Check out some of the most commonly asked questions about using OptinMonster.

General FAQ:
Advanced FAQ:

General FAQ

How do I add more fields to my campaign form?

To work across the many different integrations we offer, we decided to optimize our designs for 1 name and 1 email field only.

If you would like a more customized campaign form, you can use the Custom HTML campaign form integration option, available with any subscription.

Important: Please note, when using a Custom HTML integration option the OptinMonster Success settings, like redirection and showing a success view, will not be applied. This functionality is part of the form’s processor and cannot be overridden by OptinMonster. To change the Redirect URL you’ll need to edit the form via your Email Service Provider account, or if using a custom form processor you’ll need to modify the form processor script itself.

Can I replace the campaign form with Yes/No buttons or a link?

Yes! See how to create a Yes/No campaign with OptinMonster to get started creating a Yes/No view.

Note: Yes/No functionality is available only with a Pro subscription or higher. Follow our guide to upgrade your account if you don’t have a Pro subscription yet.

Can I add multiple slugs or use RegEx in the Display Rules?

Yes! You can now target multiple pages and use RegEx in the Display Rules.

Alternatively, some customers like to use Google Tag Manager to control how/where on their site their campaigns load instead. If you’re already using Google Tag Manager and want to learn more check out our documentation on integrating OptinMonster with Google Tag Manager.

Why aren’t my campaigns showing any impression or conversion statistics?

First, be sure you’ve connected your Google Analytics account and selected a Property to track statistics for each campaign in the Analytics panel of the campaign builder. If you’re not sure how to do this, see our guide to Google Analytics to get started.

  • Once connected, it’s normal to experience a delay of 24-48 hours before your OptinMonster dashboard will display accurate statistics.
  • After the initial delay of 24-48 hours has passed, your data should begin to display in your OptinMonster dashboard. However, the stats you see in your OptinMonster dashboard are not real-time. They are approx. 4-6 hours behind your live Google Analytics data because of server caching.
  • You can get fairly close to real-time in our dashboard by doing a custom date range query from the Analytics screen. This will display our conversions stats within 15-30 minutes of when the pageviews/conversions actually happened. This 15-30 minute lag is a result of Google’s own caching and is not something we can adjust.
  • Our conversion stats are based on unique impressions, not total impressions. We have done this because we follow the conversion of the unique visitor, not every visit they make. After all, that is the goal – to get a unique visitor to convert, regardless of how many times they visit.

For more detailed data than displayed in our dashboard, you can view conversion analytics from within your Google Analytics.

If your conversion dashboard continues to report zero pageviews and conversions 48 hours after connecting your Google Analytics account, please contact us to further debug the issue.

My campaign appeared once in my browser and now I can’t get it to load. How do I fix it?

If you interacted with the campaign when it first loaded by closing it, ignoring it or successfully converting, it’s possible the cookies for your campaign are preventing it from displaying again.

To be able to see the campaign again, clear your browser’s cookies. Once you’ve done that, the campaign should load again as it did before.

To learn more about how our cookies work, please take a moment to review how campaign cookies and the global cookie work in OptinMonster.

If your campaign still does not load for you after clearing your cookies, please contact us to further debug the issue.

Advanced FAQ

How do I maximize conversions?

Because your website’s traffic is unique, we can’t provide any specific configuration recommendations. However, OptinMonster makes it easy to A/B test your campaigns to improve each campaign’s conversion rates. To get started see how to create a split test in OptinMonster.

Can I split-test different campaign types?

No, it’s not possible to split-test different campaign types. For example, you cannot split test a Lightbox campaign against a Floating Bar campaign.

Learn more about how to use split-tests to help increase conversions on our blog.

How do I create Social Pop-ups?

You can create social campaigns using a Custom HTML element. To help you get started, see our documentation on creating a Facebook Page Widget and Twitter Follow campaign.

Can I use OptinMonster to block access to my webpage content?

Yes, you can block access to content on your site using our content locking feature for Inline type campaigns.

NOTE: Content Blocking is only available with a Plus subscription or higher.

How do I export email addresses collected with my campaign from OptinMonster?

OptinMonster does not directly collect or store any data submitted through your campaigns. Therefore, it’s not possible to export email addresses submitted to your campaigns from OptinMonster.

Instead, you’ll need to connect to one of our native Email Service Provider integrations or use the Custom HTML campaign form integration option. The submitted data will then be transmitted directly to your Email Service Provider account.

Alternatively, you can utilize our Zapier integration to create a zap which sends submitted data from your form to one of over 500 apps, including Google Sheets and Gmail.

If you’re using WordPress, you can utilize a form plugin like WPForms to create a form which can store the email addresses submitted directly on your website.  Then, you can use shortcodes to add the forms to your campaigns.