G2 Awards OptinMonster 20 Honors Including Best ROI, Easiest Setup and Leader (Summer 2023)

G2, the largest software marketplace and services review platform, recognized OptinMonster as the “Best ROI” Popup Builder and Personalization software, in both the Small Business and Mid-Market segments. Best ROI was just one of 20 honors awarded to OptinMonster for the Summer 2023 awards.

G2’s Best Software Awards rank the world’s best software companies and products based on hundreds, if not thousands, of real reviews from actual users. 

Angie Meeker, General Manager at OptinMonsterAngie Meeker here, General Manager at OptinMonster. I’m so proud of our team for earning these awards… we’ve barely stopped celebrating since they were shared with us.

More than that, I’m so thankful to you, our customers, for every day we get to help small businesses like you win, and win more often! You’re the reason why we do what we do, and we’re honored to be a part of your journey.

OptinMonster sweeps the G2 Awards for Pop-Ups and Personalization!

At OptinMonster, we have five core values that drive everything we do:

  1. We put people first, always.
  2. We do the right thing every time.
  3. We fight for our customer’s success.
  4. We commit to excellence by paying attention to details.
  5. We labor for simplicity.

Our team relentlessly drives these values into everything we do. It’s not always EASY, but it’s always worth it to equip small businesses like you to grow and compete with the big guys.

Let’s take a look at just a few of the G2 Awards we were given, and how those values made OptinMonster the clear winner for Popups, and Personalization, in 2023.

OptinMonster wins G2 Leader Award

OptinMonster won a total of 20 G2 Summer 2023 awards. The one we’re most proud of is the G2 Popup Builder Leader award.

This is the first quarter we’ve earned a spot in the Leader quadrant, and there’s a good reason why…

Because it’s hard to do!

In fact, we’re one of only THREE true Popup Builders who earned a Leader award.

G2 Leader Grid Includes OptinMonster

The other Leaders are landing page builders who squeezed in a simple popup element. Or, they’re behemoth email marketing platforms and CRMs that provide only the most basic popup.

They’re not lead generation tools.

Their focus is on something else entirely… and they’re spreading themselves thin as a result.

For them, lead generation popups are just another way to unlock a few extra dollars from their existing customers, but not something they understand well enough to dedicate themselves to like we do.

It’s kind of like going to the dentist, and finding out dentistry is just their side-hustle.

In reality, they’re a veterinarian who doesn’t have a clue how to clean your teeth, let alone perform a root canal!

How much trust would you have in their skills as a dentist? Not much!

OptinMonster wins Best ROI from G2

Best Estimated ROI

At OptinMonster, you don’t have to wonder if your campaigns are driving revenue for your small business. 

With our Revenue Attribution feature, View Through Revenue and Click Through Revenue for every campaign are ready for your review as soon as you log in. 

You can simply watch OptinMonster pay for itself as the money stacks up. And speaking of paying for itself…

Remember I said that there were three other Popup Builders in the Leader grid with us?

You want to know why they didn’t win Best Estimated ROI?

They didn’t win because they’re up to 12 TIMES more expensive than OptinMonster, without providing 12 times more value! 

Simply put, you’ve got to work twelve times harder to earn back your investment using competing products.

At the time of these awards, our most full-featured subscription starts at just $588. How many leads or sales would you need to make to justify spending just $588 on OptinMonster this year? One well-placed Exit-Intent campaign could easily return that much in additional subscribers and recovered abandoning visitors.

$588 is less than $12/week! You probably spent more than that this week on Chipotle. 

…I know I did.

…and that Chipotle’s not trying to make me money! 🤣 ♥️ 🌯

At OptinMonster, our mission is to help small businesses grow and compete with the big guys. Our pricing reflects that.

Yes, we could do the same as our competitors and offer OptinMonster for somewhere between 12x and 50x more than we do now, but we’d be going against our mission if we did. 

