How to Disable the Powered by OptinMonster Link

Looking for a way to disable the Powered by OptinMonster link below your campaign? We make it easy! Follow this guide to remove the Powered by OptinMonster link.

REQUIREMENTS: Disabling branding requires a Pro Subscription.

  1. Create or Modify a Campaign
  2. Disable the Powered By OptinMonster Link

Step 1 – Create or Modify a Campaign

Create a new campaign or modify an existing campaign from OptinMonster Dashboard. Open the OptinMonster Builder by selecting the Edit link.

Edit Campaign

In the campaign Builder, go to the Display Settings tab.

Display Settings

From within the Display Settings panel, disable the Display Powered By Link option.

Disable Powered by Link

Be sure to save your campaign and you’ve successfully disabled the Powered by OptinMonster link!

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Q: Do I need a minimum subscription to disable the Powered By link?

A: Yes, a Pro subscription or higher is required to disable the OptinMonster branding.

Q: Why would I want to show the Powered by OptinMonster link?

A: If you’re an OptinMonster Affiliate you might want to send traffic to OptinMonster from your site to earn an affiliate credit. Learn how to add your affiliate link to the ‘Powered by OptinMonster’ link.