Guide to Getting Started with OptinMonster

To get the most out of OptinMonster, we’ve put together this guide to help you through creating your first campaign.

Using WordPress? Please follow our Guide to Getting Started with OptinMonster for WordPress instead.


To get started, follow these steps:

  1. Create your first campaign.
  2. Connect your integration.
  3. To embed the campaign on your site, we provide a number of guides for popular platforms, or you can refer to our general guide.
  4. Optional: you can target which pages of your site to show the campaign on using our display rules tool in the campaign builder.


When you’re ready to take your campaign to the next level consider implementing some of these features:

Display Rules

OptinMonster’s Display Rules are a powerful tool to specify how and where your campaign should appear on your site.

You can also use Google Tag Manager to control when and where on your site the campaign appears.

Split Testing

Split testing your campaign helps you improve conversions by testing different colors, copy, configuration settings and more.

Cookie Settings

OptinMonster uses cookies to control how often a campaign can appear again after it’s been closed or submitted. Learn how to configure individual and global cookies for your campaigns.


You can show your campaign with the click of a link or button on your site with MonsterLinks!

Deliver Downloadable Files

Learn more about how to deliver downloadable content to subscribers when using OptinMonster.

Yes / No Campaigns

Use our Yes / No feature to add a two-step option to your campaign, or in place of collecting email addresses.

Privacy Policy

Learn how to add a privacy policy to your campaign.

Google Analytics Integration

Connect your campaign to Google Analytics so you can track more detailed analytics data for your campaigns and view reports from your Google Analytics account. Note: this is optional, your campaign will show basic data like impressions, conversions and top 10 converting pages automatically.