How to Test an OptinMonster Campaign

OptinMonster makes it easy to test an OptinMonster campaign and preview the design on your site before going live for your website visitors.

In this article, you’ll learn how to test and preview OptinMonster campaigns on your website.

Before You Start

Here are some things to know before you begin:

  • The Test on Page feature provides confirmation of whether the current Display Rules configured for the campaign will allow it to appear on a specific URL. It does not guarantee the campaign is actively embedded and published on your site. We recommend you confirm the campaign is appearing live on your site by directly visiting the site after using the Test on Page feature.
  • The Preview feature ignores all Display Rules and will show the campaign immediately. This should be used to check the design of your campaign only and not the Display Rules.
  • The Test on Page and Preview features are not available for Inline type campaigns.

Test on Page

OptinMonster allows you to quickly test your Display Rule configuration using our Test on Page feature.

To use the Test on Page feature to confirm your Display Rules, follow these steps:

  1. From the Publish view of the campaign builder, locate the Test on page section in the right sidebar.
    Test on Page featurein the OptinMonster campaign builder.
  2. Enter the full URL of the page you want to test the campaign on into the field provided, then select the Test button.
  3. The URL entered will load in a modal window allowing you to test the campaign’s Display Rule configuration.
    For example, this campaign is set to appear on Exit-Intent so we test by moving the mouse towards the page boundaries:
    OptinMonster Test on Page feature for Exit-Intent campaign.
  4. If the campaign doesn’t appear as expected you may need to modify your Display Rules. Be sure to review the Targeting Rule Setup summary that appears above the Test on Page input field to help identify any targeting conflicts or errors.

Preview Campaign

If you’re looking to preview the campaign’s design on your site you can easily do that before you publish your campaign.

To preview your campaign, follow these steps:

  1. From the Publish view of the campaign builder, select the eye icon next to the site you want to preview your campaign on.
    OptinMonster preview campaign design.
  2. A new tab or window will open to load your site and show the campaign for you to preview the design.


I’m using the Test on Page feature, but my site isn’t loading. Why?

Test on Page feature in OptinMonster warning site couldn't be loaded.

If you’re receiving a warning that the site couldn’t be loaded when using the Test on Page feature, you’ll want to rule out the following causes:

  • The Embed Code hasn’t yet been added to your site.
  • Your site isn’t available to load over HTTPS.
  • Your site has a Content-Security-Policy header like X-Frame-Options: SAMEORIGIN
  • Your site took longer than 10 seconds to load.
The Test on Page feature isn’t available in the Publish screen for my campaign.

If you’re editing an Inline type campaign the Test on Page feature will not be shown. It’s not possible to use this feature with Inline type campaigns.

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