Effective Email Pop Up Implementation Tips for Your Website

What is the difference between a master carpenter and an over-eager do-it-yourselfer? The former creates a top quality product in a shorter time with little waste while the latter takes more time and wastes more resources while producing a lower return on investment. The same principle can be applied to implementing effective email pop ups on ... Continue Reading →

Top Email Marketing Campaign Do’s and Don’ts for Startups

More than 122 billion emails are delivered to inboxes every hour. With the amount of emails flooding in every day, it can be difficult to stand out, especially for a new company. Rather than spending countless hours figuring out how to get your subscriber base informed about the recent news of your startup, review the ... Continue Reading →

4 Tips to Measure the ROI on your Content Marketing

Recent research from Redshift Research has found that content marketing is now a priority for brands. While almost two-thirds (63%) having a dedicated content marketing budget, only 28% of brands are able to measure the ROI of their content marketing. Given that the aims of many campaigns are particularly hard to measure, such as brand ... Continue Reading →

4 Irresistible Giveaways To Quickly Grow Your Email List

Most of the people who visit your site won’t just give you their email address. Some visitors guard their email for security and privacy reasons. Others are simply too busy and don’t want to fill up their inbox. To grow your email list quickly, you need to use incentives. Giveaways encourage those who visit your ... Continue Reading →