How to Capture Phone Numbers with OptinMonster

Do you want to capture your subscriber’s phone numbers in addition to their email address? When using any of OptinMonster’s native Email Service Provider integrations, you can easily add a phone field to your campaigns. Follow this guide to capture phone numbers with OptinMonster.

  1. Navigate to Optin Panel
  2. Enable Phone Field
  3. Configure Phone Field

When you first open the campaign Builder, select the Optin tab to open the Optin panel.

Navigate to the Optin panel to configure the phone field.

Step 2 – Enable Phone Field

Within the Optin panel, enable the Display Phone Field? option.

Enable the phone field for your campaign within the Optin panel of the Builder.

Step 3 – Configure Phone Field

Once enabled, you can configure the phone field’s placeholder text, color and font family.

You can configure the placeholder text, color and font family for the phone field in OptinMonster.

Congratulations, your campaign will now capture the phone number of new subscribers!

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Q: Which campaign types support the phone field?

A: All campaign types support the phone field!

Q: Which campaign templates support the phone field?

A: For the best possible display, the phone field currently works on all templates that have the form fields stacked vertically (this is majority of our templates).

We’re working now on redesigning the few horizontal templates, so that the phone field can be included with those too.

Q: Can I reposition the phone field relative to other fields?

A: No. If you need to reposition the phone field you will need to use our Custom HTML integration option and add your own custom form code with the desired field order.