7 Best Spin To Win Wheel Popup Plugins to Boost Conversions

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Want to add a spin to win wheel popup to boost engagement on your site?

Spin to win wheels grab attention and make it interesting for customers to opt-in to your marketing email list.

These gamified popups let you grow your subscriber base faster and boost conversion rates or sales for your business.

While these spinner wheels seem complex to create, you can actually set them up in a few minutes with the right tool.

In this post, we’re going to show you the best discount spin to win wheel popup plugins to create gamified wheels for your site.

What Is a Spin To Win Popup?

Spin to win popups are optin forms that your website visitors can actively interact with. They’re also known as “wheel popups” or “gamified wheels.”

These campaigns allow users to click a button, spin a wheel, and win a prize:

OptinMonster discount wheel popup creator

How Spin To Win Wheel Coupon Campaigns Build Your Business

Spin to win popups add a bit of “gamification” to your site, which is a hugely popular marketing strategy. It turns ordinary processes, like signing up for a newsletter, into a fun and engaging game.

Many people will automatically dismiss a regular email signup form without even taking the time to think about subscribing. But an eye-catching discount wheel grabs their attention and offers the chance to win something for free.

Spin to win wheels also take advantage of the Zeigarnik effect. This refers to the human tendency to want to finish a series of tasks once started. After a visitor enters their email address for a spin, they’re more likely to follow through and use their spin wheel coupon right away. This can grow your conversion rates, sales, and overall revenue.

Sounds amazing, right?

Then let’s jump right in. Read on to see our picks for the top 7 spin to win wheel popup tools and start gamifying your optins today.

Best Spin To Win Wheel Popup Plugins

We’ve picked spin to win wheel plugins in the market that are easy to install and use, have great designs, and are affordable.

1. OptinMonster

optinmonster new homepage

OptinMonster is the best WordPress spin to win wheel popup plugin for your website. It lets you add a professionally designed spin to win wheel campaign to any website without writing code.

OptinMonster has dozens of attention-grabbing discount wheel templates to choose from. All the “nuts and bolts” have been put together for you, meaning you can launch your gamified popup in minutes.

We also understand there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to marketing, so we made each template fully customizable.

OptinMonster coupon wheel plugin creator

You can complement your brand image and marketing strategy by changing the color, call-to-action, text, fonts, and image in seconds using the drag and drop builder.

This allows you to match the content and style of your spin to win wheel with your overall website, product pages, or specific landing pages to increase conversions.

Choosing your rewards is just as easy. Simply type them into the “Wheel Sections” box and switch on the prizes you want to activate. OptinMonster will automatically calculate the probability of each prize every time you turn a spinner wheel section on or off.

OptinMonster wheel slice editor

Depending on which email service provider (ESP) you’re using, you can send the customer’s spin promo code to your email list and use it to send a customized welcome email reminding them to use their spin coupon quickly.

Added to that, OptinMonster lets you target your audience based on their interests, location, and activity on your site. You can even target visitors that are leaving your site to entice them to spin the wheel before they go.

Display Rules in OptinMonster

That means you have full control over who sees your popup and when.

One of the most popular triggers is OptinMonster’s Exit-Intent® Technology. This lets you recover abandoning users and is incredibly effective at increasing conversions.

It’s also remarkably effective at reducing shopping cart abandonment for your online store.

In fact, an exit-intent spin the wheel promo is how PortraitFlip consistently converts over 3% of all their mobile traffic.

Plus, OptinMonster can make more than just spin the wheel promo popups. It has other campaign types as well such as lightbox popups, countdown timers, slide-ins, inline forms, fullscreen mats, and floating bars.

This helps you achieve other marketing goals, such as:

  • Redirecting traffic to boost SEO
  • Showcasing product demos
  • Providing discounts to increase direct sales
  • Grabbing user attention to get more webinar registrations
  • Boosting your social media following
  • And so much more…

optinmonster campaign examples

OptinMonster works with all eCommerce websites, and you can integrate it into all email marketing services or tools (such as Constant Contact, ConvertKit, ActiveCampaign, and more).

It also allows you to stay GDPR compliant which is crucial if you have website visitors coming from the European Union.

Ready to create your own discount spin wheel popup? With pricing starting at only $9/month and a 14-day money-back guarantee, there’s no reason to put it off any longer!

