The Ultimate Content Marketing Toolbox: 55 Tools You Need to Know

Do you know the right content marketing tools to use to achieve success with your content marketing strategy? If you don’t, you’re not alone. According to the research, 32% of marketers rate their management of content creation as fair or poor, and only 8% think they’re doing an excellent job. What makes the difference between ... Continue Reading →

How to Make a Lead Capture Form That Actually Converts

You know that old expression, “the devil is in the details.” That may be true, but there’s something else hiding out in those details: A higher lead conversion rate. Because if you want to capture the most leads, you should be thinking about every single detail in your lead generation strategy. That includes building the ... Continue Reading →

16 Web Design Principles You Need to Try + Current Trends!

A lot of people think that if you want higher conversions, you need to create quality content. And they’re right. At least, they’re mostly right. Because you don’t just need good information in your content. You also need it to look good. In this post, we’ll share 11 web design principles that are sure to ... Continue Reading →

Google Search Console: 6 SEO Tips You Need to Know

Remember taking tests in high school? You’d study all week, make flashcards, and have endless highlights in your textbook. Test day would arrive, and you’d get to class feeling prepared but still nervous. And then you’d get the good news: “Today’s test is open-book.” You could now take the test knowing all the answers were ... Continue Reading →

How to Easily Qualify Leads with Application Funnels

Are you struggling to find the right kinds of leads for your online business? Application funnels are a great way to qualify leads to make sure you’ve got the right clients lining up for your product. That way, you aren’t wasting your clients’ time on services they won’t want. Plus, your unqualified leads won’t be ... Continue Reading →