Nobody wants to do everything themselves, and if you’re an Agency or Enterprise OptinMonster user, you probably don’t have the time.

That’s why OptinMonster offers Sub-Accounts, so you can handle the issues that are unique to users with complex situations.

Sub-Accounts let you share access to your OptinMonster account with the people you work with, so you don’t have to manage every campaign yourself.

As account administrator, you can allocate user roles to decide who else can view, create or publish campaigns, and apply these user permissions to domains, campaigns and integrations in your OptinMonster account.

Sub-Accounts for Agencies

For agencies, Sub-Accounts simplify management of client accounts by letting you give each client access to their own campaigns, while preserving the privacy of all your other clients.

You’ll benefit from separate reporting for each client, and can keep track of changes via the OptinMonster Activity Log.

This feature also helps streamline your campaign approval workflow. Allowing clients to see and approve campaigns in one handy place is more efficient, and saves time when managing multiple marketing campaigns.

Sub-Accounts for Enterprise

Enterprise users can use Sub-Accounts to allow the people responsible for different marketing campaigns to have their own OptinMonster workspaces. This is useful when working with external consultants, so you can keep your company data private.

OptinMonster’s multi-user accounts also allow you to set up child accounts for coworkers responsible for marketing different products and services. Our user permissions provide a role management function, so you can set up approval workflows to match your usual process.

Sub-Accounts streamline management of multiple campaigns and allow colleagues to work on their own areas without losing control. Sub-Accounts also facilitate cross-team collaboration, while allowing each product or service to benefit from separate reporting.

All accounts can use OptinMonster’s signature features, including Exit-Intent Technology and Page-Level Targeting.

Ready to share OptinMonster access with coworkers, consultants and clients? Get started with OptinMonster today.