Best Lead Generation Tips for Those in Real Estate

Realtors who want to generate new leads have a tough time standing out in a crowd. Depending on where you live, there can be hundreds, if not thousands, of real estate agents all clamoring for new buyer and seller leads. So how can you stand out in a big crowd, to make sure you’re finding ... Continue Reading →

The Beginner’s Guide to Lead Generation

When you are beginning your lead generation efforts, OptinMonster can help you capture emails and build your subscriber base. But sometimes that task is easier said than done. This guide is for the beginner’s to have a great starting point for determining their needs, building their email markting, and improving their efforts. For the beginner ... Continue Reading →

Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing for Non-Profits

Creating an email list is essential for the marketing efforts of any serious nonprofit. Nonprofits operate on the basis on charity rather than revenue building; an emphasis on caring for others rather than focusing on earning profit. Since nonprofits may not have a marketing department, this article can serve as a crash course in email ... Continue Reading →

The Ultimate Guide to Split Testing Your Email Newsletters

Split testing — also called A/B Testing — is a tool for entrepreneurs, business owners and marketers to increase their conversion rates. It can be used to measure the effectiveness of webpages, social media elements and email newsletters. In the case of email marketing, you would start with two elements or designs (A and B) ... Continue Reading →

Improving Your SEO to Generate More Leads

Some “experts” would have you believe that search engine optimization (SEO) is a complicated concept that requires years to master. They’re wrong. The fundamentals of SEO are simple and easy to understand — even for beginners. SEO is a marketing tool to help entrepreneurs and business owners accomplish a number of goals: Increase traffic to ... Continue Reading →

9 Elements of a Successful Email Newsletter

From beginners to advanced writers, one can always appreciate writing tips and reminders. In this article, we’ll teach you 9 elements of a successful email newsletter with tips for implementation. 1. Creative Subject Lines The majority of people who subscribe to your emails won’t even open your messages. If you want to increase your open ... Continue Reading →

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