How to Integrate OptinMonster with Shopify

OptinMonster makes it easy to connect with your Shopify store to capture leads.

In this article, you’ll learn how to connect OptinMonster with Shopify.

Before You Start

Here are some things to know before you begin:

  • Our Shopify app requires a Growth subscription.
  • Using the Shopify app to connect OptinMonster with your Shopify store will provide you with additional targeting options in the Display Rules.
  • It is essential that you are logged into your OptinMonster account before you install the OptinMonster Shopify app, if you already have a paid account.

Install the Shopify App

You can easily connect OptinMonster with your Shopify store using our native Shopify app.

To install the Shopify app, follow these steps:

  1. First, log into your OptinMonster account. This step is required.
  2. Next, open a new browser tab and log into your Shopify store.
  3. Once you’re logged in, navigate to the Shopify App Store. Here you’ll search for “OptinMonster” to locate our app.
    OptinMonster App
  4. Click on the OptinMonster app from the search results. On the next screen, select Add app to install the OptinMonster app in your store.
    Shopify Add App
  5. You’ll be prompted again, once you’ve read the permissions requested by our app select the Install app button.
    Install App
  6. The OptinMonster app will be automatically installed on your Shopify store and sync with your OptinMonster account.

Targeting Options

Once you’ve connected Shopify with OptinMonster you’ll have additional options available in the campaign builder’s Display Rules.

You can use these additional options to hide or show campaigns based on Shopify-specific conditions.

Campaign Builder Display Rules

The following Display Rules are available through the campaign builder:

  • Shopify Cart Total
    Show based on the total cost of the items in your visitor’s cart.
  • Shopify Cart Subtotal
    Show based on the subtotal cost of the items in your visitor’s cart.
  • Shopify Cart Contains
    Show if your visitor has specific products in their cart.
  • Shopify Product Targeting
    Show if your visitor is viewing a specific product.
  • # of Items in Shopify Cart
    Show if your visitor has a specific number of items in their cart.


I’m being asked to sign-up for a trial in the Shopify app but I already have an OptinMonster account.

This indicates that you are not yet logged into your OptinMonster account from the same browser window.

We recommend uninstalling the OptinMonster app, logging into your OptinMonster account from a new tab in the same browser then reinstalling the OptinMonster app.

I’m not an OptinMonster customer yet, should I sign up through the app?

There are two ways to become an OptinMonster customer when using the Shopify app:

  1. You can subscribe directly through our website — you will be billed directly by OptinMonster.
  2. You can subscribe through the Shopify app when prompted during the app installation process — you will be billed monthly for a Growth plan directly by Shopify.

There is no difference in the plan features with either approach, we recommend you choose the option that best fits your billing preferences.

Do I need to manually add my Shopify store domain to my OptinMonster account?

If the domain hasn’t already been added before you installed the OptinMonster App on your Shopify store, it will be automatically added.

I was already using a campaign-specific or site-wide embed code in my Shopify theme’s templates. What should I do?

After you have completed all of the instructions above, you can safely remove any previous embed codes you placed in your theme templates.

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