How to Send Text Messages to New Subscribers using Twilio and Zapier

Do you want to automatically send a text message to your new leads? It’s simple with OptinMonster’s Zapier integration. This doc will guide you through setting up automated text messages for your new subscribers.

NOTE: Please be aware that Zapier has a free tier, but certain usage limits and integrations may require the paid version. The do provide a trial if you wish to try out their services to determine if they’re a good fit for your needs.
  1. Configure Webhook Integration
  2. Create Zapier Action
  3. Configure Twilio Action
  4. Setup What Information Is Sent to Twilio
  5. Test Action
  6. Turn On Your Zap

Step 1 – Configure Webhook Integration

Create a Webhook Trigger by connecting OptinMonster to Zapier using our integration guide.

Also, make sure you have enabled the phone field for your campaign.

Step 2 – Create Zapier Action

Once you’ve configured a Webhook Trigger in Zapier following our Zapier integration guide, you’ll be ready to create an Action for your Zap. Select the Continue button to begin configuring your Action.

Click Continue

Step 3 – Configure Twilio Action

From the Choose an Action App screen, select Twilio.

Note: you may need to search for this app if you haven’t previously used it in a Zap.

Choose Twilio

Next you’ll be prompted to specify what Action should happen within Twilio. Choose Send SMS from the options, followed by the Save + Continue button on the bottom right.

Send SMS

Zapier will now ask you to choose or connect your specific Twilio account. If you haven’t already connected your Twilio account to Zapier, select the Connect a New Account.

Connect an Account

If connecting your Twilio account for the first time, a new window will open prompting you to enter your Account SID and Auth Token from your Twilio account and confirm Zapier can access your account. To get this values, login to Twilio, and go to your Home Menu and then sub-menu Dashboard.

Copy Credentials

Copy and paste those values into their respective fields in your Zapier popup. Once added, click Yes, Continue to be returned to Action setup.

Click Yes Continue

You’ll see your Twilio account available to select now. Go ahead and press the Test button to confirm the connection to your Twilio account.

Test Account Connection

Clicking the pencil icon next to your account’s name will allow you to rename the account. This can be helpful if you need to connect more than one Twilio account to your Zapier account.

Once you select the account you want to connect for this Action, select the Save + Continue button.

Click Save + Continue

Step 4 – Setup What Information Is Sent to Twilio

On the next screen you’ll be asked to link which webhook fields are linked to which Twilio fields.

Clicking the icon at the top right of the fields will provide options for selecting the lead data from your campaign when appropriate.

Field Selector Icon

The first thing you will need to do is determine the From Number. This is the number associated with your Twilio account for SMS messages. Select from your list of Twilio numbers here.

From Number

Next, you should configure the To Number to connect to the Lead Phone gathered in the OptinMonster Webhook.

To Number

Additionally, you need to write a message in the Message field that will be sent as the SMS (Text) Message.

Add Message

When you’re finished connecting fields, click Continue.

Click Continue

Step 5 – Test Action

Review the fields used to send the SMS message via Twilio. If you need to make additional changes, you can click the Edit Template link in the left sidebar to return to the previous screen.

Since the demo number for the phone field is not a valid phone number, testing will fail. Instead, click Skip Test to proceed to the next step.

Skip Test

You will see a message saying testing was skipped. Click Finish.

Click Finish

Step 6 – Turn on Your Zap

The final step is to turn your new Zap on! You can also give it a name for easy identification later.

Turn on Zap


You can test the integration by submitting your campaign with your own cell phone number. You should receive a text message with the message you set.

Are you looking to send yourself a text message whenever you receive a new subscriber? Check out our guide on how to receive text messages of new subscribers using SMS by Zapier.


Q: Where does the lead information go?

A: In this setup, you are only sending text messages to the phone numbers entered in the campaign, but you are not storing the information. To store their name, email address, and phone number, you should either setup additional actions related to Twilio, or better yet, you can take advantage of OptinMonster’s Multiple Provider ability. Additionally, you could even create another webhook to your campaign if you wanted the information added to something like Google Contacts.