How to Test an OptinMonster Campaign

OptinMonster makes it easy to test an OptinMonster campaign and preview the design on your site before going live for your website visitors.

In this article, you’ll learn how to test and preview OptinMonster campaigns on your website.

To test the Display Rules and optin form submission before you publish the campaign use the Live Site Inspector tool.

To preview the visual design of your campaign before you publish the campaign use the Preview tool.

Live Site Inspector

OptinMonster allows you to quickly test your Display Rules and test the campaign’s optin form submission using our Live Site Inspector tool.

The Live Site Inspector does not check that the campaign is published live to your site. It confirms only the Display Rules configured and provides a way to test the optin form submission even if the campaign is not yet published to your site.
To check that your site is published live to your site please use a brand new Incognito window to visit your website directly on the page(s) where your campaign should appear. If you experience any issues with this testing process please reach out to our support team directly, we are delighted to assist!

Test Display Rules

To use the Live Site Inspector feature to confirm your Display Rules, follow these steps:

  1. Before you start, navigate to the Publish view of the campaign builder and confirm you’ve assigned the domain of the site you’ll be testing the campaign on in the Websites section. It’s fine to assign more than one website to a single campaign, but the domain of the URL you plan to test with the Live Site Inspector must be assigned to the campaign before the tool can function.
    Learn more about assigning sites to your campaigns in this guide.
    Assign campaign to website before testing.
  2. To begin testing, from the same view of the campaign builder, locate the Live Site Inspector field.
    Live Site Inspector field in the OptinMonster campaign builder.
  3. Enter the full URL of the page you want to test, then select the Test button.
    Test the campaign on your site with the Live Site Test feature.
  4. A new window will open to load the URL you’ve entered in the previous step and show a Summary of the Display Rules confirming which rules have passed and which have failed (if any).
    Live Site Inspector Display Rules Summary.
  5. Once all conditions are met you’ll see the campaign appear on the page and all required conditions marked with a green check like the example below.
    Live site inspector Display Rules Summary.
  6. If the campaign doesn’t appear as expected you may need to modify your Display Rules.
    Be sure to review the summary that appears on your page test to identify any roadblocks.

Test Optin Form

To use the Live Site Inspector feature to test your optin form, follow these steps:

  1. Before you start, follow the section above to trigger the campaign’s appearance in the Live Site Inspector Tool. The campaign’s Display Rules will need to be met to show the campaign before you can test submit the optin form.
  2. Once the campaign is displayed in the Live Site Inspector window, follow the steps needed to submit the optin form.
    If you are using the Yes/No feature in your campaign you’ll need to select one of the buttons in the Yes/No view of your campaign before the Optin view is shown.
  3. The Live Site Inspector Summary window will display any errors with the optin form submission.

Test Field Mapping

When testing Field Mapping, follow these steps:

  1. Submit your campaign’s optin form following the Test Optin Form section above.
  2. Log into the Email Service Provider you’ve integrated the campaign with and configured Field Mapping for.
  3. Locate the lead you’ve test-submitted and check that the custom fields have been successfully recorded.
  4. If the custom fields have not been captured as you expect check our documentation for the specific Email Service Provider to confirm your Field Mapping settings follow all requirements for that platform. Our support team is also available to help!

Preview Campaign

Preview Popup Campaigns

If you’re looking to preview the campaign’s design on your site you can easily do that before you publish your campaign.

The Preview tool from the Publish screen is available only for popup type campaigns: Lightbox, Fullscreen, Floating Bar, and Slide-in. If your campaign is an Inline type the Preview button will be greyed out and unavailable to use.
Please follow the Preview Inline Campaigns section below.

To preview your campaign, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Publish screen of the campaign builder and select the Preview button next to the site you want to preview your campaign on.
    Preview your OptinMonster campaign.
    *This button will be unavailable to select if you are viewing an Inline type campaign. Follow the Preview Inline Campaigns section below instead.
  2. A new window will open loading the homepage of your site and show the campaign for you to preview the design.

The Preview tool does not consider any Display Rules configured. The order of design views shown for a campaign using Preview are always:

  1. Yes/No view (if enabled. Learn how to enable/disable the Yes/No view.)
  2. Optin view
  3. Success view (if an action in the Yes/No or Optin views is set to show the Success view. Learn how to control Success Actions.)

To test the Display Rules you should use the Live Site Inspector tool instead.

You can test submit the optin form using the Preview tool only if the campaign is Published. To test a Draft or Scheduled campaign you should use the Live Site Inspector tool instead.

Preview Inline Campaigns

Because Inline type campaigns are shown in the page content and not as an overlay, our automated Preview tool has not way of assuming where in the page content the campaign should be visually displayed. For that reason, the Preview tool (as shown in the previous section) is greyed out and unavailable for Inline campaigns.

You can still preview Inline campaigns on your site before launching them, following these steps:

  1. Before you start, the campaign should not yet be published. This section will show how to Preview an Inline campaign on your site without Publishing it live to all site traffic.
  2. Embed the Inline campaign in the page content where you want it to visually appear. This can be done using either the Campaign Embed Code or WordPress Shortcode options in this guide.
  3. Next, you’ll need two pieces of information to generate the Preview URL for your Inline campaign:
    1. The URL of the page where you’ve added the campaign embed code following Step 2 of this section; AND
    2. The unique ID of your Inline campaign.
      The ID be located in the URL when viewing the campaign in the builder:
      Find the campaign ID in the address bar.
      OR you can find the ID from the Campaigns screen when viewing the individual campaign details:
      Find the campaign ID from the Campaigns screen of your OptinMonster account.
  4. Your unique Preview URL will be formatted like this: PAGE_URL?om-live-preview=CAMPAIGN_ID
    For example, if I embedded the Inline campaign on the following page:
    And my campaign’s unique ID is ngci2ofdehxw3ospb9vv
    My Preview URL will be:


I received an Interaction Cookie warning, what does that mean?

We use cookies to control how often a campaign can reappear to the same visitor once they’ve closed or converted it.

If you see a notice of “Campaign loading is disabled because of the interaction cookie.” or “Campaign loading is disabled because of the global interaction cookie.” this indicates a cookie has been set in your browser from previous testing that is now hiding the campaign according to the cookie settings.

The default cookies settings for all new campaigns are to hide the campaign for 30 days after being closed and 365 days after being converted.

Learn more about how we use cookies, the options available, and how to change the default cookie settings here.

To clear the notice during testing you can use one of the following approaches:

  • Use a brand new Incognito window for your test (recommended); OR
  • Add ?omclear=true to the end of your testing URL (e.g., this will remove only the OptinMonster cookies; OR
  • Manually clear the cookies from your browser (like this).
I’m using the Live Site Inspector feature, but my site isn’t loading. Why?

Test on Page feature in OptinMonster warning site couldn't be loaded.

If you’re receiving a warning that the site couldn’t be loaded when using the Test on Page feature, you’ll want to rule out the following causes:

  • The Embed Code hasn’t yet been added to your site.
  • Your site isn’t available to load over HTTPS.
  • Your site has a Content-Security-Policy header like X-Frame-Options: SAMEORIGIN
  • Your site took longer than 10 seconds to load.

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