How to Store Your Leads Locally

When using the OptinMonster WordPress Plugin, you can manage and store your leads locally if you prefer not to use a third-party Email Service Provider.

  1. Integrate with MailPoet (Wysija)
  2. Manage Your Subscribers

Step 1 – Integrate with MailPoet (Wysija)

You’ll first need to install/activate the MailPoet WordPress plugin and integrate it with your campaign. Follow our documentation on integrating with MailPoet (Wysija).

Step 2 – Manage Your Subscribers

Once you’ve integrated with MailPoet, you can view/manage your subscribers by logging into your WordPress admin and navigating to MailPoet > Subscribers.

Mailpoet Subscribers

Are you looking to add your leads to Google Sheets? Here is how you can do that using OptinMosnter’s Zapier Integration.