Get Started With OptinMonster Today!

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2. Wheelio

wheelio homepage for discount wheel popups

Wheelio markets itself as the first spin the wheel discount app to include smart tracking tools like on-exit overlays and time triggers. Like OptinMonster, Wheelio comes with a stellar template for designing attention-grabbing discount wheels in a few short minutes.

Great for gamifying optins, Wheelio offers a simple platform that’s quick to learn. That’s partly because Wheelio’s services are pretty straightforward. It creates coupon wheels and that’s pretty much it. We don’t recommend Wheelio to business owners trying to revamp their marketing strategy.

But if you’re just looking for a discount spin wheel, Wheelio does everything you need it to.

With that said, here’s something to consider before purchasing a Wheelio subscription. Its baseline plan costs $14.92 a month and only comes with a wheel template and basic integration tools. If you need comprehensive analytics, segmentation, and custom fields, you’ll need Wheelio Pro. That costs $59.92.

At that price, you may want to decide whether you should spend a little more and get a comprehensive lead-generation solution.

Another thing to keep in mind is that Wheelio only works with Shopify at the moment. So, if you need a spin a wheel coupon plugin for WooCommerce and WordPress, you must find a Wheelio alternative for now.

3. Spin-a-Sale

spin a sale gamified popups

Spin-a-Sale is a powerful spin the wheel discount app for Shopify. Sorry, WooCommerce users, there isn’t a Spin-a-Sale alternative for WordPress available at the moment. We hope that changes in the future.

Still, if you’re on Shopify and you’re looking for a powerful spinner wheel coupon app, Spin-a-Sale is second to none. Its prices start at $9.99 a month for basic services and $24.99 for a premium subscription. This makes Spin-a-Sale one of the more affordable gamified popups tools on the market.

Basic features include:

  • MailChimp, AWeber, and Klaviyo integration.
  • Advanced engagement tools like triggers, delay timers, and exit-intent popups for desktop and mobile.
  • Customizable optin wheel slices.
  • Adjustable win and loss probabilities.

Premium users get page-level targeting, protection against duplicate emails, and auto-generated coupon codes.

spin a sale templates

And all subscribers get access to a beautiful range of ready-made templates. So, finding the perfect theme for your Shopify site is a piece of cake.

Spin-a-sale Alternative: Bulk Discount Spin Wheel Popup

4. WP Optin Wheel

wpoptinwheel discount wheel plugin

WP Optin Wheel has everything you need to create a WordPress and a WooCommerce coupon spinning wheel in minutes. You can also integrate it into most of popular email marketing platforms out there, including:

  • MailChimp
  • Klaviyo
  • GetResponse

WP Optin Template

Like the other platforms covered, WP Optin Wheel offers several ready-made wheel templates. Its easy-to-use setup wizard makes changing each spin coupon code and win chance a breeze. Plus, you can integrate into Zapier and use it as part of your lead generation strategy.

There’s a free version of WP Optin Wheel as well as a premium subscription. The free version gives you access to the general template so that you can create gamified popups. But you’ll need to get the premium version if you want to:

  • Fully customize your gamified wheel.
  • Gain access to fun and quirky seasonal templates.
  • Enjoy the full spectrum of marketing tools that come with the plugin, like on-exit overlays, integrated statistics, and comprehensive coupon settings.

Premium subscriptions cost a yearly fee of $39 for 1 site, $99 for 3, and $199 for unlimited sites.

WP Optin Wheel Alternative: Lucky Wheel

5. OptinSpin

optin spin for gamified popups

OptinSpin is another spin wheel for discount plugin for WordPress and WooCommerce platforms. What’s cool about OptinSpin is that you can have spin wheel coupons emailed to visitors that engage with your campaign.

Visitors can use the code for immediate purchases, or they can save it for a later time. This gives customers time to think about their purchase without losing the sweet discount they won.

Other great OptinSpin features include:

  • Email templates for both winners and losers – if you have losers.
  • A customizable spinning wheel. You get unlimited wheel slices, customizable forms, choose probability, etc.
  • Displaying prize wheel as a gamified popup or as an element inside your webpage.

OptinSpin is also one of the cheaper plugins, only costing $29 for 6 months and $38 for the full year.

