitors are coming from; it lets you use that information to target each visitor segment with specific campaigns to improve conversions and lead generation.

Many content publishers use the Referrer Detection rule to:

  • Welcome visitors from certain sites with a customized Welcome Mat campaign
  • Encourage visitors to opt in to a contest or giveaway running on the site they’ve come from
  • Detect and target leads coming from an influencer marketing or guest posting campaign

Once you’ve created campaigns specific to each referral source, track their effectiveness with in-depth Conversion Analytics.

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