How to Add a Privacy Policy

Do you want to add a privacy policy or a “We do not spam!” statement to your campaign? This guide will show you how you can display a privacy statement in your OptinMonster campaign, giving confidence to your website visitors and meeting any laws that your country may enforce. Follow the steps below to add a privacy statement to your campaign.

  1. Edit Your Campaign
  2. Edit Your Privacy Statement

Step 1 – Edit Your Campaign

On the OptinMonster Dashboard, edit the campaign you want to add the privacy policy to.

Edit Campaign

After you have opened the builder, click on the form on your campaign to open the settings for the optin fields element, then go to the Fields panel.

Fields Panel

Click the plus sign next to Privacy to add a privacy statement.

Click Plus

Step 2 –  Edit Your Privacy Statement

To edit the privacy statement, click the Privacy panel.

Privacy Panel

From here you can edit the privacy text as well as the display settings for the privacy statement.

Privacy Panel Overview

All finished, you’ll see the privacy statement is added and your campaign is ready for conversions!

Want to see if your wording helps or hurts your conversion rate? See our guide on how to split-test your campaigns!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I make the Privacy Statement field required to be Checked before a person can submit?

A: You can enable or disable this option under the Privacy Text Settings.

Enable Privacy Checkbox