How to Use Actions For Success View and More

In the Builder, all buttons have actions that run when that button is pressed. Whether this is from a signup contact form or another button on the campaign, you can configure the exact action that occurs when you click on the element.

What is an Element Action?

The element action allows you to configure what happens when an element is triggered (e.g. button is clicked or form is submitted).

Element actions are tied to specific elements. Therefore if you have multiple actionable elements, like multiple buttons, they will each have their own action.

Actions include:

  • Show a view
  • Close campaign
  • Close campaign and refresh the page
  • Redirect to a URL
  • Open in a new Window (buttons only)

You also have the option to add success scripts that run when the element is triggered and the ability to toggle conversion tracking for each element.

Success Action

Within the Success Action area, you can choose from the following options:

  1. Go to a View – shows the different view of this campaign.
  2. Redirect to a URL – redirects the visitor to the URL you specify.
  3. Close your the campaign – immediately closes the campaign without redirecting the visitor.
  4. Reload the Page – immediately closes the campaign and reloads the page.
  5. Open in a new Window – opens the specified URL in a new tab (only available with button elements).

The contents of this field are conditional upon the option you chose as the Success Action.

Go to a View: When this is selected above, you will be able to have your success action go to another view. You can choose Yes/No, Optin, or Success View.

Success Action - View

Redirect to a URL: When this is selected, you will have the option to add the URL for the redirect. If this is on a form element, you will also have the option to pass lead data as query parameters to the referral URL.

Open in a new Window: When this is selected, you will have the option to add the URL that is opened. This option is only available for button elements.

Neither Close the Campaign and Reload the Page have a Form Success Action Related Field.

Running a Script Upon Success

When the form successfully submits, you have the option to have the option to run a script(s) such as a Facebook tracking pixels or analytics events.

All JavaScript / jQuery needs to be wrapped in script tags, no matter where you’re placing your Scripts within OptinMonster.

To learn more, follow our guide about Success Triggered Scripts.

Conversion Tracking Toggle Switch

This switch allows you to determine whether a certain element will count as a conversion event. Having one conversion element is highly recommended from an analytics perspective so that you know how well your campaign is achieving your goal (i.e.: someone signing up for your email newsletter).

Conversion Toggle

However, if you have a situation where you do not want to track that conversion event, you can turn off the conversion tracking.

How to Set an Element Action?

First you need to click on an element to access its settings.

Element Settings

If you are adjusting a form element, you will then need to go to the Button panel.

Form Button Panel

Then click on the Action panel.

Action Panel

From here you can set the Success Action for the element.

Success Action - View

This action is specific to the element, so different elements will all have their own action.

Once you have configured your element actions, make sure to save your campaign.

Want to customize your success message? See our guide on how to style the success message overlay!