How to Manually Add an After Post or Inline Campaign

Ready to add your Inline Campaign to your website? Our embed codes make it easy. Follow these directions to easily add an Inline Campaign to your website.

NOTE: This walkthrough presumes that you have already created your inline campaign. If you have not yet created a campaign of that campaign type, then please follow our guide for creating an Inline Campaign.

Create and Publish a Campaign

Create a new Inline campaign and embed the campaign on your site.

Add Placeholder

After your campaign is live on your site, you need to specify where on the page it should display.

HTML Placeholder for Any Website

Click the button titled Publish in the top right of your Builder screen.

Builder Publish Live

Account-wide Embed Code

If you chose to use the account-wide embed code option, click Any Website to expand its view. Inline type campaigns will then show the HTML placeholder you’ll need to use to control where on the page of your site your campaign appears.

Inline HTML Placeholder

After copying the placeholder, paste it into your site where you want the campaign to appear.

Campaign Specific Embed Code

If you chose to use campaign specific embed codes, click Campaign Embed to expand its view. Use the full embed code and paste it into your site where you want the campaign to appear.

Publish Campaign Embed

WordPress Shortcode

Next, you need to enable your Inline campaign to display on your site in the WordPress plugin. Log in to your WordPress site, navigate to OptinMonster > Campaigns tab > Edit Output Settings for the campaign you wish to enable.

Edit Output Settings

Important: If your new campaign doesn’t appear in the list be sure to select the Refresh Campaigns button to refresh your campaign list and pull down any new campaigns you’ve created.

In the Output Settings screen, you only need to enable the first option to display the campaign via shortcode. If you want to automatically load the campaign on any other posts/pages you can further configure its appearance.

WordPress Enable Campaign
There is now an OptinMonster shortcode, [optin-monster-shortcode], that requires one parameter: id. It looks like this:

[optin-monster-shortcode id="CAMPAIGN_ID"]

Where “CAMPAIGN_ID” is the unique slug for your campaign. You can find this in the WordPress Admin > OptinMonster > Campaigns tab:

WordPress Campaign ID

Place the shortcode on your pages and posts where you want the campaign to appear.

By default, using the shortcode will force the campaign to show despite its display settings. If you want the campaign to follow the rules you set in the Display Rules, you can add the parameter followrules=true like this:

[optin-monster-shortcode id="CAMPAIGN_ID" followrules=true]

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Q: Can I manually add my campaign to the same page/post in multiple places?

A: No, it’s not possible to display the same campaign in multiple different places of the same page/post. Only the first embed code present on the page will load the campaign and any additional instances of the embed code will not display the campaign.

To show the same campaign in multiple places on the same page/post you’ll need to duplicate the campaign in your account and add the embed code for the duplicated campaign where you want the campaign to show a second time. Repeat as necessary.