Check out some of the most commonly asked questions about using OptinMonster.

General FAQ

My campaign appeared once in my browser and now I can’t get it to show again.

This issue is most often the result of a cookie being set after you’ve interacted with the campaign (closed or submitted it).

When testing your campaign we recommend using an Incognito window so you can easily reset cookies in the browser.

Alternatively, you can clear your browser’s cookies. Once you’ve done that, the campaign should load again as it did before.

To learn more about how our cookies work, please take a moment to review how campaign cookies and the global cookie work in OptinMonster.

How do I add more fields to my campaign form?

To work across the many different integrations we offer, we decided to optimize our designs for 1 name and 1 email field only.

If you would like a more customized campaign form, you can use the Custom HTML campaign form integration option, available with any subscription.

When using a Custom HTML integration option the OptinMonster Success settings, like redirection and showing a success view, will not be applied. This functionality is part of the form’s processor and cannot be overridden by OptinMonster. To change the Redirect URL you’ll need to edit the form via your Email Service Provider account, or if using a custom form processor you’ll need to modify the form processor script itself.
Can I replace the campaign form with Yes/No buttons or a link?

Yes! See how to create a Yes/No campaign with OptinMonster to get started creating a Yes/No view.

This feature requires a Pro subscription or higher. You can follow our guide to upgrade your account.
Can I add multiple slugs or use RegEx in the Display Rules?

Yes! You can now target multiple pages and use RegEx in the Display Rules.

Alternatively, some customers like to use Google Tag Manager to control how/where on their site their campaigns load instead. If you’re already using Google Tag Manager and want to learn more check out our documentation on integrating OptinMonster with Google Tag Manager.

Why isn’t my campaign showing any conversions?

Check to make sure the actionable element in your campaign has conversion tracking enabled.

Enable conversion tracking for actionable elements in OptinMonster.

If you’re using a Custom HTML integration in your campaign you’ll want to follow our guide to allow conversion tracking in your custom form.


Advanced FAQ

How do I maximize conversions?

Because your website’s traffic is unique, we can’t provide any specific configuration recommendations. However, OptinMonster makes it easy to A/B test your campaigns to improve each campaign’s conversion rates. To get started see how to create a split test in OptinMonster.

Can I split-test different campaign types?

No, it’s not possible to split-test different campaign types. For example, you cannot split test a Lightbox campaign against a Floating Bar campaign.

Learn more about how to use split-tests to help increase conversions on our blog.

How do I create Social Pop-ups?

You can create social campaigns using a Custom HTML element. To help you get started, see our documentation on creating a Facebook Page Widget and Twitter Follow campaign.

Can I use OptinMonster to block access to my webpage content?

Yes, you can block access to content on your site using our content locking feature for Inline type campaigns.

This feature requires a Plus subscription or higher. You can follow our guide to upgrade your account.
How do I export email addresses collected with my campaign from OptinMonster?

If you’ve connected your campaign to Monster Leads you can find and export leads from the Leads area of your account.

Monster Leads Link

If you have not connected your campaign to Monster Leads then no leads submitted are stored by OptinMonster and they cannot be retrieved or exported.

We recommend adding Monster Leads as an integration for all of your campaigns, even if you use a different email service provider, Monster Leads can serve as a back-up. See our guide for details on connecting Monster Leads to your OptinMonster campaigns.