How to Clear OptinMonster Cookies with Query Arguments

Do you want to clear OptinMonster cookies on page load? It’s easy with a simple query argument. Follow this guide to learn how to use a URL query argument to clear all OptinMonster browser cookies.

What is a Query Argument?

A query argument (also called a query string) is a small snippet of code added to your URL which further processes the url being viewed.

A query argument has two parts: the query argument key, and the query argument value.

The structure of a URL with a query argument looks like this:

How to Clear OptinMonster Cookies with Query Arguments

You can force OptinMonster to manually clear all OptinMonster-related browser cookies when you load a webpage. This can be helpful if you are testing campaigns and want to see the campaigns regardless of your cookie settings.

To do this, simply add the query argument “?omclear=true” to the end of the page URL. For example, if you are testing a campaign on the page:

then you can adjust the URL to:

and the cookies will be deleted when the page loads.

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