How to Connect OptinMonster with HubSpot

OptinMonster offers seamless integration with HubSpot email marketing service. Connecting OptinMonster to your HubSpot email list is very easy. Follow our step by step guide on how to connect OptinMonster with your HubSpot account.

  1. Integrations Tab
  2. Register with HubSpot
  3. Add a Personal Label
  4. Select a List
  5. Configure Lead Options (optional)
REQUIREMENT: Our native HubSpot integration required a Pro subscription. However, you can still use our Custom HTML integration with a lower subscription.

Step 1 – Integrations Tab

If you’re uncertain how to add your integration, you can follow our guide for connecting to Email Service Providers and CRMs.

Next, select HubSpot from the Email Provider drop-down.

HubSpot Integration

Step 2 – Register with HubSpot

Once HubSpot is selected, you will see the option to add a new account. You need to then press the button labeled Register with HubSpot.

Register with HubSpot

This will open up a modal window. If you’re not actively logged into HubSpot, you will need to supply your login credentials.

Next, select the Account within HubSpot that you would like to connect to OptinMonster.

03 - Select-HubSpot-Account-to-Connect-with-OptinMonster

Step 3 – Add a Personal Label

When the window closes, enter a unique, personalized label for your HubSpot account and select the Connect to HubSpot button.

Connect to HuSpot

Step 4 – Select a List

OptinMonster will now connect to your HubSpot account and fetch your static email lists. Select an email list you want users to subscribe to.

HubSpot Select Email List

NOTE: OptinMonster will populate the lists field with any static lists you’ve created in your HubSpot account. If the field appears empty, check that you have created at least one static list.

Step 5 – Configure Lead Options (optional)

Once you’ve selected a list, you’ll have the additional option to set an Assigned Form for your campaign.

HubSpot Lead Options

That’s all, you have successfully connected OptinMonster to your HubSpot account!


Q: How do I configure single or double opt-in?

A: See our guide on single vs. double opt-in for HubSpot.

Q: How do I track subscriber events?

A: You’ll need to refer to HubSpot’s documentation on using their Events Javascript API to track subscriber events.

Q: Is it possible for me to add a phone field to my campaign?

A: Yes! You can add a phone field. Learn how to capture phone numbers with OptinMonster.

Q: I’ve selected a form in the lead options. In HubSpot I’m not seeing any conversions through this form, why?

A: To track submissions through the Form you’ve associated with your OptinMonster campaign, you’ll need to use HubSpot’s tracking cookie. Refer to HubSpot’s official documentation on using their tracking cookie to get started

Q: Troubleshooting: Proper permissions error

A: If you receive this error it is because you do not have the required HubSpot plan to use their API.

Our native integration with HubSpot requires access to their API. HubSpot allows full access to their API only with their paid plans.

If you are using a free HubSpot account you will need to either upgrade to a paid HubSpot account or use our custom HTML integration option instead of our native integration with HubSpot.