Creating Your First Campaign

Welcome! OptinMonster makes it easy to create your first campaign and start converting traffic into leads and customers.

In this article, you’ll learn how to create your first OptinMonster campaign.

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Before You Start

Here are some things to know before you begin:

  • This guide starts with creating a Popup campaign. If you’re interested in learning how to create other types of campaigns see our dedicated guides for creating Fullscreen, Floating Bar, Inline and Slide-In campaigns.
  • As you use the campaign builder you’ll notice many options have a question mark icon. Clicking the question mark icon will show you more information about what that option controls or how to use a specific tool.

Create a Campaign

The first step to using OptinMonster on your website to generate leads is to create a campaign.

To create a new campaign, follow to the steps below:

  1. Navigate to your OptinMonster Campaign Dashboard. (This is usually the first screen you see when you log into your OptinMonster account.)
  2. Click the Create New Campaign button in the top right corner.
  3. On the next screen, select the Campaign Type you would like to use. For this example, we will choose Popup.
    OptinMonster Campaign Type
    There are six Campaign Types to choose from:

    1. Popup
    2. Floating Bar
    3. Fullscreen
    4. Inline
    5. Slide-in
    6. Gamified (A specialized Fullscreen Campaign type available with a Growth subscription)
  4. Next, browse the Campaign Templates and find one you would like to use. (To create a Mobile Optimized campaign, select the Mobile Optimized filter from the left column.)
  5. To select a template for use, hover over the template and select the button that says Use Template. For this example, we will use the template “Basic.”
  6. Give your new campaign a descriptive title and assign it to the site(s) you would like for it to appear on. Click Start Building.

Design Your Campaign

When you first enter the builder to edit your new campaign, you will see the Design View. This is where you can edit your campaign’s text, fields, and other elements. Check out our Builder Overview guide to learn more about the layout of the builder, and all of the settings available in the Design View.

There are many ways you can customize your campaign. For this first campaign, we will keep things simple by only changing the text of the Optin and Success Views to match your offer, and adjusting the optin fields and button. Once you know how to edit these elements, all other design elements work similarly, and you can create any design you like!

Edit Text

Use text elements in your campaign to make your offer to visitors, and tell them how to take action. Often, popup campaigns have a headline to catch the attention of the visitor, and then some body text to give more detail.

  1. Click on any text block to select it. You can type directly in the text box on the campaign to change the text.
  2. To edit the styling of your text (font style, weight, spacing, color, etc), highlight the text you would like to edit to make the inline text editor appear. Adjust any text styles you need.
  3. If you need an additional text block for your campaign, click + Add Blocks. Then, drag another text block into the campaign area. A yellow box will appear where the text block will be placed.

  4. If you have a text block in your campaign that you don’t need, you can delete it. Click on the text box and click on the trash icon in the bottom left corner to delete the block.
  5. After changing the text on your Optin View, click on Success above your campaign to view the Success View. This is what your visitors will see after they opt in to your campaign, and you can tell them what to do or expect next.
  6. Edit the text fields the same way as the Optin View. If you have changed a number of styles on your Optin View, you can import them to your Success View. Click Import in the top right corner to choose which view you would like to copy.

  7. Return to your Optin View to edit your fields next.
Edit Fields

Use optin fields to gather lead information, to send to your Email Service Provider. OptinMonster’s Fields element allows you to collect Name, Email Address, and Phone Number. You can also add a Privacy Statement and checkbox.

IMPORTANT: If you’re using a custom HTML integration, these form field options won’t be available. See our Custom HTML Integration guide for more details.
  1. Click anywhere on the Fields element in your campaign to open its settings in the left sidebar.
  2. In the left sidebar, click on the pencil icon next to any field to edit the placeholder text, and styles.
  3. If you want to add a field that is not already part of the campaign, click the + next to it to add it to the list. Then, drag it into the order you want, if needed.
  4. If a field is present on your campaign that you do not want to use, click the trash icon next to it in the left sidebar to remove it. The only required parts of a Fields block are the Email Address field, and a Submit Button.
  5. Click on Styles to edit the styling of all of the fields if you desire, including background color, borders, and spacing.
  6. Click on Button to edit the text and styles of your Submit button, if desired.
  7. From the Button settings, click on the Action settings. This is where you will decide what will happen after this button is clicked.
  8. In this case, the button will show the visitor the Success View of this campaign. Confirm that Conversion Tracking is turned ON. This is what allows each click of the submit button to be counted as a conversion, so you can see how many visitors have completed your campaign.
  9. When you are finished, click Save.

