How to Store Your Leads Locally

When using the OptinMonster WordPress Plugin, you can manage and store your leads locally if you prefer not to use a third-party Email Service Provider.

  1. Integrate with MailPoet (Wysija)
  2. Manage Your Subscribers

Step 1 – Integrate with MailPoet (Wysija)

You’ll first need to install/activate the MailPoet WordPress plugin and integrate it with your campaign. Follow our documentation on integrating with MailPoet (Wysija).

Step 2 – Manage Your Subscribers

Once you’ve integrated with MailPoet, you can view/manage your subscribers by logging into your WordPress admin and navigating to MailPoet > Subscribers.

When you integrate with MailPoet you can manage your subscribers from within your WordPress admin.

Are you looking to add your leads to Google Sheets? Here is how you can do that using OptinMosnter’s Zapier Integration.