OptinMonster is the Fastest to Implement Popup Software, according to G2

Fastest Implementation for Small Businesses

You know by now that Small Businesses are our BFF’s, and our BFF’s are BUSY, BUSY, BUSY! Learning new software like OptinMonster isn’t always their highest priority.

Fortunately, it only takes a few minutes to learn how to get started using OptinMonster.

We offer hundreds of predesigned templates, blank templates for those who want to do it themselves, and even pre-configured Playbooks ready to launch with just a few clicks, all based on your goals.

And to help you get started even faster, we’ll even set up your first campaign for you, for FREE!

No need to hire an agency, developer or designer to create your first OptinMonster campaign. Just ask, and we’ll do it for you based on your unique goals and your branding as our way of saying thank you for choosing OptinMonster.

OptinMonster is the easiest to setup popup builder for mid-market, according to G2

Easiest Setup for Mid-Market

It’s not just the Small Business who benefits from the ease of implementing OptinMonster, though.

Even more established, experienced marketers with complex marketing needs and goals rated OptinMonster Easiest to Setup.

That’s because OptinMonster can be used on any HTML website with just one simple script. We also maintain a powerful popup plugin for WordPress, and a popup app for Shopify that extends the functionality of OptinMonster just for those platforms.

We integrate with nearly every major email marketing platform or CRM on the market. And if we don’t integrate with yours, you’ve got great options with our Embedded Form block, Webhooks, Zapier, Uncanny Automator, Google Tag Manager or even using our public API.

Our easy setup, combined with our low pricing, let our mid-market friends get started without involving developers or IT teams, and without completing lengthy procurement processes.

OptinMonster is the best at meeting business requirements, according to G2

Best Meets Requirements for Mid-Market

Our team understands deeply how professional marketers and their teams generate leads because we are practitioners ourselves. 

We built the lead generation software we wished we had, and we offer the support we would want, too.

From powerful Display Rules like query parameter targeting and JS variable targeting

To the efficiencies we built in like Saved Rulesets and Saved Blocks

To Sub-Accounts complete with Role Management…

To OptinMonster’s API that lets you do pretty much anything your heart can dream up…

To exceptional support from our award-winning Customer Success team…

We’re the best at meeting your requirements because we’re the best at understanding your needs.

These were just a few of the G2 awards we received this summer.

Here are all 20 G2 Awards given to OptinMonster during the Summer 2023 season.

OptinMonster G2 Awards for Personalization Software


OptinMonster G2 Awards for Popup Builder Software


OptinMonster is the #1 Lead Generation software on the planet and G2 reviewers seem to agree. We’re the easiest way to grow your lists, leads and sales without a coder or graphic designer. If you’re not using OptinMonster yet, you should be.

In fact, I’m so confident you’ll love OptinMonster, I’ll even give you a no-questions asked, money back guarantee. If you try OptinMonster and don’t love it, just ask for a refund within the first 14 days of your subscription and I’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked. There’s absolutely nothing for you to lose in this scenario.

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As always, I’m grateful for your continued support of OptinMonster, and look forward to bringing you even more ways win, and win more often.

To Your Success,

Angie Meeker, General Manager, OptinMonster

Angie Meeker
General Manager, OptinMonster

G2 Awards Presented to OptinMonster, Summer 2023

Personalization Category
Best Estimated ROI
Best Estimated ROI, Small Business
Easiest Setup, Mid-Market
Fastest Implementation, Small Business
Easiest Admin, Mid-Market
High Performer, Mid-Market
High Performer, Small Business
Momentum Leader

Popup Builder Category
Best Estimated ROI
Best Estimated ROI, Small Business
Easiest Setup, Mid-Market
Easiest Admin, Mid-Market
Fastest Implementation, Small Business
Most Implementable, Mid-Market
Best Usability, Mid-Market
Best Requirements, Mid-Market
Momentum Leader
High Performer, Mid-Market
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