6. Popup Maker


Popup Maker lets you create engaging optins for your eCommerce site. It supports major website platforms like WordPress, as well as a number of other websites.

Popup Maker lets you choose from 10 popup templates, including a discount spin wheel.

popup maker optin templates

Each template helps you achieve a specific outcome in the easiest way possible.

Popup Maker’s Silver Plan costs $4.95 a month and gives you all the basic tools needed for creating engaging popups. The downside is that you’re limited to only 100,000 monthly pageviews on this plan.

If you’re looking for something a little more powerful, there’s the Gold Plan. It costs $11.95 a month and comes with a lot of cool marketing tools. Key features include advanced analytics, on-exit overlays, and age restriction popups. This plan works for 500,000 pageviews.

Finally, there’s the Platinum Plan. It’s going to cost you $18.95 a month. With that comes smart marketing tools like geotargeting, scheduled popups, and time triggers. This subscription gives you 1 million pageviews.

7. Wheel of Popups

wheel of popups

Wheel of Popups is a one-size-fits-all popup tool that works for all eCommerce websites. Whether you’re running Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, or building your own site from the ground up, you can use Wheel of Popups to generate leads and convert visitors.

Wheel of Popups comes with a standard spin the wheel promo template, which you can customize to look and operate the way you want it. Everything from its visual design to the prizes you want on the spinner wheel can be changed in seconds.

It also features an assortment of marketing tools, like time triggers and movement tracking. And you can even choose to have your popups viewed on specific devices. Say you wanted to reach out to mobile users. Wheel of Popups lets you restrict popups to mobile traffic, ignoring desktop users completely.

Signing up to Wheel of Popups is free and you get a 10-day trial to see if you like it. If you choose to purchase a subscription, you have 4 packages to choose from:

  • Personal: $19 a month for 1 website.
  • Developer: $49 a month for 5 websites.
  • Agency: $149 a month for 20 websites.
  • Reseller: $249 a month for 50 websites.

All subscriptions are 20% off if you pay for the year upfront.

Wheel of Popups Alternative: Crazy Rocket

How to Create a Spin to Win Coupon Wheel (The Easy Way)

Want to create a discount spin wheel in less than 5 minutes? Check out this video to see how it’s done!

If you prefer, you can also use our step by step discount spin wheel tutorial with pictures to help you get started!

Which App is Best for Spin To Win?

Now that we’ve covered each product, you’re probably wondering which one to buy.

Well, every company is different. We recommend looking at your own goals and business objectives beforehand. You can start by asking yourself the following questions:

  • Do I only want to gamify popups or do I need a comprehensive set of marketing tools?
  • Roughly how many pageviews will my discount wheel popup receive in a month?
  • Am I using the popup on one site or many sites?
  • Do I need a Shopify discount spin wheel or something I can use on multiple platforms?
  • Will I use advanced tools like geotargeting?

Answering these questions will help you determine whether any discount wheel popup plugin will do, or if you need something that’s scalable and targets specific segments of your market.

Ready to create your own coupon wheel game?

Get Started With a Discount Wheel Popup Today!
BONUS: Done-For-You Campaign Setup ($297 value) Our conversion experts will design 1 free campaign for you to get maximum results – absolutely FREE! Click here to get started →

If you’re looking for more resources to grow your eCommerce store, you’ll enjoy these articles:

Frequently Asked Questions About Spin To Win Wheels Popups

What are the benefits of using a coupon wheel plugin?

A coupon wheel plugin can help increase engagement, conversion rates, and customer loyalty on a website or online store. It can also help businesses grow their email lists and gather customer data for future marketing efforts.

How do I install a spinner wheel plugin on my website?

For WordPress plugins, you will typically download the plugin as a zip file. Then you need to upload it to your WordPress site and activate it. After that’s done, follow any instructions provided by the developer to set up and customize your discount spin wheels.

Are spin to win plugins free?

Some coupon wheel plugins offer free versions with limited features, while others require a paid subscription to access more advanced features and customization options.

Can I customize the look and feel of the coupon wheel?

Most coupon wheel plugins offer some level of customization. You can typically change the colors, fonts, and other visual elements to match your brand and website design.

Are coupon wheel plugins effective in increasing sales?

While results may vary depending on which plugin you use and the discounts you offer, many businesses have reported significant increases in sales and conversions after using a coupon wheel plugin.

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