You’ve now edited the essential elements for your campaign’s design! You can move on to setting your Display Rules, or further customize the design of your campaign. These are some of the most popular changes users will make:

Display Rules

Next, you’ll use Display Rules to configure when, where, and for whom your campaign will appear on your site. To put it another way, the Display Rules are what trigger your campaign to show to visitors. There are countless display rule configurations you can create, and you can create simple or complex rulesets based on your own specific needs.

To set your Display Rules, follow these steps:

  1. Select the Display Rules View from the top menu of the campaign builder.
  2. The default rules for your new campaign will read “If… time on page is at least 5 seconds AND current URL path is any page.” This means that if a visitor is on any page of your site for at least 5 seconds, both of these conditions are met, and the campaign can show.
  3. You can edit your Display Rules by clicking on Conditions, then each rule to open the Display Rules menu, which contains all of the rules available. You can learn more about all of our Display Rules in our guide here. For this example campaign, the rules have been adjusted to show this campaign if exit is detected from any page where the URL contains “blog.”

  4. After setting the Display Rules for your campaign, click Save.
You can use AND and OR operators to create complex rulesets. If your rules are all connected by AND, then ALL rules must be true (all conditions met) for the campaign to appear. If you have a group of rules connected with OR, if any one of those rules are true, then the campaign can appear. Learn more from our Display Rules Guide.


The Integrations View is where you will connect OptinMonster to your email service provider. In other words, this is how you make sure the leads you gather with your optin campaign get added to your email list!

Each new OptinMonster campaign is automatically connected to Monster Leads. Monster Leads is our “in house” lead storage system, which allows you to get started gathering leads if you don’t have an email marketing service set up yet. It’s also a great backup to your email service provider, just in case.

To connect your email integration, follow these steps:

  1. Select the Integrations View from the top menu.
  2. Monster Leads is already connected to any campaign that is collecting leads. You can click on it to adjust its settings, including how often you are notified about new leads, and if you want to add any tags to your leads from this campaign.
  3. To connect to your email marketing service, click Add New Integration.
  4. Select your provider from the dropdown list of our native integrations. We connect with most major email service providers, Zapier, and offer a Custom HTML integration option so you can add your own custom form code.
  5. Follow the steps for your selected integration to connect your campaign. After connecting your integration for the first time, you’ll be able to quickly select your account and list from the dropdown menus for future campaigns.
  6. When you’ve finished connecting to your integration, click Save.


The Analytics View is where OptinMonster allows you to connect your campaigns to Google Analytics to view more advanced analytics data.

OptinMonster Analytics will automatically track basic analytics data (impressions, conversions, and highest converting pages). If you would like to connect to your Google Analytics account, you can follow our guide.

Publish the Campaign

The Publish View is where you will do a final review of all the details of your campaign, and publish it to your site! When you create a new campaign, it’s “paused” by default, and will not appear on your site. When you are ready, you will publish it, or send it to your website, allowing it to appear for visitors who trigger it.

To publish your campaign, follow these steps:

  1. Select the Publish View from the top menu.
  2. On the Publish View, you can do a final check to make sure that your campaign is ready to go. Check the right column’s checklist for any grey circles next to items, letting you know that something is missing, or may need to be fixed before publishing.
  3. When you are ready, click Publish to make your campaign live.
  4. Finally, Save your campaign.

If you have not yet added the OptinMonster embed code to your site or activated our WordPress plugin, then you have one more important step to take.

Connect Your Website

The Publish View contains all the codes or instructions you will need to connect OptinMonster to your website. To connect to your website, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Platforms area of the Publish View. There are a number of options, but you will only need one, depending on what platform your website is built on.
  2. Select Any Site to access your Global Embed code. This is the code you will place on your website to allow OptinMonster to show campaigns. Check out our platform guides for more details.
  3. If your website is built with WordPress, click on WordPress. Here, you will find instructions and the link to install and activate our plugin. Note: After publishing a new campaign for the first time, you will need to visit the plugin to configure any additional Output Settings and Go Live. After the first time, your campaign will Auto-Sync with its status in the OptinMonster app.
  4. If you are using OptinMonster on a Shopify site, BigCommerce site, or with WooCommerce, you can select the matching option to view the instructions to connect, as well.

Congratulations, you’ve created and launched your first OptinMonster campaign!

If you’re serious about jumpstarting your eCommerce business growth, then get started with OptinMonster today!

Get Started With OptinMonster Today!

BONUS: Done-For-You Campaign Setup ($297 value)
Our conversion experts will design 1 free campaign for you to get maximum results – absolutely FREE! Click here to get started →