How to Create A Yes / No Campaign with OptinMonster

Do you want to create a two-step Yes/No campaign or replace the default form with buttons? Its super easy with the latest version of the campaign Builder! Review the instructions below to see examples of how easy it is to add a Yes / No campaign form to your site!

  1. Enable Yes / No Buttons
  2. Configure the Buttons
NOTE: Yes/No campaigns require at least a Pro subscription.

Step 1 – Enable Yes / No Buttons

In the campaign Builder, select the Yes / No view.

Yes/No View

In the Yes / No view click Activate View.

Activate View

Once enabled you’ll see the Yes/No version of the campaign template you selected.

Yes/No Template

NOTE: If you want to duplicate the display settings from another view, first delete all the elements on the current view and then click the Import Layout button.

Step 2 – Configure the Buttons

Next, you’ll want to configure the button settings for your campaign. Click on the buttons to open the button editor panel.

Button Editor

Use the Action panel to configure the click action for each button.

Button Action

That’s it, you have successfully created a Yes / No two step campaign!

Looking for additional tips, in-depth examples, and creative uses for Yes / No campaigns? See our article on creative ways to use Yes/No Optin Forms.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q:  Can I add a Yes / No campaign form to an existing optin/campaign?

A:  Absolutely!  Adding a Yes / No campaign form is an excellent way to boost conversions for a new or existing campaign campaign.

Q:  Can I create a Yes / No Campaign that does not collect any information? Can I create a Yes/No Campaign that redirects a user to another page?

A:  Yes, you can create a Yes / No form campaign that redirects to a new page, reloads the current page, or simply closes the campaign based on user response.

Q:  Where can I find more information on ways to use custom Yes / No campaign forms to my benefit?

A:  For additional tips, in-depth examples, and creative uses for Yes / No campaigns, see our post on creative ways to use Yes/No campaigns.