How to Connect OptinMonster with Zapier

Are you looking to connect OptinMonster to a software with which we don’t have a native integration? Our Zapier integration allows you to connect OptinMonster to Zapier’s 500+ apps! Here we’ll show you how to setup OptinMonster as a trigger in Zapier to start connecting.

Note: please be aware that Zapier is a paid service. The do provide a trial if you wish to try out their services to determine if they’re a good fit for your needs.
  1. Create a Zapier Trigger
    1. Make A Zap
    2. Create Webhook Trigger
    3. Configure Webhook Trigger
    4. Webhook URL
  2. Connect Your Webhook to OptinMonster
    1. Create a Campaign
    2. Choose Webhook Integration
    3. Enter the Webhook URL
    4. Connect with Webhook
    5. Test Webhook in Zapier
  3. Configure Your Zapier Action

Step 1 – Create a Zapier Trigger

Make A Zap

Once you’ve logged into your Zapier account, you’ll want to create a new Zap to get started connecting Zapier to OptinMonster. Select the Make A Zap button at the top of your account.

The first step is to Make A Zap in your Zapier account to begin connecting Zapier with OptinMonster.

Create Webhook Trigger

Next, Zapier will ask you what type of Trigger you want to create. We’ll be creating a Webhook Trigger, which we can connect directly to OptinMonster later.

Search for 'webhook' as the type of trigger you wish to create.

Configure Webhook Trigger

Zapier will then provide a few configuration options for your Webhook Trigger. The first is whether you want your Webhook to behave as a Retrieve Poll or Catch Hook. Choose Catch Hook.

Select Catch Hook as the type of Webhook in Zapier.

Then click Save + Continue:

Once you select Catch Hook, select the Continue button to proceed to the next option.

Next, Zapier will provide you the option to Pick off a Child Key. This option is completely optional, and allows you to grab specific data passed by OptinMonster by it’s child key.

Leaving this option empty will allow you to grab all the data that OptinMonster passes for each campaign submission. If you want to grab only specific data, see our Webhook documentation for more information about the available child keys.

In this setup we’re going to leave this field empty and select the Continue button to proceed.

You can define specific child keys when configuring your webhook in Zapier. This is completely optional, and can be left empty to grab all data.

Webhook URL

Finally, Zapier will provide you with a Webhook URL. This will be used in the next steps to connect your Webhook to OptinMonster.

Zapier will provide you with a Webhook URL you can use in OptinMonster to connect your optins to Zapier.

Step 2 – Connect Your Webhook to OptinMonster

It’s now time to connect your new Zapier Webhook to OptinMonster.

Create a Campaign

This step is relatively easy. Check out this document on creating your first campaign if you haven’t created a campaign yet.

Choose Webhook Integration

In the campaign Builder, select the Integrations tab to view the Integrations panel.

Select the Integrations tab

Choose Webhook from the Email Provider dropdown.

Enter the Webhook URL

Next, paste the Webhook URL provided by Zapier into the corresponding field. You also want to add a unique Account Label for easy identification!

IMPORTANT: The account label is for your internal use only, to easily identify specific integrations. You might find a naming convention like “Zapier Webhook to Gmail”, replacing ‘Gmail’ with your Zap’s Action App, useful.

Connect with Webhook

Then, select the Connect with Webhook button.

Builder Connect with Webhook

Once connected, you’ll see the following message in the Integrations panel:

Test Webhook in Zapier

The final step is to test your Webhook in Zapier to ensure it’s properly connected. Return to the Zap setup screen in your Zapier account and select the OK, I did this button to test.

Once you've connected your Zapier Webhook with OptinMonster, you'll want to test your Webhook in Zapier to ensure it's correctly configured.

If successful you’ll see a success message in Zapier:

You'll see a success message once you've successfully tested your Webhook connection.

Step 3 – Configure Your Zapier Action

Now that you’ve successfully connected your Zapier Webhook to OptinMonster, you’re ready to configure what Zapier should do with the data OptinMonster sends for each campaign submission.

Select the Continue button in the Zap setup screen to proceed.

Once you've successfully tested your Webhook connection, select Continue to start setting up your Action.

Zapier offers 500+ apps you can connect to. To get started connecting your Webhook Trigger with a specific Action App checkout Zapier’s playbook for webhooks.

Looking for an action to get started? See our guide on how to add subscribers to a Google Spreadsheet with Zapier for a good way to keep a backup of your lead submissions.


Q: Is there any limit to the number of Webhook integrations I can add to OptinMonster?

A: No, you can add an unlimited number of Webhook integrations to your OptinMonster account. You can also send data to multiple webhooks from the same campaign.

Q: Where can I learn more about the data passed by OptinMonster to Webhooks?

A: Checkout our Webhook Integration Guide.